The Health Benefits Of Singing

Health Benefits Of Singing
Singing is also one of your natural remedy for psychological and physically. Here are facts of health benefits of singing. Singing along with your favorite song or your favorite singer is actually good for your health. It's good for your  heart, lung, and gives you everlasting happy mood.

Health Benefits of singing #1: Heart friendly
It is good for your heart. (Hear that all singers? Good news!) To all shawol and readers out there who loves to sing, this is very good news for you because it is proven that singing is able to strengthen your heart.

Health Benefits of singing #2: Stress reducer
According to a research in London by Professor Graham Welch, (sounds familiar, he is a professor in University of London, and in charge of Music Education), for 30 years of medical aspects studies about singing, the conclusion is singing has physical health benefits because the aerobic activity promoting oxygenating activity in the body and increasing oxygen level in the blood stream. Due to that, our major muscle group having enough oxygen and exercise and at the same time, psychologically, singing giving us the positive effect in terms of stress management or reducing stress. No wonder when you are singing, it is like an escape to all of your bad day collection right?

Health Benefits of singing #3: Exercising lung and heart
How to exercise your lung? The lung will stay inside the body, so it can be remove out for exercise. Singing is the best way to exercise your lung and heart because it is related to how regular we using our vocal cord and singing of course. The more we using our vocal cords, our body producing good hormone called endorphins, and that hormone will rush throughout your body when you are singing. At the same time, your heart and lungs directly contributing to your singing activities and exercising at the same time you are singing. What a great health benefit.

Health Benefits of singing #4: Calories free happy
According to a leading vocal coach, Helen Astrid, singing will give you a happy feeling just like after you are eating chocolate or after finishing your favorite meal. But what will you get after eating? Fat and calories (yes, I heard that somewhere). But, if you are a singer or just someone that happen to love singing, you will get the same happy feeling, without need to put anything inside your body, and it definitely no calories included. You will never ever gaining any weight or calories when you are happily singing.

Health Benefits of singing #5: Natural remedies to live longer
Why singing can let you live longer, because according to Harvard and Yale joint study, it showed that singing can increased the life expectancy of people in New Haven, Connecticut. It is also because of the ability to promote a healthy heart and lungs while singing, plus introducing a very good mental health and stress management. It is also increasing immune system because the studies had found the levels of immune system protein among choristers saliva are higher than regular people.

In conclusion, singing is not a bad thing at all, instead, it can help you to improve your health especially for your lung, heart and emotionally. To all singers out there, keep on singing, because we love to sing to your song and even more after knowing this health benefits if singing. To all of the readers, singing is a new healthy hobby you should try today.

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