Natural Remedies From All Around The World Compilation

Our Natural Remedy would like to present you all natural remedies from all around the world here. The country lists are from:
1. China
2. Egypt
3. India
4. Japan
6. Rome

Our Natural Remedy will keep on writing about natural remedies from all over the world and then explained the health benefits more detail in related categories.

Our Natural Remedy: From China

Introduction of Chinese Natural Remedy
Do you know that every region of China owning their specific secret recipes and natural remedies? It is one of the oldest countries that rich with local herbs and natural medicine. History of traditional medicine and treatment in China is very well known all over the world. In the modern world nowadays, the Chinese is still holding strong with their natural remedies and traditional treatment. This is showing that how effective is the natural remedies and traditional treatment in China.

Ancient Chinese medicine strived to harness the quality and power of herbs and other natural ingredients for thousands of years. It is because they are looking for the effective medicine for life longevity and health improvement. Herbs, spices and other plants are widely used to be the natural remedy for combating numerous diseases and bringing back the body health. After time passed, other country or culture is starting to embrace the natural remedy from China. 

Homemade and Natural Remedies from Ancient China
Some of ancient China natural remedies did replaced the modern medicinal approaches. Their natural remedies since thousands of years ago are still provide the solution for today’s health problem. Besides that, by using Chinese natural remedies, some of the today’s treatments are more effective and in some cases, it can lessen the side effects. China also has a lot of natural remedies for beauty. Below you will find the variety of home remedies, healthy ingredients and natural remedies that will improve your health and beauty.

1. Cloves: for digestive ailments, respiratory infections, and fungal infections
Clove is a strong spice that always been used for cooking in China. It is also one of the healthy ingredients that provide the natural remedy for health problem. The people in ancient China got their spices supply from the trade to the West Indies. This spice is used not only for cooking, but also it has the impressive health benefits. Cloves possessed antiseptic and antimicrobial properties. The ancient China used this spice to treat digestive ailments, respiratory infections, and fungal infections. 
2. Cardamom: for stomach disorder, indigestion, abdominal gas, and antidote
It has a powerful health benefits and the ancient Chinese use this spice to treat a lot of diseases. Cardamom is effectively treat stomach disorders. If someone having like indigestion or abdominal gas, this spice can treat such disorders. It is also a great ingredient that capable to act as the antidote for snake and scorpion venom bites at that time.
3. Herbal Teas: for healthy drink and antioxidant  properties
You will never tell how many recipes for tea in ancient China. Herbal teas are made from herbs whether it is freshly used or dried first. Every house in ancient China and until now has their own favorite tea for their daily intake. Herbal tea played a significant role in Chinese medicine, beauty and health maintenance. It is very rare and almost impossible to find a Chinese who doesn’t like to sip on a tea.
4. Licorice Tea: for Flu and Cold
People from ancient China were drinking licorice tea to treat a flu or cold. Licorice tea is able to help the patient to recover faster from cold than any natural remedies at that time.
5. Rhubarb, Ginger & Licorice: For a Healthy Gut
This is one of the traditional medicines from China. The combination of rhubarb, ginger and licorice will provide the health properties that can treat constipation problem. They were also using this remedy to improve their digestion and avoid digestive weakness.
6. Aloe Vera: for beauty and skin health
This is one of the beauty treatments from ancient China that widely researched and acknowledge from all around the globe. The aloe vera provides remedy to treat wound on the skin and giving it a faster healing. In beauty remedy, it was used for fighting wrinkles formation and eliminating fine lines. It has the moisturize effects on the skin and it can stimulate the skin cell renewal.  The skin will be tighten and younger with aloe vera regular application.
7. Chrysanthemum Tea: For Eye health
Chrysanthemum flower was been used to make tea in ancient China. The flower will be dried first and then brewed to be enjoyed as a tea. This is not only a tasty and fragrant tea. The ancient Chinese was drinking this tea to maintain their eye health and increase their vision. It is also one of the treatments for eye disorders.
8. Ginger Tea: For Stomach Health
A ginger tea is a good choice for treating an upset stomach. If the stomach is affected by “wind” or gas, this is the right natural remedy. A warm ginger tea will eliminate the wind or gas from the stomach and body instantly. This is a very helpful natural remedy from ancient China.
9. Ginger Root: For Nausea
Ship is one of the main transports for the people to travel from one place to another, thousands of years ago. People in ancient China including the sailors would bring their stock of ginger root while sailing. Ginger is an effective remedy to avoid nausea and vomiting. It can prevent the sailors from getting sick while at sea.
10. Dandelion: For Gastrointestinal Disorders and Appendicitis
In Chinese traditional medicine, a dandelion is a right ingredient to treat gastrointestinal disorders. It is also the treatment for appendicitis. The mothers who breastfeed their babies were using this ingredient to boost their lactation.
11. Raspberry leaves: For treating Diarrhea
To treat diarrhea, the raspberry leaves never failed the ancient Chinese as a remedy. Raspberry tree is also one of the must have tree in every village of ancient China.
12. Traditional Massage: For Relaxing and Body Health
Back in 3000 BC, the ancient Chinese using traditional massage for their body health. It is also recorded that the ancient China have their journal about human anatomy and the right massage of the muscle and body will give a rejuvenating effect and it is relaxing the body too from stress. They were using herbs in their massaging treatment to give the desirable result. Traditional massage was also used for treating bones and joint problem, no surgery were needed.
13. Alfalfa Tea: For Intestinal Health
Alfalfa tea is a great remedy to treat stomach ulcer. People in ancient China using this tea to improve their intestinal health and avoiding stomach problem. They brewed this ingredient and sipping a cup of alfalfa tea for intestinal system health.
14. Chinese Green Tea: Beauty Remedy and Weight loss
Chinese green tea is a drink that full of the goodness from antioxidants. This healthy property will give a remedy for skin health and beauty. It is also increasing the body metabolism to help losing weight. It is also act like a refreshing body stimulator. Chinese green tea is also effective to lower the level of cholesterol.
15. Bird Nest: Beauty And Body Health
Bird nest is one of the favorite home remedy since ancient China. It is the most expensive natural ingredients that we have now. Made from the saliva of the swallow bird, it has a lot of health benefits especially for body health and maintaining a younger looking.
Our Natural Remedy: From Egypt

