Curry Leaves: The Amazing Health Benefits

For the one that never seen curry leaves before, you should know that this is not just any leaves. It has the important health benefits for you that you should take it seriously. Curry leaves not just the leaf that can give you an amazing taste in your favorite food. Known as kadipatta in India, it has a lot of nutrients that good for you. Here are top 10 incredible and amazing health benefits of curry leaves for you and your family too.

No more anemia problem
This special leaf is rich of iron and folic acid that help you to recover from anemia. It is very useful for the pregnant woman to eat curry leaves or add it into the cuisine to maintain their red blood cells and hemoglobin level during their pregnancy since curry leaves have the nutrients package. With the benefits of iron, your body can produce more red blood cells, and the benefits of folic acid, it can absorb more iron that can be used to produce red blood cell. This is how you can fight anemia and increase your hemoglobin.

Protects your liver from damage
For the one who loves to consume alcohol, you are in the risk of liver damage. Not only the alcoholic facing this health problem but so with the person that have bad eating habits. After quitting alcohol and eating healthy, you can eat curry leaves to protect your liver from any possible damage. Curry leaves have a potent antioxidant called kaempferol that fights against harmful toxin and oxidative stress that build up in your body. You can eat curry leaves with lemon juice for Vitamin A and C, so the combination from the vitamin and kaempferol can stimulate the liver to work perfectly and protect it at the same time.

Maintains your blood sugar levels
It can prevent you from diabetes and also weight gain. Your insulin production will be better with the help from curry leaves because curry leaves contain the fiber that influence the insulin production. It can lower your blood sugar levels and let your body free from extra sugar and fat storing. For the one who wish to lose weight, curry leaves can improve your digestion and eliminate extra fat in your body. Don’t be afraid to consume fresh curry leaves every morning because it is more effective that way.

Preventing heart disease
After lowering the sugar level and eliminating the fat from your body, the other good outcome from this is you can easily lower your cholesterol level. High cholesterol level will put you in the risk of heart disease. Curry leaves can increase the level of good cholesterol or HDL in your body, so the LDL or bad cholesterol will not able to develop and you are free from heart diseases and also atherosclerosis. These major health benefits of curry leaves are very helpful in preventing heart disease for all ages.

Introducing a better digestion
Curry leaves can prevent you from constipation and digestive problem. The mild laxatives properties in curry leaves let your digestion system provided with extra excretion and remove the toxic out of the system. At the same time, you can improve the health and condition of your intestine and colon. It can improve your digestion real quick and you don’t need to depend on pills.

Relieves diarrhea symptoms
If you have an upset stomach, try Curry leaves instead of drugs or prescriptions. This is a natural remedy to treat diarrhea symptoms. It contains carbazole alkaloid which is improving the stomach condition with the help from antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties from the leaves. It can balance the good bacteria in the digestion systems so you are prevented from diarrhea symptoms.

Reducing Chemotherapy side effects
For the patients that undergo chemotherapy and radiotherapy, the side effects are challenging and uncomfortable. Curry leaves does reduce the side effects by protecting the bone marrow and curb the production of free radicals of the body. Curry leaf is one of the foods that have anti-cancer properties. You can add this leaf in every dish to protect your body from cancer and cancer development.

Relieves a cough and congestion
You can use curry leaves to reduce the condition of a wet cough, sinusitis, and chest congestion symptoms. You can make your own home remedy by adding a spoon of curry leaves powder and a spoon of honey. Mix these two ingredients together and then you will have a fresh homemade paste. You can consume it twice a day to relieve the symptoms with the goodness of Vitamin A, Vitamin C and kaempferol that has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Treats and prevents infections on skin
The antibacterial and antifungal properties in the curry leaves will protect your skin from infections. You can add curry leaves powder with water or coconut oil and then spread it on the affected skin or wound. It is also effective to treat acne on the skin and fungal infections of the nail. Sometimes it is hard to treat infections around the nail, but you can see a positive result with curry leaves.

Promoting hair growth
If you want to regrowth your hair effectively, you can use curry leaves to promote hair growth. It is not only let you have a great long hair, but you can treat your damaged hair due to over coloring or dryness. You can make your own curry leaves paste and then massage it on your scalp. Leave it about 15-20 minutes and then wash it off with water. It is effective to add bounciness to limping hair and remove the dandruff too.

Now you have the reason to keep your curry leaves at home, or you can grow your own at your garden. The health benefits of curry leaves are very helpful for you to maintain a healthy body and treat anemia, hair and skin problem. So this is an ingredient that not only making your food taste good, but it is also keeping your body healthy, cancer free, low cholesterol and appears younger every day.


  1. Very good information on benefits of curry leaves. I am growing my own curry leaf plant.

  2. Everyone should grow one at their house. ^_^