Detox For Beauty And Health

Chemical accumulation inside the body will cause toxicity and giving a negative impact to our health. Toxins inside our body have to be removed or we will pay for the consequences. We will be easily fell sick or feel fatigue all the time. Get to know toxin hazard and how to detox our body naturally today.


When do you apply your serum? After washing your face and toning, serum is the next important thing to apply. A good serum will nourish your skin as it penetrates deep into your skin. The Pretty Blossom Face Serum is must have for the one who:
  • Is cruelty-free green beauty lover
  • Needs a serum that effectively nourishing the skin
  • Needs to provide their skin with 100% natural goodness and nutrients
  • Depends on the natural nutrients to treat aging symptoms, acne and pigmentation

Anti-aging Oil That Rich in Nutrients And The Promising Anti-aging Effects

Do you love your commercial anti-aging products even if you know there are a lot of hazardous chemicals in it such as chemical preservatives, artificial fragrance, and got help from the chemical stabilizer? Commercial anti-aging products only produced for profits and the business owner doesn’t care about their customer health. Why damaging your organ, nervous system, hormone and much more just because you want your facial skin to become younger?

Introducing Chemical Free Health And Beauty Products from Borneo Blossom

I'm so happy to say that after 8 years working in Environmental, Occupational, and Public Health, 3 years of being a natural remedy researcher, I'm now working on a new project. This is the biggest project I've ever done which is my own health and beauty product.

As a natural remedy researcher and writer, I believe that chemical-free products are not impossible to produce and the knowledge existed hundreds of years ago. We have to get the knowledge back because

Egg Yolk And Egg White Health Benefits

What will you get with one egg? Do you know that egg is one of the foods that complete with the protein goodness but low in calories? Every 5.5 grams of protein in egg, you will gain 68 calories or lower. Egg special benefit is also choline. Choline is the nutrient that your body needs every day but the body just can’t produce it enough. Choline is a very important nutrient for our nervous system. If your body is lacking with choline, you will be lacking in another important nutrient which