Ancient Egypt’s Medical History
If you read about ancient Egyptians treatment, they’re very amazing. The ancient Egyptians achieved the amazing medical techniques in their diagnosis and natural remedy for many illnesses. Considering the lack of modern treatment facilities and experiment lab, the ancient Egyptians were way advance in medical treatments and the remedies that used by the ancient Egyptians are still practiced and considered to this day. 

To learn about the ancient Egypt’s knowledge in medical, there are three records that been translated by the scholars which are the Edwin Smith Papyrus, the Ebers Papyrus and the Kahun Papyrus. These records are providing the information about ancient Egypt’s knowledge in anatomy, disease, hygiene, natural remedies, and healing. 

The treatments or the natural remedies for the diseases recorded are using the natural ingredients such as the minerals, plants products, even the urine from certain animal. How the treatments were administered or conducted are also explained. Most of the treatments were dispensed by orally, suppositories, and topically.

Health Concern in Ancient Egypt
The diseases in ancient Egypt are no different with the common diseases that we have now. The lists of diseases that already exist since ancient Egypt are such as:
1.            Skin infections from parasites in the Nile waters
2.            Worms that transmitted from their cattle
3.            Tuberculosis
4.            Pneumonia as the results of excessive sand into their lungs
5.            Asthma
6.            Digestive problems

