Detox For Beauty And Health

Chemical accumulation inside the body will cause toxicity and give a negative impact on our health. Toxins inside our body have to be removed or we will pay for the consequences. We will be easily fell sick or feel fatigue all the time. Get to know toxin hazard and how to detox our body naturally today.

Signs of Excessive Toxin inside Your Body
You look healthy on the outside, but you feel less vibrant and energetic on the inside. You have a lot of things to do in a day but no matter how you struggle, you will find that your energy is depleting faster and your health is at risk. Everything is not right and you stressed out by a migraine, upset stomach and skin irritation. One thing that you don’t realize is, that is the symptom due to excessive toxin inside your body.  
Let me tell you about the symptoms here:
#1. Consistent fatigue
Have you ever sleep more than 7-9 hours but still it isn’t enough to recharge you up? The toxin is getting into your body system and messing everything down. From your hormone system to your energy production, nothing is right once toxin is pouring in. There some people who consume more coffee and sweet energy canned drink to recharge their energy. This is a wrong practice ever. Caffeine or sugar will help you to remove toxin inside your body. It will make your toxicity problem getting worse. As long as the toxin is there, it will disrupt your hormone, compromising your immune system and caused you endless fatigue.
#2. Stubborn weight gain
You can’t lose any weight no matter what you do and it’s really irritating you. You did exercise and eat moderately but your body can’t metabolize it 100 percent. This is the hormonal problem that caused by the excessive toxin. It affects your body health. We are exposed to chemicals via personal products, cosmetics, home products, fast food, and perfume. No wonder our body accumulate toxin easily every day.
#3. Bad breath
Why your brushing routine is not working? You can’t get rid of bad breath if the toxin is messing with your digestive system. Bad breath that related to the digestive problem is caused by toxin accumulation in your intestine and colon. At the same time, your liver also struggles to eliminate the excessive toxins and it might get overworked.
#4. Bad Constipation
An intestine does not only do the digesting work but also eliminate the unwanted toxin at the same time. Constipation is a bad thing because our body storing up the toxins and it might get absorbed and polluted the blood. If you consume too much fast food, canned food, or food that high in artificial coloring, flavor, and preservatives, you are consuming chemical and accumulating toxin inside your body at the same time. Your intestine has to work twice or triple harder if you love this kind of food.
#5. Sensitivity to scents
Your body is struggling with toxin and trying to eliminate it as much as possible. The fragrance is full of chemicals and most of them are toxicant. We believe there are some perfumes out there that you can’t tolerate at all. It will cause you a headache and migraine once you exposed to it.
#6. Muscle aches and pains
The toxin is not only accumulated in your liver or intestine. It can accumulate in your muscle and joint as well. If you don’t eliminate the toxin immediately, it will affect your muscle and joint soon.  
#7. Bad Skin Condition
Your skin will let you know when something is wrong with your body. When toxicants reach your skin, something such as acne, immediate rashes, and irritation will appear within minutes. This bad reaction telling you that you are currently harming your skin and it needs to be washed off immediately. If your eyes get puffed or your skin is getting eczema, that could be a sign that your skin in that area or your body just reached the toxic limit to handle.  
That’s Why We Need To Detox Your Body
Maybe some of us experienced all of those 7 symptoms or maybe just a few of them. This is why detox is your next essential step. These tips will help you to start your detox plan:
·         Liver cleansing by consuming herbs such as green tea, parsley, dandelion tea, and fresh fruits.
·         Replace alcohol, sweet canned drink, and coffee with plain water.
·         Increase the body’s blood circulation to move the toxin along by doing exercise at least 20-Increase intestinal health by consuming more probiotic foods such as yogurt, kimchi, and tempeh.
·         Avoid chemicals in our daily product by choosing organic skincare, makeup, and personal care.
·         Avoid fast food and always choose organic and fresh home cook food.
·         Cut all cigarettes, sugar in food and drinks, and chemical products that will slow down your detox plan.
·        Handle your stress and think positive to achieve the healthy result that you need.

How Does Detoxification Work?
The detoxification process is mainly to remove the impurities aka toxin that polluting our blood, especially in the liver. The liver is the main organ that in charge of toxin elimination. Other than liver, the toxin also eliminated through the kidneys, lungs, skin, and intestine. Toxic overload will compromise the system to function well. That’s why you have to detox your body to help the system to work normally again. This is how detoxification helping your body and health.
  • Resting the organs from overworked
  • Supplying the liver with nutrients to stimulate it and drives toxin out
  • Supplying essential nutrients to the skin, intestines, kidney and other organs to support toxin elimination
  • Blood circulation is improved by regular exercise and healthy food
  • Recharge the body with essential nutrients by consuming healthy food
You Should Start Detoxing Today
You should detox your body as frequent as you can because we are living in a world that highly polluted by the chemical. We are easily exposed to chemical from the food we eat, the personal products that we used, and the cosmetics as well. The number 1 diseases causer in this world right now is the chemical. So you have no choice but to take action and start to take extra care of your body starting now.
If you have these symptoms, you have to start your detox plan today before its too late.
·         Puffy eyes or bags under the eyes
·         Menstrual problems
·         Unexplained fatigue
·         Low-grade infection
·         Sluggish elimination
·         Mental confusion
·         Irritated skin
·         Allergies
·         Bloating
Choosing Detox Program Or Plan
You know detox program is good for your health. Now you can join any detox program around your neighborhood or you can follow detox program in TV at home. Do it according to your convenience is the main thing. Most of the detox program will last for 7 days. You can create your own detox plan at home by following detox diet and exercise. By doing it this way, you are allowing your organ to rest and eliminate the toxin faster. It’s time to clean the blood, everyone. This is how to create a detox plan at home.
1. A simple exercise to improve blood circulation at least 30 minutes a day.
2. Eat moderately 5 times a day to supply nutrients to your body.
3. No fast food or food contains artificial preservatives, color, or flavor.
4. Drink plenty of plain water.
5. Make your own detox diet by using fresh, high fiber fruits and vegetables.T
6. Replace sugar  intake with fruits or honey

