Our Natural Remedy: From India

Indian Ayurveda remedies were been used by their ancestor to cure common diseases since ancient ago. People in India are still using their natural remedy recipe for beauty and health. India is one of the homes of spices and source of natural tips for beauty care and health.

Home remedies or the natural remedies are made from natural ingredients. It is harmless and rarely causing side effects to the user. Our modern medication is filled with chemical, using radiation, and other foreign ingredients that actually cure just one thing in the body but introducing more health problems at the same time. Natural remedies are not only equally effective, but they are a lot cheaper and never introducing any bad side effects. Since the people from before lived healthily with this healthy remedy, the natural remedy is gaining their momentum again nowadays.

In India, natural remedy for colds, vomiting, headaches and other common ailments are available. The options to cure diseases are also plenty to choose. The natural ingredients for the remedies are done by making use of herbs, vegetables, herbs and fruit. Some of the easy natural remedies in India are:

To sooth cough: To treat cold, soothing cough and sore throat, a simple remedy can be made by boiling a few of basil leaves, a few of cloves (crushed), ginger (crushed) and black pepper corns until the color of the mixture is turning brown. Drink it whiles it still hot and adds a little honey for a sweet taste.

Digestive problem: Boiling milk with turmeric and figs help in relieving constipation. Flea seed husk can be added to a plain yogurt. This type of yogurt can be consumed for loose stools.

Diarrhea: To ease diarrhea, people in India consume the banana. The banana has to be just right and not too ripe.

Blood Pressure: By adding garlic to the cooking or eating it raw can help in lowering blood pressure.
Cholesterol: People in India eat papaya every day because it can lower the cholesterol level.

Diabetes: To avoid diabetes and lowering sugar levels, people in India using the Amla, a type of Indian Gooseberry, Indian Blackberry and the Bitter gourd. It is effective to lower the sugar level when it consumed every day.
Indian natural remedies are not only for health purposes but also for beauty care as well. The popular beauty remedies are including:

Skin health: Mix the equal proportions of rose water, lemon juice and glycerin to make a homemade skin moisturizer. A simple face mask also been made by mixing the turmeric powder and a few drops of lime juice.

Glowing Skin: By using cucumber juice, tomato juice or the orange peels paste as a face mask, it can help to give the skin a very healthy and beautiful glow.

Removing dandruff: Oily hair and dandruff can be treated by applying lemon juice to the scalp.

Hair health: Coconut oil is the natural hair moisturizer and a deep conditioner for hair. The hair will be stronger and it can improve the hair growth. It can be applied overnight or as needed.

Skin Irritation: Honey has the anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that good for skin health and skin irritation. By applying honey to the skin, it can solve the acne problem; reduce the blemishes, avoiding acne and dry skin.

Skin brightening:  Turmeric is a big helper not only in the kitchen but also for beauty remedy. Turmeric is well known for its anti-inflammatory and it can boost the immunity. On the night before a bride’s wedding in India, she will use the turmeric paste for her face and body. This routine will help the bride to have a nice and brighter skin for her wedding. It is also preventing and clears the skin from any blemishes.

Hair dye: Henna is a natural hair dye. The color will be varying from dark brown to deep red. It is very popular in India to dye their hair not only because it gives color but it is also prevent the hair from dandruff and reduce hair fall.

Wrinkle remover: Yogurt contains lactic acid, vitamins, zinc, protein, and anti-inflammatory properties. It can be used directly to the skin as a face mask. Yogurt is effective to remove dead skin cells to give a soft and smooth skin. It is also remove the fine lines and avoid wrinkles on the face. To add more nutrients and extra goodness, you can add yogurt with turmeric and honey.

Indian Spices And Anticancer Properties
Other than that, the spices that usually founded in India also have the anticancer properties. Indian diet always including spices and the spices also can be used on its own as a natural remedy. Dr. B. NiranjanNaik, a senior consultant surgical oncologist with Dr. ShipraSaklani Mishra from Fortis La Femme, senior clinical nutritionist revealed the necessity of spices in our daily diet. They also informing about the anticancer properties in some of the spices in India. The spices from India that researched and proved to prevent cancer are:

Turmeric/Curcumin: Turmeric is considered as the kind of spices and full of the powerful polyphenol. Polyphenol is clinically proven to retard the cancer cells growth. Curcumin perform “Apoptosis” which is an action that programmed the cancer cell to die without interfere the healthy cells. Very helpful in stopping the spreading of cancer cell that caused prostate cancer, breast cancer, brain tumor and leukemia. 

Oregano: Oregano consist with the anti-microbial compounds that potential to fight against prostate cancer. Only one teaspoon of oregano has the anti-microbial compounds equally from 2 cups of red grapes. Oregano also restricts the growth of malignant cells because of its phyto-chemical properties called Quercetin.  

Cayenne Pepper: Also known as the Chili pepper in India, it has the anti-cancer properties as well. Cayenne pepper acts as the inducer to the process of apoptosis. So the process to kill the potential cancer cells will be quicker and the tumor cell can be reduced or destroyed faster.  

Fennel: Fennel is also one of the sources for phyto-nutrients and antioxidants. These two properties are used to fight cancer cell and remove it from the body. One constituent that majorly found in the fennel is the Anethole. It can restrict any invasion from a cancer cell by suppressing the enzymatic activities so the cancer cell is not able to multiply.

Saffron: Safron has a natural carotenoid dicarboxylic acid. It is also called the Crocetin. This properties is the cancer-fighting properties in the saffron. It can decrease the tumor size until the cancer cell is completely gone. Saffron is quite expensive in certain countries, but the its anticancer properties is very amazing to resist.

Cumin: Cumin is good for digestion and it has the anticancer properties. Thymoquinone is a type of anti-oxidant that curbs the cancer cell growth. It is effective to prevent prostate cancer.

Cinnamon: Cinnamon has a lot of uses in cooking and it is very healthy to consume. It can reduce the tumor growth in human body. By adding cinnamon into your cuisine or drinks, you can enjoy the anticancer properties from it.

Ginger: Ginger is not only promoting a healthy body metabolism but it has the properties to kill cancer cells. You can eat it raw or add it in your cooking. Ginger is also widely used in Asian countries for cooking and home remedies. 

Besides of spices intake, Dr. K Medhi the Senior Consultant of Medical Oncology advised that, it is important for us to keep a healthy diet habit. A healthy diet including:

1.       Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables for their nutrients and health benefits. The best food is the organic food to stay away from harmful pesticides and chemicals.
2.       Replace white rice with another substitute such as noodles and brown rice.
3.       Choose whole-grain bread instead of white bread.
4.       Stay away from junk food, canned food and high trans-fat food because it has no nutrients and it will ruin the organs.
5.       Choose healthy vegetable oil in cooking instead of butter or animal fat.
6.       Choose sea salt or Himalayan salt. Avoid MSG and processed salt.

Lastly, even the spices have the anticancer properties to fight cancer; the cancer patients shouldn’t load their diet with only turmeric and other spices. A proper medical follow up need to be taken so the body condition is always been monitored. It is important to see and record about how the body reacts to the specific spices and natural ingredients if the patient using the alternative treatment for cancer. By the continuous monitoring, the patient can use the natural remedy more effective and understand how the natural remedy works.

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