7 Biggest Health Benefits Of Eating Romaine, Spinach and Watercress Salad

You have to know that a vegetable does contain all that you need in terms of nutrients. What if you have more than 1 vegetable in your plate? Of course, you will have the double benefits..! If you're feeling a little under the weather, choosing the meal that didn't agree with you is the last thing you should think of. Salad is your daily intake must have. Why? Here are the 6 biggest health benefits of eating salad.

Health Benefits #1 Build your bones
With a cup of salad from watercress, spinach, or radicchio salad, you can improve your vitamin K intake that helps in building a stronger bone. A
study that conducted by Tufts University in Boston found that watercress, spinach, and radicchio salad are potentially improve your vitamin intake by 100% to 170%. Mothers are encouraged to take up salad as their daily family meal.

Health Benefits #2 Sharpen your eyesight
Vegetables are also the source for Vitamin A and carotenoids such as the lutein and zeaxanthin. It is very good for your eyesight and keeping it healthy. Spinach, red leaf lettuce, and romaine salad are the good choice for you to improve your eyesight while having your delicious salad. It has all carotenoids and vitamin A goodness that protect your eyes from free radicals.

Health Benefits #3 Rev up your muscles
Spinach salad is for building a healthy muscle. Spinach is rich of natural nitrate that potentially improved the performance in mitochondria. So the muscles working properly, build up nicely, and re-energized.

Health Benefits #4 Fight breast cancer
Not only fruits have the anticancer properties. Vegetable such as watercress also have the same anticancer properties to fight cancer in your body. Consuming a cereal bowl of watercress every morning is a good start to avoid cancer and it is proven by a study at the University of Southampton, U.K. By having the salad daily it will leads to breast cancer prevention.

Health Benefits #5 Protect your heart
Heart disease is on the rise. You can protect your heart by eating enough romaine salad because it contains with a lot of folates. A high level of folate in everyday diet will reduce your level of LDL or the bad cholesterol. 2 cups of romaine will provide you with 40% or your daily folate needs.

Health Benefits #6 Reduce risk of diabetes
A person with type 2 diabetes usually diagnosed with a chronic magnesium deficiency as well. To improve your magnesium intake daily by 16%, 2 cups of spinach salad is all you need. You can add with arugula too which improve the magnesium intake by 6%.

Health Benefits #7 Body weight control
Put on weight? If you couldn't do up the jeans, its time to turn over a new leaf especially on your diet. Cutting down the extra carb is wise but you must have a substitute for energy. Salad is a great source to provide energy because it's high in protein. At the same time, it fills you up without causing you any immediate weight gain.

If you're not a vegetable fan, changing your eating lifestyle will be hard going at first. There are plethora of delicious salad recipes out there for you to try. It is too early for you to refuse salad at the best of time.

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