Natural Remedies Used in Ancient Egyptian
In that time, some of the diseases were impossible to treat. They have no guidelines to conduct rudimentary surgeries. Most of the diseases were able to be treated by using natural ingredients. The natural remedies were dispensed orally, edema, topically, suppositories, massage, and many more ways.
The natural remedies were successfully treated the less serious conditions or diseases in that time. Many of the ingredients are very familiar to us and still been used until today as the homeopathic remedies. Ancient Egypt’s natural remedies are included:

Pain relief: Thyme, Dill, Onions, Parsley, balsam apple
Asthma: sesame seed/oil, frankincense, milk and honey
Digestive aids: Sandalwood, mint, juniper, garlic,
Breath freshener: Mint, Caraway
Chest pain: Aloe vera, mustard seeds, Juniper
Headaches: Aloe vera and poppy seeds
Natural Antibiotics: Poppy seeds
Wound dressing: honey
Skin Diseases: Aloe vera
Skin burn: Aloe vera
Epilepsy: Camphor
To induce vomiting: mustard
 To stop vomiting: mint
Skin Beauty: Olive oil, honey

The medical knowledge from the ancient Egypt paved the way for the learning and study of modern medicine today. The ancient Egyptians studied the human anatomy and find the natural ingredients that work to treat diseases and disorders very effectively
Our Natural Remedies website will continue to update natural remedies from ancient Egypt from time to time. If you have other natural remedies from ancient Egypt, please share it here or leave a comment.
Our Natural Remedy: From India

Indian Ayurveda remedies were been used by their ancestor to cure common diseases since ancient ago. People in India are still using their natural remedy recipe for beauty and health. India is one of the homes of spices and source of natural tips for beauty care and health. 

Home remedies or the natural remedies are made from natural ingredients. It is harmless and rarely causing side effects to the user. Our modern medication is filled with chemical, using radiation, and other foreign ingredients that actually cure just one thing in the body but introducing more health problems at the same time. Natural remedies are not only equally effective, but they are a lot cheaper and never introducing any bad side effects. Since the people from before lived healthily with this healthy remedy, the natural remedy is gaining their momentum again nowadays. 

In India, natural remedy for colds, vomiting, headaches and other common ailments are available. The options to cure diseases are also plenty to choose. The natural ingredients for the remedies are done by making use of herbs, vegetables, herbs and fruit. Some of the easy natural remedies in India are:

To sooth cough: To treat cold, soothing cough and sore throat, a simple remedy can be made by boiling a few of basil leaves, a few of cloves (crushed), ginger (crushed) and black pepper corns until the color of the mixture is turning brown. Drink it whiles it still hot and adds a little honey for a sweet taste.

Digestive problem: Boiling milk with turmeric and figs help in relieving constipation. Flea seed husk can be added to a plain yogurt. This type of yogurt can be consumed for loose stools. 

Diarrhea: To ease diarrhea, people in India consume the banana. The banana has to be just right and not too ripe. 

Blood Pressure: By adding garlic to the cooking or eating it raw can help in lowering blood pressure.
Cholesterol: People in India eat papaya every day because it can lower the cholesterol level.
Diabetes: To avoid diabetes and lowering sugar levels, people in India using the Amla, a type of Indian Gooseberry, Indian Blackberry and the Bitter gourd. It is effective to lower the sugar level when it consumed every day.

Indian natural remedies are not only for health purposes but also for beauty care as well. The popular beauty remedies are including:

Skin health: Mix the equal proportions of rose water, lemon juice and glycerin to make a homemade skin moisturizer. A simple face mask also been made by mixing the turmeric powder and a few drops of lime juice.

Glowing Skin: By using cucumber juice, tomato juice or the orange peels paste as a face mask, it can help to give the skin a very healthy and beautiful glow.

Removing dandruff: Oily hair and dandruff can be treated by applying lemon juice to the scalp.

Hair health: Coconut oil is the natural hair moisturizer and a deep conditioner for hair. The hair will be stronger and it can improve the hair growth. It can be applied overnight or as needed.
Skin Irritation: Honey has the anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that good for skin health and skin irritation. By applying honey to the skin, it can solve the acne problem; reduce the blemishes, avoiding acne and dry skin. 

