Harmful Chemical In Your Daily Skincare (Beware!)

Harmful Chemical In Your Daily Skincare (Beware!)
You might have this harmful chemical and toxic ingredient in your daily skincare. Read about it exclusively in Our Natural Remedy.

Do you know about harmful chemical in the daily personal products? For your information, your personal care products are
formulated and manufactured with 10,500 unique ingredients that 100% chemical base. Chemicals, as we know, are potentially toxic and carcinogenic to your body. It can affect your reproductive system, endocrine system, triggering inflammation and allergies. Most of the ingredients in your daily skincare are the harmful chemicals that can trouble your health when you wish it to give you the beauty on the outside.

Let’s count the amount of product that you use in a day. You wake-up, take a shower using soap, wash your face with facial foam, and then you use a shampoo, toothpaste for your teeth, and that is all 4. And then, you are getting ready for the day, wearing your face toner, moisturizer, sunscreen, foundation, compact powder, blusher, lipbalm, liptint, mascara, and last but not least, deodorant, so that is another 10. Do not forget your hair, your will wear hair serum or gel, and then before you go out, your will wear your favorite perfume, so that is another 2.
Overall, your will use at least 16 products after a shower, and how many times you will take your shower in a day? At least 2, right? So 16 times 2 equal with 32. That means you are exposing your body with harmful chemicals and toxic ingredients 32 times a day, 224 times a week, 960 times a month and 11520 in a year. While each product might contain at least 10-20 ingredients and probably half of it are the chemical base.
Each ingredient has their own function and side effects, and the bad side effects are going to be revealed. Please pay attention to the next subtopic.

Harmful Chemical And Toxic Ingredient That You Should Say No
1,4-dioxane- Usually, this ingredient is not listed on the ingredient label in the market. 1,4-dioxane is a contaminant that linked to cancer in human. Check your products that meant to create a foam or bubble such as shampoo and liquid soap.
Benzophenone & Related Compounds- This is also a chemical that carcinogenic or causing cancer. It is widely used in cosmetics for UV light protection properties. Check your lip balm, nail polish, and eye color.
Butylated compounds- It is a toxicant to your organ and can lead to organ-system toxicity and endocrine disruption. Certain countries are banning this ingredient in cosmetic as harmful preservatives. It is also known as butylated hydroxyanisole or BHA.
Carbon Black- Linked to cancer and widely used in mascara and eyeliner. It gives the black color of the product.
Coal Tar- This is also a carcinogenic ingredient. It is used in shampoos This is also a carcinogenic ingredient. It is used in shampoos, soaps, toothpaste, facial cancer and even toothbrush.
Ethanolamine Compounds (MEA, DEA, TEA And Others)- You can easily find this harmful chemical in your shampoo, soap, conditioner, skin care product and face mask. You just have to remember MEA, DEA and TEA. This ingredient is banned in certain countries and it can form the carcinogenic nitrosamines in your body.
Formaldehyde And Formaldehyde Releasing Preservatives- Cancer-causing and it can releases formaldehyde on the skin. Widely found in shampoo, baby soap, and baby liquid soap.
Fragrance- Please read fragrance as the hidden chemicals, because it contains with a lot of unknown chemicals. Fragrance is widely used in cosmetics, skin care, branded perfume, daily cleaning products, ladies pantyliner, and baby cologne. It is potentially causing cancer, allergies, reproductive toxicity, and headache.
Hydroquinone- Very toxic and it used largely in skin whitening product. Discard it immediately because it can cause cancer, reproductive toxicity, and hormone disruptor.
Lead and Other Heavy Metals- Labelled as lead, mercury, or arsenic that easily to be seen in the label for lipstick, eyeliner and nail color. Avoid it if you are pregnant, or planning to be pregnant.
Nail Polish Removers- It is very toxic to your organ and potentially causing organ damages after a long term of uses. The salon workers are using it a lot while working. They are the higher concern group.
Nitrosamines- Nitrosamines are the impurities that relinked to cancer. These impurities are the result from the harmful chemicals which are diethanolamine (DEA) and triethanolamine (TEA). Used widely in cosmetics, skincare, shampoos, baby skin care, branded perfume, deodorant, and toiletries.
Octinoxate- Please avoid this ingredient, because it is an endocrine disruptor that mimics the estrogens hormone. It causes a bad abnormality in the body system. Usually and widely found in hair color products and perfume, shampoos, body sunscreen, lipstick, nail polish, facial cream, and skin cream.
Polyacrylamide- This ingredient can breakdown into a carcinogenic compound called acrylamide. Make sure that this ingredient is not contained in your anti-aging skin care, toiletries, body and face moisturizers.
Parabens- A very common ingredient in cosmetics but harmful. It is a preservative for personal care such as deodorant, branded perfume, baby products, skin care products, toiletries, cosmetics, and sunscreen. Linked to cancer and this harmful chemical can be absorbed by the skin and runs into the blood and body system.
Phthalates- Europian Union banned this ingredient and it is one of the harmful chemicals that used widely in the fragrance making. Products that including fragrance are such as shampoo, perfume, cosmetics, body shower, baby cologne, baby shampoo, perfume, and deodorant should be avoided.
Resorcinol- A toxic ingredient that founded in hair dyes and acne skin treatment.
Triclosan- This is one of the harmful chemicals that interrupt your hormone function and causing antibiotic resistance. Easily found in feminine wash, shampoo, cologne, toothpaste, and baby products.
Toluene- Also known as the harmful inhalant that found in nail polish and hair dyes. Banned in certain countries but surprisingly approved in the United States.

No wonder that cancer is rising nowadays because our body reacted to the chemicals and creating cancer cells in the ovary, breast, or other organs in the body. The exposures that we get every day from these chemicals are increasing our chances to get cancers and other health problems. So please read your label, and if you found any of these ingredients, just discard it immediately. Opt for products with natural ingredients, vegan and chemical free from now on.
You don’t have to learn about chemical engineering, biology or have a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry to know about harmful chemical in your daily product. You should be careful with the chemical since it is originally a poison. It’s added in the daily product to make it last longer, adding some specific scents, and because it is so much cheaper than the natural or organic ingredients.

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