The Hair Loss Myths That You Possibly Believed.

Are you busy keeping your hair nicely long and beautiful with a lot of hair tips and tricks? Maybe some of the natural remedy, tips, and tricks are only the myths to grow your hair again. Here is the truth behind the hair loss myths and you have to know it.
Hair Loss Myths #1: Regular Trims improve Hair Growth?
Definitely not true. Trimming your hair will let you have a healthy looking hair because you removed the split ends. You have to know that your hair will not going to grow any faster or greater if you keep on trimming it. Besides, the hair does not grow from the end of your hair, it is from the tips. Trimming is for maintaining your healthy hair, and never help the growth process so much.

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Hair Loss Myths #2: Shampoo Will Be Eventually Losing Its Effects
The main reason why the girls want to change their shampoo is because if they keep on using the same old shampoo; they feel like the shampoo has no effects anymore. This is a very wrong concept and sadly, a lot of shampoo promoter using this statement to sell their product. It is only a myth. If your shampoo right now is working so great, there is no reason for you to change it. A suitable shampoo for your hair will never cause you hair loss.
Hair Loss Myths #3: Plucking Gray Hairs Will Just Make It Grows More
This is not a tip for you to grow your hair and keep the baldness at bay. Do not irritate your hair follicle by plucking it and then what you will have is a bad habit in hair plucking. You have to keep in mind that plucking your hair excessively will lead to hair loss and even baldness due to your habit and obsession of plucking and then, you created  the unhealthy surroundings on your scalp.
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Hair Loss Myths #4: A lot Of Shampooing Will Let Your Hair Grow Faster
The idea is, shampoo is supplying nutrients to the hair. But if you overdoing it, your hair will not going to grow any faster. The professionals have advised you to shampoo your hair only once a day and you don’t need to repeat it because it brings no good to your hair at all. You only need a small amount of shampoo if your hair is shorter and a little more if your hair is longer. A lot of shampoos contained  chemicals that not ideal to put on your hair in the overdose way because it can cause you hair loss, not hair growth.
Hair Loss Myths #5: Combing Your Hair Top To Bottom
This is the usual way for everyone to comb their hair. Combing is a method to keep your hair nice and tidy, but if you comb it in this way, more hair will be damaged and easier to break. If your hair is still wet, it's easier to tangled if you comb it from top to bottom. Let it dry first, and then comb the bottom of the hair to make sure there is no tangled hair over there. After that, you can comb your hair again in the usual way.
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Hair Loss Myths #6: Hat, Cap, Veil, Hijab and Covering Your Hair Can Cause You Baldness
Wearing a cap can make your hair overheated and fall off. This is so false and not agreed by the scientists. Your hair gets nutrient and oxygen supply from blood circulation. Something like a cap and veil to cover the hair will avoid it from dust, UV rays and other pollution. So using hair covers is a method to protect your hair from the pollutions and it can avoid hair loss. If you are handling a pesticide, painting the wall, or working outdoors, it is very important to wear your hat or hair covers.
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Hair Loss Myths #7: Baldness Has No Cure
Baldness is definitely has the cure. You can prevent your hair from getting bald. There are plenty of foods that can promote hair growth. A lot of natural remedies that you can do it at home to re-grow your hair. You can use the latest technology to cure baldness such as hair transplants and laser therapy. It is so treatable. Happy now?
Hair Loss Myths #8: Old and Balding Is Related
This is the only truth in all myths because as you aged, a lot of factors in hair loss will likely to appear. Your metabolism will get weaker, your nutrients will not enough as always and your blood circulation maybe not as great as you were young. So, by having a healthy lifestyle you might avoid yourself from getting bald in any age. You also need to quit smoking because you are providing toxins to your body and supply it to your hair.
Most of the common myths that people are always relate to hair loss are false. Do not believe any myths so easily before you did a little research for it. Living a healthy lifestyle is a key for everything, so if the hair loss myth is confusing you so please give yourself a little time to do a little research before you believing it. Just live a healthy lifestyle, it is so important to avoid any hazards that can make you unhealthy inside and out.

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