Cucumbers: The 10 Health Benefits

10 Health Benefits of Cucumbers and Strong Reasons To Eat It.
Cucumber is one of the greatest superfoods on Earth. It is not a vegetable everyone, it is a fruit! It belongs to the plant family that also including the pumpkin, watermelon, and squash or the Cucurbitaceae family. They are related because the biggest features that they all have; the amount of water. The cucumber is a plant that made up with 95% water.

Eating cucumber during summer or winter can help you stay hydrated. Plus, it is similar like the vitamin water that you purchase because the cucumber also containing a lot of vitamins and minerals.  It is also beneficial to reduce your body from a lot of chronic diseases. Here are the 10 health benefits of cucumber and the strong reasons for you to eat it every day.

Health Benefits of Cucumbers #1. Protect Your Brain
By eating cucumber regularly, it can protect your brain from memory loss and brain cell damages. Cucumber contains fisetin, a type of flavonol from the anti-inflammatory property. Fisetin is a component that playing an important role in maintaining brain’s health.

Health Benefits of Cucumbers #2. Reduce Your Risk of Cancer
Several types of cancer that can be prevented by cucumbers are such as ovarian, breast, prostate, and uterine cancers. The essential component to fighting cancer cells called cucurbitacins is a phytonutrient that largely can be found in cucumber. Cucurbitacins is an anti-cancer property that makes the cucumber one of the anti-cancer foods such as garlic and ginger.
Health Benefits of Cucumbers #3. Fight Inflammation
If you have an inflammatory problem, the first thing is, do not stressing yourself, and then use cucumber as your natural remedies. Cucumber juice with ice can help in reducing the unwanted inflammation by inhibiting the pro-inflammatory enzymes activities. Grab a towel, soaked it with cold cucumber extract and pad it onto your face or body to prevent and reduce the inflammation.

Health Benefits of Cucumbers #4. Antioxidant Properties
A lot of nutrients are available in one cucumber. One of the best features is the antioxidants properties that useful for your skin health, fighting free radical damages in cells and a natural antihistamine. The antioxidants components are such as luteolin, kaempferol, and flavonoids which also prevent heart diseases and other chronic diseases.

Health Benefits of Cucumbers #5. Freshen Your Breath
Running out of breath’s mint? A slice of cucumber can solve your bad breath problem. Cucumber can release the excess heat from your body and stomach according to Ayurveda, and it is one of the factors for bad breath.

Health Benefits of Cucumbers #6. Manage Stress
If you are suffering from anxiety and stress, cucumber will be your next best remedy. The promising result is come from the nutrients such as Vitamin B1, B2, and Biotin. It is important to have enough vitamin B in your diet because it potentially ease up the anxiety and allowed you to manage your stress very well.

Health Benefits of Cucumbers #7. Support Your Digestive Health
A healthy digestion needs the goodness from plant fibers. For the one who suffering gastric or acid reflux, drinking cucumber extract or eating cucumber can provide their body with a lot of fibers that can suppress the symptoms from acid reflux. The fibers also support a healthy bowel movement and avoid constipation. Cucumbers are rich in two of the most basic elements needed for healthy digestion: water and fiber.

Health Benefits of Cucumbers #8. Maintain a Healthy Weight
Eating cucumbers will fill you up and it has a very low calories. One cup of diced or sliced cucumber is only containing not more than 16 calories. This is your perfect snack and dinner so you can maintain a healthy weight and even helping you in losing weight without letting you feel hungry. It is also the best source for fiber so you can have the healthy digestion system and make your losing weight program more effective.

Health Benefits of Cucumbers #9. Support Heart Health
This food potentially lowers the blood pressure using the potassium it possesses. The balance of potassium in your cell inside and outside will lead your body to function properly and healthily.  Potassium is a positive charged type of ion and your body must have the balance ratio between the negative and positive ion. It is essential because potassium is an electrolyte that interacting with another component (sodium) in the body to maintain a good control in the nervous system such as impulse transmission, heart function, and muscle contraction.

Health Benefits of Cucumbers #10. Stay Hydrated And Avoiding Nutrient Deficiency
You can dice it and eat or blend it become a juice. Cook it, if you know the best recipe to maintain its nutrients. It contains a lot of water and minerals so the cucumber is a very good food for keeping yourself hydrated and avoiding you from nutrient deficiency.

Tips For Eating The Cucumber
  1. Most of us love to eat the cucumber raw style. Here are the tips for you to prepare and eat your cucumber.
  2. If you buy it from the local market, please remember to wash it carefully to remove all pesticides on the outside of the cucumber.
  3. If you want to eat it with the skin, wash it carefully.
  4. You can peel the skin to avoid the bitter taste.
  5. If you buy it from the organic shop, just wash it too to avoid dirt.
  6. A small or big size of cucumber is doesn’t matter, the matter is to avoid soft spots and browning when you’re choosing it.

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