Natural Remedy For Cancer And How It Works

How Natural Remedies Cure The Cancer
People nowadays are not that scared with the word of Cancer anymore. Cancer is only a phenomenon in the cell where the healthy cell becomes an abnormal cell that keeps on growing and cause health problems to your body. Why a healthy cell can becomes cancerous? Of course, because you are exposed to a certain factor that lead to cancer such as as UV rayscarcinogenic chemicals in the toiletries, skin care and food, or the factors from your workplace such as organophosphate pesticides, X-ray and other chemicals from the environment or factory.
How Cancer Should Be Cure
First, the healthy cell converted into the cancer cell and then starts to grow and multiply. It still can develop on their own way to live in the body and find a way for blood supply so the cancer cell can invade the rest of your body to live. The cancer cell doesn’t know that they are the harmful cancer one and keep on multiplying.
Your cell has the ability to receive the message from other cells and its own genes in order to grow, multiply, rest or stop growing and time to die. But, in a cancer cell, the message that it can receive are the growing and multiplying only. The researchers found that the message to grow is altered in cancer cells and the message or signal to stop growing, rest or die are missing in a cancer cell. This is why a cancer cell keeps on growing and this is the problem of all.
Chemotherapy is exposing you with a lot of ugly side effects and removing body parts are sometimes not that necessary in treating cancer. Another way for you to cure the cancer cell is by cleansing, repairing the cell and regenerate a new healthy cell to replace the cancer cell. Most of the fruits, herbs, and other natural remedy have the compounds and properties that can treat the cancer cell by stopping it from growing, kill the cancer cell and regenerate a new healthy cell for you.
If you regularly eat or drink the natural remedy, you will keep cancer at bay. The drug and cancer industry maybe don’t want you to hear this, but cancer treatment is all yours and available in a natural form.
6 Natural Remedies That Cure The Cancer
Thanks to endless research from the scientist all over the world and most of them are agreeing that most of the cure can be found in nature. Here are your lists of natural remedies that cure cancer real fast and if you take it regularly, you are preventing yourself from cancer. Also, read more in food with anticancer properties.
Honey: This is one ingredient from the nature that kills almost all types of cancers including breast cancer, liver cancer, colorectal cancer, and prostate cancer. It has the anti-cancer properties such as flavonoids such asChrysin, Kaempferol, Luteolin, Apigenin, Quercetin, Pinobanksin, Pinocembrin, Hesperetin, Naringenin, and Genistein, which kill the cancer cell that spreading in your body. It is also improving your immunity and you can generate a new cell in no time to replace the dead cancer cell. You can drink a cup of cold ginger drink every morning or add it your food.Do not use hot water for honey because the health benefits will be gone.

Ginger: The latest study has found that ginger is 10,000 times more effective that the chemotherapy in order to kill the cancer cell. It has no ugly side effects as well..! PLos journal has documented and published this study and telling that ginger contains a chemical called 6-shogaol that recognize cancer stem cell and the healthy one. The 6-shogaol kills cancer stem cells and let your body recover from cancer so fast. It is also one of the immune system boosters so you are feeling healthy while your body is removing the cancer cell at the same time.One full teaspoon of grated ginger a day is great for a start but if you want to mix it with honey and lemon for your cold drink remedy, go ahead.
Green Tea: People in Asia have a low rate of cancer case because of this regular drink. Most of the Asian drinking green tea between their meals and it is a key for cancer prevention. It has GTP or green tea polyphenols that stop the cancer cell from growing by inhibiting the cancer cell enzyme. After that, the GTP identified the cancer cells and kills it without affecting the healthy cells of your body. Tea is come from a plant called Camellia sinensis and green tea contains the most GTP and other antioxidant properties than black tea or other tea. So, have a cup of green tea a day to keep cancer away.

Rosemary: This herb is not only fantastic for grilling and cooking, but it is an anticancer herb. Thanks to the camosic acid and carnosol that founded in the Rosemary. The substances are protecting the cells from radiation and it potentially cures cancer cells. Radiation is bad for the skin and body’s organ, but rosemary has the ability to protect it from the deadly damages and changes from the radiation. Try a lot of rosemary recipe or you can make your own rosemary lemon tea for your cancer protection remedy.

Garlic: Thanks to our nature for giving us garlic that is not only perfect for any dish but also has the biggest health benefits including the cure for cancer. Garlic can cure most anything and cancer is one of it because the sulphur compound in garlic is potential to neutralize the carcinogen effect and then it can shrink the tumor at the same time. Add garlic in your daily menu and be healthy.

Turmeric: This is also one effective cure for cancer in the most natural way. You can add turmeric in your food or drink for natural cancer curing benefits. A compound called curcumin in turmeric is a tumor destroyer. It works super effective in destroying cancer tumor and boosts the immune system for the cancer patients tremendously. It is easy to get turmeric powder or turmeric herbs nowadays to add it in your everyday meal and drinks. 2-4 teaspoon a day is a good way to treat or prevent you from cancer. You can increase about 2000% turmeric absorbability by adding 10-12 small black peppercorns.
Our Natural Remedy website will keep on searching for the effective natural remedy for cancer. If you have any suggestion about cancer's natural remedy, you can leave a comment here.

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