You also can do this step to detox your body.
1. Eat plenty of high fiber food.
2. Drink more green tea and herb to improve blood circulation.
3. Consume more orange, guava, or any fruit that high in Vitamin C to help the liver to produce Glutathione. Glutathione is a liver compound that eliminates impurities and toxin away.
4. Go to the sauna to eliminate toxin and cleanse the skin through perspiration.
5. Window shopping or walking at the park to improve blood circulation.

There are so many supplements out there that claimed for detox benefits. We would like to advise you to use a supplement at your own risk. Please consult your doctor before using any supplement for detox purpose especially if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or a teenager.

Detox Benefits For You
How do you feel after detox? Most of them feel energized, stress-free, and the skin is getting smoother and healthier. Your body will thank you for this. For a better health and beautiful skin, here is the detox benefit that you should know.

1. Boosts Your Energy
This is one of the biggest benefits of detox. By cutting out sugar, coffee, unhealthy food and unhealthy lifestyle, your body will be purified once again. You will get a lot of energy by eating healthy and regular exercise that you did. You will never felt dehydrated because detox program required you to drink a lot of plain water and avoid alcohol, canned drinks, and carbonated drinks.

2. Cleansing Thoroughly
The liver, kidneys, skin, intestines, and colon are the organs that storing most of the toxin in our body. By eliminating toxin in those organs, all of them not only functioning properly for you but detox allowed you to get rid all of the impurities and toxins away. If you’re regularly detoxing your body, there is no chance for the toxin to accumulate inside your body and wreck your health again.

3. Easy Weight Loss
Toxin is the culprit if you can’t cut the pounds because it’s messing with your hormone system and slowing down the weight loss process. After detox, your body is functioning normally again and it is easier for you to reduce the weight this time. The detox diet also helps a lot because it supplies energy and you will never feel hungry.

4. Stronger Immunity
This is one of the best benefits of detox. You are not only eating right and practicing a healthy lifestyle, but you’re also avoiding any chemicals that affecting your immunity. Your immune system is getting stronger because your body gets a lot of essential nutrients and the harmful toxicant is no longer disrupting your body system. Your body is able to absorb more nutrients and fight microbial infection more effective without any toxicant getting in the way. 

5. Improved Skin Health
The largest organ of the body is your skin. After removing all toxins that accumulate inside the skin pores, your skin will be healthier and smoother with its beautiful glow. Sauna is one of the effective ways to detox the skin because the toxin is eliminated by perspiration. Don’t forget to replace the water by drinking a lot of plain water and supply essential nutrient for your skin health such as fresh fruits and vegetables to maintain the skin glows. Detox program also avoiding you to use any chemical based cosmetics and skincare so your skin will be a lot younger than your real age. 

6. No More Bad Breath
The toxin that accumulates in the intestines and colon is completely removed and prevented from re-accumulate. A healthy intestine and colon will never let you have bad breath and even body odor. 

7. Promotes Healthy Changes
If you are a smoker, struggling with weight gain, or an alcoholic, a detox program is like a way out for you to have a healthy life. You are no longer craving sugar, eating fast food, or poisoning your body with chemical products. This is how detox introduces you to a healthier lifestyle and you can see the changes in less than a month. Stick to your healthy habit and your body will take care of you.

8. Healthy Mind
A successful detox program is not only about removing the toxin. Detox program will let you to reduce weight, quit smoking, and eating healthy. A person who struggles with body weight or depression will never have a healthy mind. They will always be stressed out and lack of confidence. The detox program is not only benefitting your body but also your mind.

Best Natural Product That Getting Along With Detox
Are you on detox program now? So you must be using a natural product to reduce your chemical exposure right? Introducing, the natural products that you can use while you are in a detox program. Absolutely chemical free and safe for everyone.

This detoxifying juice is made from 100% Mulberry leaves. 1 glass of chlorophyll drink a day will help you to detox your body and boost your energy.

Made from organically grown green tea. 100% free of pesticides and chemicals.
Ideal for hot tea and cold. To make it tastes more interesting, add some lemon or lime.

BFI Sdn Bhd offering you to choose your own favourite tea from varieties of herbs and flower. Herbal tea and flower tea also effectively removing toxin from the body. Best for eye health and skin health as well.

This is one beautiful breastmilk soap indigo herbs with scented lavender. It is homemade and free from the hazardous chemical. Safe for kids and mothers. Please contact Ameryllis to get special price and best offer.

Made from 100% natural ingredients for a healthier and beautiful skin. This soap is effective to lighten acne scar, improving skin tone, eliminate dead skin cell, and rejuvenating the skin.

Made from 100% natural ingredients to avoid acne, uneven skin tone, premature aging, and soothe sensitive skin.  Suitable for men, women, and even teenagers.

Made from 100% natural ingredients such as Virgin Coconut Oil, Lavender oil, and the Chamomile oil.  Effective to prevent diaper rash, avoid skin infection, and suitable for baby skin and hair. For mothers, it is suitable to reduce stretch mark. Mothers can use it for skin care and hair care. Great for skin antioxidant supply and promotes baby healthy skin.

Do not compromise your health by using full of chemicals product. Do you have more detox tips? Please share and comment here.


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