Introducing Chemical Free Health And Beauty Products from Borneo Blossom

I'm so happy to say that after 8 years working in Environmental, Occupational, and Public Health, 3 years of being a natural remedy researcher, I'm now working on a new project. This is the biggest project I've ever done which is my own health and beauty product.

As a natural remedy researcher and writer, I believe that chemical-free products are not impossible to produce and the knowledge existed hundreds of years ago. We have to get the knowledge back because
the daily personal products that we are using now are full of artificial chemicals that harming our health and body. I'm still using soap, facial treatment, the personal product for my kids, but I always make sure that the products are chemical free and hazards free.

Thanks to EWG Skindeep for educating the public about chemical awareness in our daily products and food. I'm not worried about the chemical in our food anymore because we are aware of the chemical in food, GMO and we know how important for food to be grown and obtain organically. So with our personal products, it should be chemical-free or our effort to avoid hazardous chemicals in order to take care of our health is going to be failed.

It is not hard to find chemical free product nowadays, we can always buy it online. But the thing is, to find the most affordable and quality chemical free product is what I'm trying to solve here, especially in Asia and in my own country, Malaysia. I hate to say that I've seen a lot of people trying to get their natural and organic product but they just can't afford it because it is too expensive.

I'm a natural and organic product user too because I would never let any hazardous chemical to enter and ruin my body. I have to live healthily not because for myself, but I have a family to take care here. This is what inspired me so much to create my own health and beauty product, with the help and cooperation from the local suppliers, GMP manufacturer and the recommendation from the chemical concerned mom, dads, teenagers and public figure out there.

After 3 years of researching, I finally came out with some formulations for essential soap, baby oil for skin and hair care, and beauty oil for facial skincare.

Essential soap is what I call for soap that made from natural ingredients and essential oil. The nutrients and goodness are come from the natural ingredients without the help or use of any artificial preservatives, chemical, and fragrance. I want to take a shower and feel good about it, not to feel worried about the chemical that I'm rubbing onto my skin during the shower. Thank you to all of my friends for help me to find the name for the soap. #DewDrop 

Beauty oil is the oil that you can use as your facial daily treatment. I'm using the effective carrier oil and essential oil for anti-aging treatment, skin whitening plus pigmentation treatment, and anti-acne treatment. I'm also the loyal user of natural beauty oil for 5 years. It is very important to get a healthy and beautiful skin because without it, our confidence is very affected and we are not motivated to go anywhere or meet anyone, and that is what I personally feel. Relying on make up to cover the flaws on the face is just a temporary benefit. By treating your skin correctly to restore the youthfulness and reverse the aging, you will have the best skin ever without have to put on a make up. Just apply the beauty oil (or some of us say serum), apply the sunblock before going out and maybe you would like to have a pink lipgloss, you are ready for school, college, work, shopping or anywhere that you wish to go with confidence. The beauty oil/ serum that produced by Borneo Blossom is anti-acne serum, whitening serum and anti-aging serum. 

Baby oil is what I have been used for 5 years now for my kids at home. I stop buying the baby oil from the grocery & pharmacy store because I'm so surprised with the artificial and chemical ingredients in it. I feel like I'm poisoning my kids if I'm using the baby oil even it is from a popular brand/company in my country. I create my own chemical free baby oil by using only Virgin Coconut Oil and adding essential oil for the
side health benefits. I even have a niece with eczema, and she required a very sensitive skin care. I'm blending the effective essential oil and carrier oil for her condition and it is really works to control her eczema symptom. By using the chemical free baby oil, you don't have to worry about your kids sucking their thumb or feet because it is safe for them without any harmful chemicals.

I'm currently working on the shopping site, and the products are in the making. I did some of the cover design for the products packaging and hopefully the products are available for sell in September. I'm trying my best to produce the most affordable chemical-free health and beauty product with the best quality for us to have. I'm not saying my product is the best product of natural skincare in the world but this is the best product for the one who want to avoid chemicals in their daily beauty skincare, mothers who want to avoid chemical side effects for their babies, and for the people who eat healthily and they are also looking for a healthy and chemical free skincare and hair care products.

We should feed our skin and hair with a lot of nutrients to be healthy and beautiful, not a lot of chemicals, right? 

Will update you more from time to time. When the packaging work is done, I will let you know.

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    1. I'm agree. It's essential to use natural products for health.

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