Psoriasis And Its Easy Natural Remedy

What is Psoriasis?
For the one who does not know about Psoriasis, to pronounce it is like this, say "suh-RY-uh-sus". So, before we read about natural remedies for psoriasis, here is an introduction. This is a disease that long-term or chronic type of skin problem. The symptoms are like the most unwanted skin condition ever just like in the picture. It is uneven, silvery or red patches of the skin, it is thick and the skin cells just growing out of control. In the next few days, the skin will be flaky and you can just tear it apart.
Children and teenagers can get this skin condition too. Usually, it can appear on the elbows, hands, knee, feet, even on the scalp and lower back.
What causes Psoriasis?
It is understandable that having psoriasis can be a little embarrassing, and you can’t use your usual outfit, or you just can’t go swimming or anything that will show your patches. All you have in mind is how to treat this disease and wish it never come back.
Fortunately, there are natural remedies for psoriasis and speed up the treatment. It is also can help to keep the disease under control. The experts highly believed that psoriasis is caused by abnormalities in the body immune system. When the immune system in the body overreacts, it can cause inflammation and also skin flakes. There is also believed that psoriasis runs or passed down in the families.
For the one who has psoriasis, the condition can get even worse when they are exposed to cold and dry climate, skin infections, emotional stress, lack of skin moisture and under medication.

How to control Psoriasis?
To control psoriasis, you can use natural remedies for psoriasis but make sure you let your doctor know and you have appointments to review your healing progress. It is always important to get your doctor’s advice for any treatment. At the same time, you can use natural remedies on your own to prevent any symptoms and to control psoriasis. Here are some rules that you need to follow.
Use moisturizing lotions- Psoriasis will be worse if the skin is getting dry. You have to make sure that your skin especially the affected area to always be soft and moist. You can use moisturizing creams and lotions. Usually, petroleum jelly is one of the thick moisturizers that been used to moisture the skin. You can use other types of natural remedies for psoriasis that is also offering a good level of moisture and effectively trapping the moisture under the skin for hours. It is also can remove the scales if you apply the cream or oil on top of the scales and then cover the area with a waterproof wrapper. Leave it for one or two hours before removing it.
Take care of your skin and scalp. - Do not make your skin even damage by picking the patches and causing any bleeding to your skin. The symptoms will flare even more and you might take time even longer to heal. You need to take a regular bath, to keep your skin always cool and moisture, so the flaky and scaly condition will never bother you. Use the right remedy if you want to treat your scalp, and if you want to cut your nails, please be cautious because if you get hurt the symptoms will flare.
No dry and cold – Do your best to avoid this kind of weather, because the dry and cold weather can influence your psoriasis condition. You need to maintain the moisture in your body, so during this type of weather, taking 3-4 bath time a day is one of the ways to maintain and secure your body from any dryness.
Humidifier – You can use a humidifier to help your skin to stay moist. When the weather is causing dryness to your surroundings, just turn your humidifier on.  
Medications – Please meet your doctor and ask if your current medication can affect your psoriasis or making it coming back. Usually, if there is a medication that causing flare, that is what you need to avoid, this is the time to seek your doctor advice and opinion. The common drugs that cause flare or making psoriasis worse are Lithium, Propranolol, Quinidine or Cardioquin. Please check your product's label if you have any. Ask for a substitute from your doctor to make sure you are not exposed to anything that can cause flare-ups.
Avoid bumps and cuts – You need to avoid any cuts, or something like scrapes, bumps, and even infections because any trauma to the skin can cause flare too. Infections can cause a worse problem. Be extra careful when you are shaving, and use anything sharp. This is also not the ideal time to get a tattoo, insect bites, and acupuncture.
Avoid extra sunlight – 10 minutes from sun exposes is okay but more than that will harm your skin. You need the sun but not for a long hour of exposes. Make it moderate just to slow down the growth of your skin cells. Take your time like 20 minutes under the sun at a time, and make sure you use your sunscreen too. Sunburn can trigger the psoriasis condition and raises your chance to get skin cancer. You are also needed to seek your doctor to ask if your current medication making you getting more sensitive to sunlight.  
Do not stressing yourself- Even this factor is not yet been proven by any official researcher, but people do link with the stress that causes the flare-ups. So you have to get a good stress management such as singing, yoga or reading. You need to try to relieve your anxiety and stress to curb the trigger for psoriasis
Alcohol-free – This is also not a good time to get wasted because alcohol can worsen the symptoms, to the men especially. The mixed between alcohol and certain psoriasis treatment is the culprit for this. So think before you drink.
Maintain a healthy weight – Another point that still understudies, but you are recommended to maintain a healthy and ideal body weight in the first place. A well-balanced diet is always helping you to improve your health level. Psoriasis patient also advised to not taking any gluten food and dairy food to lower the chance of psoriasis trigger.
Natural remedies for Psoriasis
This is what you have to know to control your psoriasis without using a single chemical. Chemical is always giving you a side effect while doing its real purpose, so this is why chemical is always bad for your body. Using these natural remedies for psoriasis can help you big time and no bad side effects guaranteed. Once you are opting to use natural remedies like these, please consult your doctor to record your health improvement and also your doctor opinion about the dosage and frequency. Here are the natural remedies for psoriasis:

Fish Oil
This is a very good supplement to control your psoriasis because the fatty fishes are rich in omega-3 fatty acids that helping to reduce the inflammation, which is the hallmark of your psoriasis. Fish oil is among the supplements that easy to get in the market or even online nowadays. Not only good for your psoriasis control, it is also promoting a good health for your heart and improve your immune system. So, psoriasis is one autoimmune disease, and fish oil can improve your immune system, this means, fish oil can prevent you from psoriasis in the future and control it. If you are using fish oil, please refer to your doctor to make sure that your blood did not become thin. You will need to do a simple test to make sure you are okay to continue fish oil supplement.

Massage the stress away
Stress can trigger anything bad or negative to your health condition and so with psoriasis, and the best way to keep your body stress free is by getting a relaxing spa treatment. Enjoy your massage and spa so you can relieve any chronic pain including psoriasis. You can use avocado oil or any massage oil that can work together to treat the condition of your skin. Inform your partner and spa manager that you have a skin condition so they can suggest the best massage oil for you.

Yoga exercise
It is good to learn yoga because it can relieve your stress and improve your body strength at all times. It is proven that yoga can reduce the stress, and when you can reduce your stress, you are about to relieve the pain and itchiness that comes from psoriasis. You can do yoga for 20 minutes every day with your friends or yoga instructor.
Eating Gluten-Free Diet
Why a psoriasis patient cannot take gluten in their diet? A lot of studies had been conducted and suggested that if someone has a celiac disease, they have a chance for having psoriasis because gluten to them can cause inflammation, and psoriasis is a clear inflammatory disease. So avoiding gluten food is wise because you are avoiding the trigger of psoriasis. Preventing is better than cure, so make sure you choose what you eat.

Turmeric is a natural remedy for a lot of diseases, and it is also one of natural psoriasis treatment nowadays. As you know, turmeric is also part of the ginger family, and turmeric has their anti-inflammatory properties, which is so beneficial in preventing psoriasis. There is still no scientific studies for this and to back up this statement, but a lot of psoriasis patient have found relieve when using turmeric treatment.
This natural remedy for psoriasis is a very easy method to remember and very easy to keep it going. You have to drink enough water to keep your body hydrated and avoid you from dryness especially on your skin. Drinking plain water only about 2-3litre per day to make sure that your body always has enough water supply. In fact, our body is about 90% of water, so we have to make sure we have enough water in our body to keep us healthy.
Dead Sea Salts
This natural remedy is introduced by psoriasis patient that using Dead Sea salt for healing benefits. You need to add just a quarter cup of the salts into your warm bath water or bathtub, and soak about 15 minutes. Having a Dead Sea salt bath is to treat the burn and itchy feeling from psoriasis. You can purchase Dead Sea salt via online or at the available store near you.
Tea Tree Oil
This is also a versatile type of natural remedy because it’s been used for centuries all over the world for it healing properties. It can treat skin condition from psoriasis and also infections. If you apply it directly to your affected skin, it can remove the dead cells or dry skin and leave a new healthy skin. If you want to use Tea Tree oil as your natural remedies for psoriasis, make sure that you seek your doctor advice and opinion to make sure this oil didn’t cause you allergies at first.

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