Skin brightening:  Turmeric is a big helper not only in the kitchen but also for beauty remedy. Turmeric is well known for its anti-inflammatory and it can boost the immunity. On the night before a bride’s wedding in India, she will use the turmeric paste for her face and body. This routine will help the bride to have a nice and brighter skin for her wedding. It is also preventing and clears the skin from any blemishes. 

Hair dye: Henna is a natural hair dye. The color will be varying from dark brown to deep red. It is very popular in India to dye their hair not only because it gives color but it is also prevent the hair from dandruff and reduce hair fall.

Wrinkle remover: Yogurt contains lactic acid, vitamins, zinc, protein, and anti-inflammatory properties. It can be used directly to the skin as a face mask. Yogurt is effective to remove dead skin cells to give a soft and smooth skin. It is also remove the fine lines and avoid wrinkles on the face. To add more nutrients and extra goodness, you can add yogurt with turmeric and honey.

Indian Spices And Anticancer Properties
Other than that, the spices that usually founded in India also have the anticancer properties. Indian diet always including spices and the spices also can be used on its own as a natural remedy. Dr. B. NiranjanNaik, a senior consultant surgical oncologist with Dr. ShipraSaklani Mishra from Fortis La Femme, senior clinical nutritionist revealed the necessity of spices in our daily diet. They also informing about the anticancer properties in some of the spices in India. The spices from India that researched and proved to prevent cancer are: 

Turmeric/Curcumin: Turmeric is considered as the kind of spices and full of the powerful polyphenol. Polyphenol is clinically proven to retard the cancer cells growth. Curcumin perform “Apoptosis” which is an action that programmed the cancer cell to die without interfere the healthy cells. Very helpful in stopping the spreading of cancer cell that caused prostate cancer, breast cancer, brain tumor and leukemia.

Oregano: Oregano consist with the anti-microbial compounds that potential to fight against prostate cancer. Only one teaspoon of oregano has the anti-microbial compounds equally from 2 cups of red grapes. Oregano also restricts the growth of malignant cells because of its phyto-chemical properties called Quercetin.  

Cayenne Pepper: Also known as the Chili pepper in India, it has the anti-cancer properties as well. Cayenne pepper acts as the inducer to the process of apoptosis. So the process to kill the potential cancer cells will be quicker and the tumor cell can be reduced or destroyed faster.  

Fennel: Fennel is also one of the sources for phyto-nutrients and antioxidants. These two properties are used to fight cancer cell and remove it from the body. One constituent that majorly found in the fennel is the Anethole. It can restrict any invasion from a cancer cell by suppressing the enzymatic activities so the cancer cell is not able to multiply. 

Saffron: Safron has a natural carotenoid dicarboxylic acid. It is also called the Crocetin. This properties is the cancer-fighting properties in the saffron. It can decrease the tumor size until the cancer cell is completely gone. Saffron is quite expensive in certain countries, but the its anticancer properties is very amazing to resist.

Cumin: Cumin is good for digestion and it has the anticancer properties. Thymoquinone is a type of anti-oxidant that curbs the cancer cell growth. It is effective to prevent prostate cancer. 

Cinnamon: Cinnamon has a lot of uses in cooking and it is very healthy to consume. It can reduce the tumor growth in human body. By adding cinnamon into your cuisine or drinks, you can enjoy the anticancer properties from it. 

Ginger: Ginger is not only promoting a healthy body metabolism but it has the properties to kill cancer cells. You can eat it raw or add it in your cooking. Ginger is also widely used in Asian countries for cooking and home remedies. 

