Painting and Drawing: The Health Benefits

If you a person who love drawing and painting so much, you are doing such a healthy hobby without knowing it. Drawing and painting is an activity that you can do anywhere, anytime, and with just a few drawing tools. What you have to know is, this activity has the amazing health benefits, check this out:

Drawing and Painting health benefits # 1. IMPROVED YOUR CREATIVITY
How can it be possible? You are using your entire imagination when you are drawing and painting. Using your imagination to portray any objects, emotions and structure of a painting is one kind of ability for brain’s and creativity improvement. As we know, the right side of our brain is for artistic behavior and the left one is analytical behavior, but by practicing drawing and painting, you are improving your both side functions of the brains. No wonder this is a high recommended hobby for children and the adults because it makes you improving your creativity and brain continuously.

Drawing and Painting health benefits # 2. IMPROVED YOUR MEMORY
This is also one big health benefit and it is believed it can prevent you from memory loss and Alzheimer’s disease. Drawing and painting are so enjoyable and at the same time, it can enable someone to engage in that activity to boost their memory and recalling ability. At the same time as they are drawing, they sharpen their recalling ability and mind through their imagination while drawing. This is like an exercise for yourself so you will not be a forgetful person. The more you love to draw and paint, the lower risk for you to become forgetful.

Drawing and Painting health benefits # 3. YOU CAN IMPROVE YOUR COMMUNICATION SKILLS
You can also improve your communication skills if you love drawing and painting. How? As a painter or an artist, you are able to express your feeling and opinion into your artwork. Art is a medium that showing various feelings and emotion without any limitations and it can describe something that word can’t. People can feel you in your artwork. Your artwork can tell everyone weather is you’re angry, shy, fear or happy. You can try it to believe it.

Drawing and Painting health benefits # 4. IMPROVED YOUR PROBLEM-SOLVING SKILLS
You are a person that can solve any problem easily if you love to draw and paint. It is because this art work is enabling you to realize that there is a solution for every problem in this world. From a blank sketch pad, you are inventing a colorful painting which is a type of method to develop your skills to think outside of a box. Painting and drawing can make you think creatively about how to solve a problem and how to address it because of your ability to think outside the box and using your imagination.

Drawing and Painting health benefits # 5. IT IS A STRESS RELIEF
If you are having such a stressful day and you need a little getaway, no need to go out of your house or bedroom, just grab a blank canvas or drawing pad and then some paint. Start drawing and painting, because it is one of the stress relief activities that is easy, cheap and effective. You can also do it near the beach, at the top of a hill and at the balcony of your house if you want to paint something with a specific view. The amount of time that you spend for your painting can give you calmness and a quality moment to let the stress out of your body. Perhaps this is an activity that also a big candidate to beat the spa and massage treatment in order to stress relief.

Drawing and Painting health benefits # 6. PRODUCING MORE POSITIVE EMOTIONS
You can be a positive person by tossing all negative emotions through your painting. You are adding a positive point of view when you are replacing the negativity as you are coloring and as drawing would be exemplified. You are also feeling so good about yourself and what you are capable of, which mean, drawing and painting is also improving your self-confidence. You will be optimistic with your life and feeling so much happier when you are discarding the negativity in you.

Drawing and Painting health benefits # 7. NO MORE HIDDEN FEELINGS
It is hard for you to move on if you keep a secret or have hidden feelings. There is a part of our brain that couldn’t perform properly when the unconscious part is not expressed. It is like to exercise your brain to keep on functioning well using the right method and drawing is one of it, instead of yoga, listening to music and meditation. You can gain your strength, express your feelings and no more hiding it, and you will feel much better with yourself. If you are in such trauma and you can’t exactly talk, you can draw it and show your family and friend about your feeling and what you are thinking. This is also a way to connect with everyone when you can’t find the right word to say. Even the doctors that treat the traumatic or the in shock patient to do some painting. The doctors will encourage the patient to express their feeling through their painting, and encourage them to release their feelings instead hiding it.

So, it is not a bad thing when you want to start to drawing and paint. Drawing and painting is a very healthy hobby, especially to your brain and emotional stress relief. No matter what age you are, drawing and painting is not a hard thing for you to do, but it will improve your health to be much happier and positive person.

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