Privacy Policy

What You Will Get In Here?
To all Our Natural Remedy readers, I would like to tell you that this is a site that we can learn about natural remedies from different countries together. We will learn as a family and the natural health community.
Privacy Policy
Thank you for visiting, a site that providing you the information about natural remedies from all over the world.
It is important for you and me to keep your privacy. If you leave a comment in this site and you don’t want to let other readers know about your email, please do not write down your email in the comment box, or your site.
The Information We Collect
This website is not a marketing website. So we do not collect any personal information and payment information from you. If you want to subscribe the newsletter, all that we will have is your email information and name to greet you and then sending the newsletter.
How We Use the Information
Your name is only be used to greet you in your subscription. Email information is the email to send the newsletter.
We will not send you second or third party email, or spam, because this website does not have any partner at this moment. All you will get is only the latest post from this website.
Special Note for Parents
This is a website about health and natural remedies. If your children under 12 want to learn about how to do their own natural remedies from this website, you can let them study but do not let them sleep too late or spending too much time on the screen.
How To Contact Me?
If you have any inquiries and any suggestions, you can reach me at these contact information or leave a comment on any article that you’re interested in. I will do my best to reach you back and answer your question.
Postal Address: Health Office Sipitang, P/S157, 89850 Sipitang, Sabah, Malaysia

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