Besides of spices intake, Dr. K Medhi the Senior Consultant of Medical Oncology advised that, it is important for us to keep a healthy diet habit. A healthy diet including:
1.            Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables for their nutrients and health benefits. The best food is the organic food to stay away from harmful pesticides and chemicals.
2.            Replace white rice with another substitute such as noodles and brown rice.
3.            Choose whole-grain bread instead of white bread.
4.            Stay away from junk food, canned food and high trans-fat food because it has no nutrients and it will ruin the organs.
5.            Choose healthy vegetable oil in cooking instead of butter or animal fat.
6.            Choose sea salt or Himalayan salt. Avoid MSG and processed salt.

Lastly, even the spices have the anticancer properties to fight cancer; the cancer patients shouldn’t load their diet with only turmeric and other spices. A proper medical follow up need to be taken so the body condition is always been monitored. It is important to see and record about how the body reacts to the specific spices and natural ingredients if the patient using the alternative treatment for cancer. By the continuous monitoring, the patient can use the natural remedy more effective and understand how the natural remedy works.
Our Natural Remedy: From Japan

Japan is one of the healthiest countries in this world. They do have their own natural remedies to stay healthy and to treat some diseases. Just like the other Asian majority, the Japanese still practicing their home remedies to cure flu, headache, sore throat and much more. The ingredients are also easy to find in Japan, even all over the world.
The recipes for the natural remedies are coming from ancient Japanese hundreds and maybe thousands of years ago. It is very effective and some of it works immediately. With the busy lifestyle in Japan, they can’t afford to get sick. Their special natural remedies provide them the energy and treatment to keep them going through the year in the best health condition. Here are some of the natural remedies in Japan.
Fever: Umeboshi (pickled plums)
Even the name of this food is in Japanese. Umeboshi is actually a pickled plum. The health benefitsof Umeboshi is to lower your temperature when you are having fever. The Japanese mothers were making umeboshi tea by heating up a cup of water with two umeboshi. When you drink it, it will cause you to sweat. By sweating, that is the process to reduce your temperature and then you can get better faster from fever.
Blood Circulation: Grilled spring onion
The one who have a poor blood circulation will feel dizzy and tired so easily. The Japanese natural remedy for promoting a good blood circulation is the grilled spring onion. The grilled onion is not only good for the blood circulation, but it is also can be used to heal a sore throat, reduces inflammation and good for relieving a stuffy nose.
Reduce Cough and Phlegm: Gingko nuts
Coughing with the sound of the bubbly phlegm is the last thing that you need at work, in the classroom or anywhere public. By eating 5 to 6 gingko nuts will reduce cough and phlegm instantly. The thing is, this is not the easiest nut to harvest. Some people are allergic to the smell of the fruit. To harvest the fruit, you have to use a hand gloves to avoid skin rashes. Even it is effective for treating cough, it is not recommended to the one who have heart problem or stroke history.
Cough: Honey & daikon radish juice
Another remedy for cough and it is tastier than the gingko nuts. The daikon radishes and honey are the ingredients. To make the juice, you have to soak the diced daikon radishes into the honey for three days. Keep it in a bottle and place it in a cool and dry place. If you have a cough problem, you have your remedy ready to the rescue.
Cold: Lotus root + Ginger
The Japanese drink the broth that made from grated lotus root, ginger, arrowroot and soy sauce. It is not only tasty, but it is also can get rid of the cold faster.
Stuffy Nose: Ginger+Honey+Onion
A stuffy nose is so irritating. The Japanese used a quarter of an onion that grated and a tablespoon of grated ginger. Put the two ingredients in a cup of hot water and add one tablespoon of honey. By drinking this elixir, the stuffy nose is not troubling you anymore.
Stuffy Nose: Sniff an onion
If you don’t have the honey and ginger around but you need a quick remedy for stuffy nose, you can just sniff to the onion. Cut an onion and sniff it. It can clear your sinuses and then give you a temporary relief when you have a stuffy nose.
Headache: Ginger + Sesame Oil
A simple headache is potentially can ruin your day. The Japanese use the grated ginger and mix it with the sesame oil to relieve headache. This paste has to be applied on the forehead and both temples.

