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How Can A Person Be Deaf?
There are many different causes for hearing loss in a deaf community, but each of it can be successfully treated by using medicine or surgery. A person can be deaf because of a specific cause like listed below.
Three Types of Hearing Loss are:
Conductive hearing loss – this
is a hearing loss due to the problems with the ear canal or ear drum, middle ear and maybe its little bones  which are the incus, malleus, and stapes.
Sensorineural hearing loss or SNHL – this condition is also known as nerve-related hearing loss where the inner ear is affected.
Mixed hearing loss – If the hearing loss that occurred was due to the combination of the conductive and sensorineural type of hearing loss, the patient is having a mixed hearing loss. These damages maybe occurred in the outer or middle ear. It is also can affect the cochlea or auditory nerve.
What Are The Treatment For The Deaf?
Treatments of Conductive Hearing Loss:
All of the conductive hearing loss types can be successfully treated by surgery. The hearing loss condition can be surgically corrected or it can be corrected by using the conventional hearing aid.
Treatment of Sensorineural Hearing Loss:
Caused by acoustic trauma: Medical therapy with corticosteroids to improve healing in the injured inner ear structures
Caused by head trauma or abrupt changes in air pressure: Emergency surgery
Caused by viral origin: Medically treated with corticosteroids
Autoimmune inner ear disease: Long –term corticosteroids and Drug therapy
Fluctuating sensorineural hearing loss from the unknown cause or associated with Meniere’s disease: Treated medically with a low-sodium diet, diuretics, and corticosteroids. Surgery may be needed for eliminating vertigo.
Caused by tumors: Surgery for tumor removal
Caused by disease in the central nervous system: Medical management for the specific disease is needed
Irreversible sensorineural hearing loss: Hearing aids or surgically treated. The cochlear implant is most helpful.
Treatments for Mixed Hearing Loss:
Medically treated or hearing aid.
What Can You Do To Help?
If you are living in a deaf community or you have a family or friend who is deaf, here is what you can do to communicate and live with them as normal as you can together. You can help them and yourself to communicate in so many ways and for now, here is the tip for you.
Help Tip #1. Visibility: you need a good lighting and an appropriate distance for them to read your lips. Make sure you are not having the bright light behind you while talking to them.
Help Tip #2. Lip Reading: Just speak normally and look at the person. Make sure they are looking at you and you need to slow down a little while speaking. If you are chewing gum or food, put it aside for a while.
Help Tip #3. Body Positioning: Do not speak behind a deaf person. You need to stand or sit down face to face and then have a chat.
Help Tip #4. Noise: Avoid noise surroundings. If it can’t be eliminated, just move on to a quieter place. You can sign it, finger-spell it or write it down to say that this place is too loud for both of you.
Help Tip #5. Gesturing & Body Movement: You need to reduce your gesturing and do not move around while talking because it is hard for them to lip read you. Give your eye contact and keep your head up so your mouth is so visible.
Help Tip #6. Repeat: It is not necessary to repeat what you’re saying. A deaf person will get what you’re saying much quicker and if they need or missed something, they will ask you anyway.
Help Tip #7. Timing: There is also a conversation that the deaf one needs time to process. So give them some time to respond and not just assuming that they are not getting what you just saying.
Help Tip #8. Attention: Sometimes, they can be shy to you. So you have to ensure that you have their attention. Make them look at you and aware what you are saying to them. You can tap them on the shoulder and stand in front of them. Eye contact is very important.
Help Tip #9. Sign language: Sign language is also important and easy to learn these days. You can learn it and use it with your family and friends. If your partner is a deaf person, learning a sign language will be so much easier for you because you have your best teacher 24/7 to teach you about anything in sign language.
Help Tip #10. Assumptions: Do not assume anything if you are not sure about it. Ask them if they understood and move on to the next conversation.
Help Tip #11. Understand: If you or they are tired, it will affect your communication. If you can’t communicate effectively because of tiredness or distracted by work or kids, have a little time to settle down before start to converse again.
Help Tip #12. Write it: You can use text, instant messaging, letter, email or social media to connect or contact with the deaf individual. A Phone call is not that helping, so you can write it to them.
Help Tip #13. Be respectful: Yes sometimes they can missed out the conversation, but never say to them for example, never mind, it’s okay- we’re done, it’s not important or any rude or disrespectful statement like that. Be respectful to anyone including the deaf people.

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