The Powerful Natural Antiviral For Your Daily Remedies Against Virus Strikes

A lot of colds, fever, flu and viral infections occur every year especially to the kids and the pregnant woman. It is wise for you to prevent yourself from any virus strikes. Pills and prescriptions are the last resort. You should strengthen your immunity by eating the healthy foods that provide you with the antiviral properties. Here are 8 powerful natural antivirals
that you can have daily.
natural antiviral -ginger
#1 Powerful Natural Antiviral: GINGER
This is one powerful herb with antiviral properties also known as Zingiber officinale. It is also not only provides you with antiviral goodness, but it also contain the antibacterial properties.

To get the antiviral goodness daily, you can take it as a tea or just simply add it to your daily cuisine. The favorite one is honey ginger drink. This drink is not only protecting yourself from flu and virus attacks, but it has antioxidant and protects your cells from free radical damages.
natural antiviral -cinnamon-#2 Powerful Natural Antiviral: CINNAMON
This is also high in antiviral properties and you can take it daily as a cinnamon tea or you can have your own cinnamon recipe for your meal. It warms the body and protects you from virus attacks. Cinnamon or Cinnamomum zeylanicum is also a very good remedy for losing weight because it can melt the fat around the waist by drinking honey cinnamon drink every morning.
Natural antiviral -ELDERBERRIES

3# Powerful Natural Antiviral: ELDERBERRY
Elderberry might be one of the oldest remedies we have for fighting a virus. It is effective to fight influenza virus. The researchers also found out that the elderberry potentially reduce viral infections including HIV and herpes. It is also safe for children. You can use elderberry extract as your daily drink to prevent yourself from virus and you also can increase your immune system.
nautal antiviral - olive
4# Powerful Natural Antiviral: OLIVE LEAF
Olive oil is very helpful in promoting a good health for your body. It has antiviral properties and it is potential to protect you from a wide range of viruses. Not only the olive oil, the olive leaf oil contain oleuropein and elenoic acid that destroyed viruses that caused polio, herpes, coxsackie and influenza virus.
natural antiviral green tea
5# Powerful Natural Antiviral: GREEN TEA
Green tea or Camellia sinensis is one trusted drink with a lot of health benefits. It has catechins, a type of flavonoids that inhibit viral infections. This type of flavonoids binds the virus’s hemagglutinin and prevents it from entering body cells. It is a healthy drink to prevent virus inhibition for HIV, herpes and Hepatitis B.
natural antiviral liquorice
6# Powerful Natural Antiviral: LIQUORICE
Glycyrrhizin, a compound that found in the liquorice plant root is potentially treating SARS patients. Liquorice or Glycyrrhiza glabra has this terrific compound that has the ability to inhibit the reproduction of HIV as well.
natural antiviral Lapachorinde_geschnitten
7# Powerful Natural Antiviral: PAU D’ARCO
This is a canopy tree that lives natively in the Amazon rainforest. The people in Brazil called it a “divine tree” that can treat a lot of diseases including influenza, colds, viral stomatitis and herpes. It has a compound called lapachol, that effectively fighting against various viruses by inhibition of DNA and RNA polymerase.
natural antiviral
8# Powerful Natural Antiviral: GARLIC
Garlic is also not only let your food taste so good, but it is also full with health benefits that also protects you from a viral infection. Garlic contains allicin, a compound that produce a pungent odor that acts as the antiviral compound. Allicin potentially destroyed the virus that causing illnesses such as cold, flu, influenza and herpes.


  1. Garlic is a wonderful herb which has many health benefits. You can grow garlic at home even in containers.

  2. The olive leaf are also a very interesting spice and with olive leaves can be also cooked. Here an example. The cook Stephan Schmitz with a quite exceptional recipes tuning. Chef Schmitz made a very individual change of a simple Italian vegetable stew - a very tastefully fine tuning with olive leaves: