Bad Fast Food aka Junk Food: Not For Your Kids Or Human Consumption

The problem with bad fast food aka junk food is this item likely can ruin any organs in your body and also your kids. Junk food in the definition is the food that has the very little preparation and has no nutritional value or very low in nutritional value. Some nutritionists also define it as the food that has a lot of calories but very poor in nutritional value for the kids or adult to consume. Junk food is not the recommended food of any ages and here’s how it can ruin your kid's body and yours.

1) It can cause type 2 diabetes:
Do you know how expensive it is to cure a kid in a hospital or any private healthcare for diabetes? You have to prepare thousands of dollars for it. If you don’t have the money for this medical expense, you can avoid it by not giving junk food to your kids or yourself. Junk food is one of the major culprits that lead to diabetes. Bad fast food aka junk food is the ultimate unhealthy diet that nobody should take. It affects the insulin sensitivity and then the liver is failing to control the sugar spike every time you’re having the junk food. Diabetes best companion is the obesity. Obesity also causing the insulin resistance and your body is developing diabetes for sure.

2) It causes fat, fatigue and weakness:
This is how the junk food or bad fast food will make you fatter and fatter. It has no nutrients, like protein, vitamin, whatsoever that your body need to maintain a good health. What the junk food never fails is to make you feel fatigue and weak. After you eat it, yes you are feeling satisfied, but never energized your body. After a while, you will feel weak and tired, and then the last thing you know you are grabbing another food because you want to have more energy for the day. Junk foods fail to provide you the instant energy but make you to craving more food. You will not have enough energy and you are tired all day because you are not choosing the proper meal.

3) It can trigger digestive problems:
All junk food lovers are suffering from digestive problems. The one who is addicted to this fatty junk food especially the deep friend one will always have the problem like irritable bowel syndrome or IBS. Other than that, they might suffer from another digestive problem like gastroesophageal reflux disease or GERD.  Junk food has no fiber properties or nutrients to promote a good gut health or digestive health. If you give junk food to your kids, they will not have enough fiber for a healthy digestion. In such a young age, they are potential to have problems like constipation and hemorrhoids. Are you willing to let your kids suffer from this terrible pain? Do not let them have junk food no matter what if you care.

4) Causes depression among teenagers:
Your kids will never be a kid forever. One day they will be a teenager. If you keep feeding them with the junk food, do not be surprised if your teenager is susceptible to mood swings and facing a lot of behavioral changes. It is very important to give kids a very healthy diet until they grow up. There are essential nutrients in food that can trigger a lot of hormones that very useful for the kids and the teenagers’ mental health. Lack of healthy hormones because their body has no essential nutrients from the healthy food will cause them to suffer from depression by 58%. If you want to imagine how healthy and well behave your kids when they grow up, please check their meal first.
5)It affects the brain function:
How a zero nutritional value food like junk food can provide the good nutrients for the brain?  The recent research about junk food is, there is a compound name trans fat which is the bad fat if human consumed it. What this bad fat does is it tends to replace the healthy fat in the brain and then interfere with the brain’s signaling mechanism. In kids, junk food will make them not able to learn a new skill just like other normal kids. How sad is that if you want your kids to study well in the school but they are not able to study well or keep up with the other kids?
6) It causes fluctuations in blood sugar levels:
The fluctuating in blood sugar levels will increase the craving. Your kids will be hungry and not stop eating if you feed them with bad fast food. Junk food has no carbohydrates or protein that enough for the body. This is how the blood sugar level drops suddenly after your kids are done eating.
7) It increases the risk of heart disease:
It is not a big surprise if a kid has a heart attack. Junk food is one of the factors for this health problem. The trans fat in the junk food will increase the LDL which is the bad cholesterol. Junk food will damage the lining of the blood vessels and cause a chronic inflammation. When this is happening, the bad cholesterol is able to stick to the arteries wall and blocking the blood flow. When the blocking is bad enough, that is when the sudden heart attacks happen. If your kid is obese, the higher chance for him to get a heart disease.

8) It can damage your liver:
It is reported that someone who eating junk food without exercising will show changes in their liver enzyme in just four weeks. The high level of trans fat in the junk food and in the body can cause a liver dysfunction. This is why you should avoid bad fast food in your daily meal.
9) It can cause kidney disease:
You are causing the kidney to overwork because it has to filter all the toxins from the blood. The junk food especially the fries and chips are containing a high amount of salt, bad fats, and sodium from the salts. High level of sodium-potassium in the body will cause hypertension. Do not feed the kids with chips or fries to avoid them with kidney diseases. It will be easily malfunctioning because it has to filter all of the unwanted deposit because of that junk food.

10) It increases your risk of cancer:
Junk food can cause cancer that related to the digestive system. Fast food and junk food are high in sugar, salt, and fat. This is so not healthy for the digestive system and it will promote the development of colorectal cancer. Too much of unhealthy food will cause the bad changes in the digestive system. One of the outcomes is cancer.
Please educate your kids and introduce them to the real fast food which is the vegetable and fruits..! Thanks to the public awareness and the contribution from the media for their effort in educating the kids to avoid junk food and more into the healthy meal. Personally, I love to let my kids watch nickelodeon’s Captain Carlos Super Snacker because the program is teaching my kids how to choose a healthy food over junk food. Junior Masterchef is also a good program for kids to watch. The kids are having so much fun cooking a healthy and delicious meal in the kitchen so it can grab the kids’ attention in healthy cooking. You can learn about healthy cooking in various websites like Nutrizonia. Say no more to junk food and make a change.

Try to make an effort to introduce healthy food by increasing the plating skills, use the varieties of colors in fruits and vegetable and tell them about the goodness of healthy food every day. That is the good fast food. The perfect fast food for kids are fruits and vegetables. Kids will listen to their parents and you will never fail to make them having the healthy meal once you grabbed their attention and interest to it. Avoid bad fast food, let's make our children live a healthy life again.

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