Our Natural Remedy website will write more about the Japanese natural remedy. If you have another natural remedy from Japan, you can leave a comment here. To know more about the health benefits of the ingredients in Japanese natural remedy, you can go to the Health Benefits category.
Our Natural Remedy: From Malaysia

Malaysia is a Southeast Asian country that also has its own ancient natural remedy for health and beauty purposes. Most of Malaysian people especially the villagers are still holding strong with their natural remedy and health tips from their grandmothers. The natural remedies information was passed from generation to generation. The recipes to make the remedies are still the same like the traditional one.
The benefits for using natural remedies for the Malaysia are:
-              Cutting the expensive medical treatment cost for several diseases
-              Maintaining mothers health naturally and safe to use while nursing
-              Simple health condition can be treated easily using natural remedies
-              Most of the villagers growing their own herbs and plants for family usage
-              Avoiding side effects that promoted by the modern treatments

Curious to know what are the natural remedies in this country? Here is the list of our natural remedy from Malaysia.
1. Weight Loss: Key Lime water
1 or 2 key limes expressed or squeezed into one glass of cold water. Drink it every lunch and dinner. In a month the amount of weight loss is about 4-6pounds. Key lime is very easy to plant and every house in ancient Malaya has this tree.
2. Skin Rash: Tapioca Flour
This remedy is for baby’s skin. To avoid their skin from rashes, the mothers from ancient Malaya sprinkle some tapioca flour to their baby’s skin. The target area are the neck, butt and chest of the baby.
3. Chest Pain: Ginger+Honey+Egg yolk
Get the juice from a few cloves of garlic, the egg yolk from ayam kampong (Gallus gallus domesticus) and one tablespoon of honey. Mix it up and take it every morning before breakfast to soothe chest pain.
4. Spider Veins: Special Leg Care
The mothers usually have this problem after giving birth. The remedy is to sleep with the leg a little higher than the head level. Every morning, take a foot bath using warm water and immerse the foot for 15-20 minutes. There is a traditional massage too using specific hot oil for this.
5. Face Wrinkle: Carrot+Cornflour+Egg
This is a beauty tips from ancient Malaya and very effective for removing face wrinkle and fine lines. To avoid or to remove the face wrinkle, take some grated carrot, add it into one spoon of corn flour and one egg. Mix it up into a runny paste and use it as a face mask. Leave it on the face for 20 minutes. Wash it thoroughly. In a week, the skin will be smoother and younger without wrinkles.
6. Facial Freshener: Tea Leave
To make the face look fresh and glowing, this is the Malaysian remedy for it. Wash the face with tea leave water. Let the tea leave water for 10 minutes on the skin and then rinse it with water. Do it twice a week for a glowing and fresher looking skin.
7. Bad breath: Betel Leaf Gargle
Take 7 piece of betel leaves. Slice it finely and soak it in a bowl of warm water. Add some sea salt. This is the betel leaf gargle to avoid bad breath. Gargle with this solution every morning.
8. Cracked heals: Papaya
A young papaya is needed for this remedy. Slice the end part of the fruit to get the rubber. Rub the rubber from the young papaya at the cracked heals. In a few days, the condition of the cracked heals will be better.
9. High Blood Pressure: Chive
Chive is the natural remedy in ancient Malaya to treat high blood pressure. Clean a handful of chives and then grind it with a pinch of sea salt. Squeeze it to get the juice. Drink it every morning before breakfast. The juice has to be chilled overnight.
10. Stomachache: Guava leaf
Ancient Malaya used guava leaf to treat stomachache. The conditions like diarrhea, wind problem and stomach discomfort can be treated with this natural remedy. A few of guava leaf grinded with some sea salt. Add some water and then drink. Or, the young guava leaf can be chewed. A few minutes later, the stomachache will be gone.
11. Body heat because of Durian: Durian Compartment
