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Welcome to ournaturalremedy.com and it is my pleasure to tell you about this unique website. Our Natural Remedy is a website where you can refer how many natural remedies are in every country around the world.

What is Natural Remedy?
Natural remedy is a traditional treatment without involving any modern machines and prescriptions. People in ancient times also have a lot of health issues and they have their own natural way to treat any specific diseases. The natural remedy is made from herbs, fruits, vegetables, part of plant and many other natural ingredients.
What Our Natural Remedy Website Can Offer You?
All that I can offer you is the natural remedy knowledge that I research and gather from all around the world. From the type of natural remedies of each country, I will give a more detail about the specific ingredients in another category.
Here are our lists of categories for you. It will be easy for you to know what is in this website according to the category and you can search your natural remedy faster.
List Of Categories & Pages
Overall, this website has 4 main categories which are Select Country, Chemical Hazards, Health Benefits and Natural Remedy. Each category has their own specific objective in their articles.
1) Select Country: This is a category where you can find what the natural remedies from a specific country are. Every country has a different climate, food and lifestyle. Some diseases are also endemic in one country only. If you want to know what their natural remedy is, here is your category to refer.
2) Chemical Hazards: Our beauty products, toiletries, house cleaning products, even food and modern medication are full of chemicals. Most of us are not aware with the chemical hazards. Sadly, we are using it every day without knowing the bad effects are building in our body and environment. Diseases like cancer, autoimmune diseases, hyperactive in children, hormone disruption and many more are related to the amount of chemicals in our body. Find out what are the chemical hazards in this category and you can learn how to choose your daily products wisely. Think organic and natural products, avoid the chemical.
3) Health Benefits: This is a special category where I explain you more about what are the health benefits of the ingredients that used in a natural remedy. The subcategories of Health Benefits are vegetables and fruit, herb and spices, healthy hobby and other natural ingredient. People from hundred years ago discovered the health benefits of those ingredients. The health benefit of it is confirmed by the scientist and researchers in the modern world.
4) Natural Remedy: This is the natural remedy for diseases, parenting, mind health, beauty and health, and weight loss. Most of the researches and scientist are admit that natural remedy is effective to treat some of the health problem and also prevent the human from getting infected. This category also provides you with the information about how to make your own natural remedy at home, in the DIY subcategory.

Our Natural Remedy website has 3 pages which are About Us (this one that you’re currently reading), Contact us, and Privacy Policy. Each page will provide you information about:
About US: This is a page that you can get information such as how to contact me, the reason why I established this website, all categories in Our Natural Remedy website, my vision in living naturally and I give you my live permission so you can share any articles in Our Natural Remedy website to your family and friends via Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, and many more.
Contact Us: This page will give you the direct answer on how to contact me via postal address, email address, put a comment in my article and also send me a direct message in my social network.
Privacy Policy: In Privacy Policy page, you will get the information about the purpose of Our Natural Remedy website, what a reader should and shouldn’t do, your information that we needed before you can put a comment, and how to contact me when you have inquiries and suggestions. In this page, parents are also advised to monitor their child under 12 because some of the articles especially the DIY is better for the parents to supervise their kids before trying.
How To Contact Me?
If you have any inquiries and any suggestions, you can reach me at these contact information or leave a comment on any article that you’re interested in. I will do my best to reach you back and answer your question.

Postal Address: Health Office Sipitang, P/S157,89850 Sipitang, Sabah, Malaysia

Website: http://www.ournaturaremedy.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sabrina.adams.7393

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SHINeeDiary

Permission To Share Links
If you want to tell your friends and family about how natural remedy can help to improve their health, you can share the links to them. Like the wise man always say, sharing is caring.
Any Suggestions? Tell Me About It..!
If you have any natural remedy in your country that not listed in this website, feel free to contact me and let me know about it. You can contact me through email, my google+ or directly leave a comment in this website.
Let’s Live Naturally Without Chemicals Hazard
Nowadays, a lot of us are exposed to so many health hazards at home or even at work. We are living in a modern life that making us chooses something fast and easy, but also containing a lot of chemicals. For example, our cosmetics, foods and toiletries are full with chemicals and most of them are dangerous to our health. Sadly, we are not being taught enough about how to read labels, and we are not being taught enough about what type of chemicals that will ruin our health, especially to the pregnant women and kids. So let’s change our way of life and start living without using any chemical products for our daily usage especially for our beauty and health products, medicine and mind health care. Here are my vision and mission in creating a website that committed in spreading awareness about hazardous chemicals and treat it with natural remedies.


To make as much research and published it in a very well researched article to educate the community about natural remedy for health improvement.

To create a website that people can relate to, and find the cure of their health problem in a natural way without any side effects and minus involving high cost. Sharing the natural remedy information from all around the world for the modern generation to live a better and healthy life.

Special Thanks
I would like to say thank you to my friends all over the world, that also contributing in my article writing. To my clients that also is having the same health website like this, thank you for your patients because sometimes I have to hold your projects before I can write another article for you. Thanks to my friends no matter if you are a Doctor, Health Inspector, Nurse, Nutritionist, Teacher, and even full time housewife for the tips and advices as I write my article. Together, we can make a difference.



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