Weight Loss: How Lemon Water Can Really Help You Lose Weight?

This is the natural remedy for weight loss for the one who is not into exercising. If you want to speed up your metabolism to burn those calories faster, this is one of your options. Everyone believes in hot lemon water or lemon juice aids in weight loss. How can lemon water actually help you in weight loss? Is there any rule or do’s and don’ts while having this antioxidant water for your weight loss routine?

Lemon water whether it is hot or cold does help you in weight loss if you use it as the replacement for high calories beverage that you use to take. According to Alissa Rumsey from Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, if you are preferring lemon water than fruit juice or sweet chocolate shake, it is a healthier choice and you can speed up your weight loss outcome.

You are cutting the calories and by drinking water that infused with lemon, you are keeping your metabolism running. Lemon water is just like a green tea and the plain water that will hydrate your body and boost your metabolism. A high metabolism is a good level to burn out the fat and calories. Lemon water also the perfect choice for the one who doesn’t like tasting plain water all the time and opting for something with flavor.
The best fact about lemon water is, in a short term it can reduce bloating – says Rumsey. In a long-term, you still have to cut the bad habits that cause weight gain like eating to quick, drinking sugary or carbonated drinks and eating high calories food every day.
Lemon water is not for the one who has heartburn or acid reflux because lemon is a citrus that potentially exacerbates the heartburn and acid reflux symptoms. It is a healthy choice of drink for your weight loss program, but make sure you are not having these two conditions. Now you know how lemon water can really help you to lose weight. What a great natural remedy.

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