Durian is Malaysian favorite fruit. Eating a lot of durian will cause body heat, head ache or smelly burp. Ancient Malaya has a remedy to avoid all this. The durian compartment is the natural remedy itself. Pour plain drinking water into the durian compartment, and leave it for 5 minutes. The water can be drink as the natural remedy to avoid body heat, headache and smelly burp from the durian.
12. Hair Conditioner: Charcoal and Coconut Oil
Ancient Malaya combined charcoal powder from rubber tree and coconut oil to make a hair conditioner. It can be used daily and rinse after application. The hair will be shinier and it is also avoiding grey hair.
13. Scar: White egg
To remove any scar, the ancient Malaya used the white egg of ayam kampong (Gallus gallus Domestiva). Apply the white egg to the scar every night. Apply it every night and in a few weeks, the scar condition will be improved and gradually smoothen, less visible and then completely gone.
14. Lips bleed: Sugar
If your lips is bleeding because of you accidently fell or etc, there is an easy natural remedy to make it stop bleeding quickly. Get a pinch of sugar and spread it on the wounded area. You will notice how quick the bleed stops.
15. Head Lice: Mineral Oil
Ancient Malaya using mineral oil to combat head lice problem. Apply a little mineral oil to the scalp and then cover the hair with a damp towel. Let it sit for 2 – 3 hours. After that, you will see the head lice all stuck to the towel and the head is lice-free.
16. Itchiness: Sago Flour+Water+Vinegar
Take one tablespoon of sago flour and add a little of water. Add four drops of vinegar and then let it mixed well. Use the lotion and apply it to the itchy skin. In a few days, the itchiness and the rashes will completely gone.
17. Insect Venom: Turmeric+Lime Stone Paste
If you want to get rid of the itchiness or painful effects from the insect’s venom and certain caterpillar, you can use this remedy. Grate about 2 tablespoon of turmeric. And then, put the turmeric into a pot of water with a half of teaspoon lime stone paste. Heat the mixture on a stove and then let it cool before use. Apply the mixture to the affected area. Within 5 minutes, the pain will be gone.
18. Abcess: Garlic
If there is a family member or kids that have abscess, garlic can be the natural remedy for it. You can crush garlic and then rub it to the abscess. For an abscess that already swollen or infected, this method took days to cure it. For an abscess that early detected, this method will prevent the abscess from getting bigger. Garlic will shrink the abscess and eventually it will be removed without any visible scar.
19. Catfish Venom: Coffee
The fishermen in Malaysia are using coffee to soothe the pain from the catfish venom. About 2 – 3 tablespoon coffee powder need to be added to half cup of half boiled water. The steam from the coffee will help the pain and swollen to be reduced and heal faster.
20. Headache: Garlic
Another health benefits from garlic. If someone has a headache, this is the easy remedy. Get a clove of garlic and slice it. Put one garlic slice at the both side of the temple and leave it for 30 minutes or longer. The headache will be decreased and you can repeat this process.
21. Hair Freshener: Key Lime
A few key lime need to be sliced and then apply it to the hair. Leave it for a few minutes before rinse. It is not only leaving the hair very fragrant, but it will remove dizziness and giving a cooling effect to the head.
22. Oily Face: Rice Water
After washing the rice, do not just simply throw away the water. It can treat the oily face. Wash the face with rice water every day. In the few weeks, the skin condition will be appearing better and radiant.
23. Post-natal care: Garlic+Vinegar
To get the pre-baby waist and stomach, this is a very effective remedy. Grate 2 cloves of garlic and then add with 2 tablespoon of vinegar. Apply this mixture to the belly and around the waist. After that, use a girdle or waist wrapper to wrap the area. Do it every day and changed into a clean girdle every time. Try this method for a month for a better result.
Our Natural Remedies: From Rome
If you read the history of ancient Rome, their era is known for religion and culture, amazing architecture and a phenomenal knowledge of natural cures and natural home remedies. The early researchers that contributing in ancient Rome natural remedies are significantly from Dioscorides, Galen and Pliny. They were the physicians and the early researchers for natural remedies at that time. From their efforts, the Roman remedies are still a great deal to be used until today.

