How I Reduce My Acne Without Any Acne Cream?

Alright, this is my confession. I will reveal my way of antiacne routine. Everyone really can't stand with acne and so am I. Acne is a result of clogged pores. This is how I control any breakouts to keep my skin acneless.

Benefits of Lemon And Tips To Grow It At Home

Our Natural Remedy would like to present you the benefits of lemon and easy tips on how to grow it. These topics below will be revealed:

Lemon Juice: The 17 Amazing Health Benefits

Lemon is easy to plant and easy to find. You can grow one in your backyard or garden, because the lemon juice has the health benefits that you should know. Lemon is one of the fruits that well known for its vitamin C content that have multiple uses for skin care, detox, anti-benefits and even house cleaner. For the one that want to drop that weight, drinking lemon juice every morning certainly can speed up your losing weight project.

Birds Nest Soup Beauty and Health Benefits

The ancient Chinese prepared birds nest soup for its nutritional and also medicinal value. The Chinese are already using the birds nest in their cooking since 1,200 years ago. It believed to provide the anti-aging and the anticancer benefits for the body. 

Anticancer Food You Must Have At Home

I love the ‘prevention is better than cure’ concept, including preventing cancer in our body, or stopping it from spreading. An anticancer diet is not a mystery nowadays since there a lot of scientists, nutritionists, and medical practitioners are joining forces to research about it. The anticancer diet is an important strategy to prevent cancer and also to speed the healing process if you’ve diagnosed by cancer and it is recommended by The American Cancer Society. The researchers are delivering the good news that anticancer food is something that you can find every day in your market. Here are your budget-friendly and delicious anti-cancer diet of fruits and vegetables.

Antioxidant Benefits For Beauty And Health

The biggest antioxidant benefits for you is to maintain a healthy body and beautiful skin. Antioxidants is whether a natural or artificial chemical that can prevent your cell from any damages. Any compound that can help such action and counteract free radicals has antioxidant properties. This type of properties is naturally found in so many fruits and also vegetables. It is also available in marine plants and seafood that only get their food from marine plants.

How To Shave Mustache Correctly?

Why is it not a good idea?
Women does have mustache! So how to shave mustache correctly then? Compares to women, men have a thicker and younger looking skin because of the male androgens keep the skin 25% thicker than women. In collagen level, men have more collagen than women and this is why women age faster and need all collagen serum than men.

Good Night Sleep Natural Remedies

How Important Is Your Sleep?
In order to maintain and keep your body healthy, you need to get enough good night sleep. A quality sleep for you is when you have enough amount of sleep and you can get enough rest. If you can’t have enough sleep or you have the sleeping problem, you can look and try for food that helps you to sleep better.

Tea And It's Great Benefits

You will never know what a tea capable of unless you read this. A lot of countries believe that green tea or just the regular tea can benefit you every day. You will be amazed by this tea wonders. From now on, green tea is not only the best antioxidant drink. Here are the best usages of tea in cleaning, kitchen tricks, multipurpose and personal/beauty care..!