Umeboshi: The Health Benefits and The Research From Japan

About Ume
The word “Ume” is translated to Japanese apricot. The ancient Japanese found that ume is a healthy fruit. It has played a significant role in protecting the ancient Japanese’s health and it is one of Japanese oldest natural remedies. Ume is believed to be potential in promoting the longevity of Japanese people since ancient
times. Japan’s largest harvest of apricot and the best in quality is the “Nanko-ume”. This kind of Japanese apricot is majorly produced in Minami Kishu, a southwestern part of Wakayama prefecture in Japan.

Before umeboshi is perfectly produced, the Japanese has a long history and process of preserving the ume. The preservation of ume is by the method of drying and salting. The pickled ume is called umeboshi and the Japanese enjoy it in a variety of Japanese dishes.
The main purpose of umeboshi is to prevent the food from getting bad and to prevent food poisoning. Umeboshi contained antibacterial properties which

Umeboshi contained antibacterial properties which is the benzaldehyde. In the 16th century which is the warring era in Japan, the soldiers are said to have eaten umeboshi. The soldiers had to wear armor and helmets that weighing up to more than 30kg. By eating umeboshi, the high amount of citric acids inside it helps to burn lactic build ups in the muscle. Umeboshi is not only helping in burning the lactic acid build up in the muscle during physical activity, but it provides energy for battle and the soldier also recovered after a battle real fast.
The Research From Japan
Dr. Utsunomiya from the Wakayama Prefecture Medical Science University has been doing a very detail research into the health benefits and the positive effects of umeboshi to human. Ume is proven as an energy food just like the ancient Japanese claimed. Another interesting finding from Dr Utsunomiya is umeboshi is a cure for stomach cancer that caused by Helicobacter pylori. Other than that, the umeboshi helps in lowering blood sugar levels and able to stop the arteries from hardening.
The other research is the antioxidant property which is the Flavonoid is highly found in umeboshi. Umeboshi also was found to help stop the hardening of arteries and lower blood sugar levels. There has also been research done on the antioxidant capabilities of flavonoid contained in umeboshi. The flavonoid is one of the antioxidant properties that obstruct the oxygen supply to the cancer cells. So the cancer cells are not able to spread or growing in the human body. More explanation about Dr. Utsunomiya’s research are in these videos.

The first mention about umeboshi in medicinal use in Japan was recorded in a written text about 1000 years ago. The Japanese today adding the umeboshi in their rice or tea to be consume every day. No matter if it is in a pickle form or paste, umeboshi is very easy to find in Japan.

This fruity, salty and sour pickled plum has a lot of health benefits according to the Japanese and most of them are scientifically proven. Here are the health benefits and medicinal qualities of umeboshi:

1) Equivalent to both aspirin and apple
Umeboshi can give a paradoxical alkalinizing effect to the human body as well containing a high level of fiber. This features also able to relieve fatigue, promote a better digestion and detoxification. The Japanese also use it as the remedy for hangover so they can continue working in the next morning.

2) Home medicine
Pickled plum or dried plum is used as the home medicine in Japan for reducing fevers, cough and treating nausea. It is also the digestion stimulator to promote a better gut and digestion.

3) Provides Energy
The samurai and then the Japanese soldiers are consuming umeboshi to keep up their stamina and providing energy for battle. Umeboshi is the effective antidote for battle fatigue and they can regain their energy back after the battle very fast. When they are in a long travel, the umeboshi can help them to avoid nausea and exhaustion other than giving a flavor to their rice and vegetables during war.

4) Gut health
About a thousand years ago, the oldest Japanese record about pickled plum as a medicine was written and founded in a medical text. The umeboshi was used as the medicine for curing dysentery, typhoid and also effective in treating food poisoning. It is also used to get rid of toxins in the body.

5) Create balance
To create balance once again after a long time of high in acidic food diet, umeboshi is a potential medicine. If you eat a lot of red meat and sugary food, you are in a risk to have the package of symptoms such as fatigue, anxiety, digestive imbalance and emotional imbalance. It is a getaway to many diseases. With introducing umeboshi in your dietary, it is possible for you to create the balance once again and avoid the risk of having the mentioned symptoms. Umeboshi has the powerful alkalinizing effect (citric acid) on the blood, saliva and the urine that can combat the over-acidic tendency.

6) Treat Stomach Cancer
As researched by Dr. Utsunomiya, umeboshi is one anticancer food. A stomach cancer that caused by Helicobacter pylori is successfully treated by consuming umeboshi. Umeboshi contained one type of antioxidants properties called the flavonoids that cut the supply of oxygen in cancer cells. By not getting enough oxygen, the cancer cells are not able to develop and spread in the human body.

7) Avoid Diabetes
Umeboshi helps in lowering the sugar level in the body. By having a normal sugar level, a person is free from diabetes risks and symptoms.

8) Avoid bacterial growth
By adding umeboshi in rice, it can prevent the growth or appearance of bacterial. It is effectively prevented food poisoning that caused by bacteria especially the Bacillus cereus.

9) High in Iron
Umeboshi is high in Iron and it can promote the body to produce hemoglobin.

10) High in Thiamin and Riboflavin
These nutrients are also important to promote a healthy nervous system, formation of antibodies and metabolism. A good digestion is also able to get by having enough thiamin in the body. Eating umeboshi in the morning will help to stimulate digestion. Riboflavin and Thiamin are the nutrients that help to support a good health for youngsters and adults.

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