Overview of Ancient Roman Medicine
Their Etruscan ancestors gave the influence in their development of anatomy and medicine. More about Dioscorides, Galen and Pliny in ancient roman medicine:
1) Dioscorides – Dioscorides published a written record with the title De MateriaMedia or On Medicines in 78 AD. This is a Greek physician who served with the legions of Emperor Nero.
2) Pliny – Pliny inspired by the writings of Mithridated of Eupator to learn about herbs. He was involved in the Roman military and that experience prepared him to dig more about medicine. He has his own writing called HistoriaNaturalis or Natural History.
3) Galen – He was like a doctor for the gladiators in ancient Rome time. He treated gladiators and that was his opportunity to understand the human body. He wrote a book about human anatomy. His book was used up until the 18th centuries. He explained about bloodletting and how to take pulse of the patients. His amazing skills brought him to be the court physician to Emperor Marcus Aurelius. 

Home Remedies from Ancient Rome
Some of the terms from ancient Roman’s medical are still used until today. In early Rome, the medical students who graduated will took the oath. Hippocratic Oath is one of the oldest binding documents since the ancient Romans. What the Romanian still used until now are the natural remedies from the ancient era. The natural remedies were listed in the medical books from the researchers in ancient Rome. Here are some of the ancient Rome natural remedies:

1) Garlic:
Galen believed that this is a good ingredient to cure-all. Garlic has the antibacterial, antiparisitic, antiviral, and antifungal properties. It can be used orally or to be applied on the body. Garlic is also the natural remedy for heart health and it is a must have in every houses in Rome.
2) Fennel:
Also called sweet fennel or the fenkel, fennel is a natural remedy for soothing cough since ancient Romans.
3) Broccoli:
Broccoli was a popular remedy during ancient Roman and it was considered as the all-purpose remedy. It was used to address the gynecological issues at that time. The other usage of broccoli at that time was to treat skin infections, digestive system conditions, and tetanus. Galen may have prescribed this vegetable to treat a patient that some kind of having a colon cancer. It was revealed in his historical accounts.
4) Marigold:
This is a fever reducer and a cooler in early Europeans. They had it as a tea.
5) Tarragon:
Pliny the ancient physician believed that tarragon could treat fatigue. Some evidences shown that tarragon may have been supplied to the soldiers to prepare them before long marches or war.
6) Cabbage:
Cabbage has been linked to treat diseases such as joint pain, stomach ulcers and breast engorgement. People in ancient Roman ate raw cabbage with vinegar especially before and after their meal.
7) Thyme:
Thyme was used for aiding indigestion and also confirmed to be helpful in treating coughs. People in ancient Rome also believed that sleeping on thyme will avoid and cure them from depression or melancholy.
8) Fenugreek:
The ancient Romans used Fenugreek to treat pneumonia. Fenugreek is widely used in Indian cuisine nowadays.
9) Wool [3]:
Wool was used for treating swelling and bruises. The wool was dipped in the mixture or the blend of medicine before it applied to the bruises area. Just like what we still do now for wound dressing.
10) Massage:
Body massage was recorded since in ancient Roman. It was a medical treatment between 200 and 100 BCE in ancient Romans. The therapist and also Galen incorporated massage treatment to alleviate physical injuries, body pain, symptoms of many diseases and also to loosen joints. The procedure is like the spa that we have today. Starting with a warm bath and then followed with a full body massage. The body massage also using the massage oils for extra benefits to the skin and then to stimulate the blood circulation.
11) Chamomile:
The ancient Romans use Chamomile because it is very effective to treat headaches, liver, kidney and bladder conditions. They will drink it as a tea or apply the chamomile paste on the forehead.
12) Parsley:
Parsley was like a source for energy to the gladiators and Roman soldiers. Some books stated that they would eat a lot of parsley to prepare them for battle. It believed to enhance the soldiers and gladiators strength and agility.
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