Our Natural Remedy: From Malaysia

Malaysia is a Southeast Asian country that also has its own ancient natural remedy for health and beauty purposes. Most of Malaysian people especially the villagers are still holding strong with their natural remedy and health tips from their grandmothers. The natural remedies information was passed from generation to generation. The recipes to make the remedies are still the same like the traditional one.

The benefits for using natural remedies for the Malaysian are:
  1. -          Cutting the expensive medical treatment cost for several diseases
  2. -          Maintaining mothers health naturally and safe to use while nursing
  3. -          Simple health condition can be treated easily using natural remedies
  4. -          Most of the villagers growing their own herbs and plants for family usage
  5. -          Avoiding the side effect that carried by the modern treatments

Curious to know what are the natural remedies in this country? Here is the list of our natural remedy from Malaysia.

1. Weight Loss: Key Lime water
1 or 2 key limes expressed or squeezed into one glass of cold water. Drink it every lunch and dinner. In a month the amount of weight loss is about 4-6pounds. Key lime is very easy to plant and every house in ancient Malaya has this tree.

2. Skin Rash: Tapioca Flour
This remedy is for baby’s skin. To avoid their skin from rashes, the mothers from ancient Malaya sprinkle some tapioca flour to their baby’s skin. The target area are the neck, butt and chest of the baby.

3. Chest Pain: Ginger+Honey+Egg yolk
Get the juice from a few cloves of garlic, the egg yolk from ayam kampong (Gallus gallus domesticus) and one tablespoon of honey. Mix it up and take it every morning before breakfast to soothe chest pain.

4. Spider Veins: Special Leg Care

The mothers usually have this problem after giving birth. The remedy is to sleep with the leg a little higher than the head level. Every morning, take a foot bath using warm water and immerse the foot for 15-20 minutes. There is a traditional massage too using specific hot oil for this.

5. Face Wrinkle: Carrot+Cornflour+Egg

This is a beauty tips from ancient Malaya and very effective for removing face wrinkle and fine lines. To avoid or to remove the face wrinkle, take some grated carrot, add it into one spoon of corn flour and one egg. Mix it up into a runny paste and use it as a face mask. Leave it on the face for 20 minutes. Wash it thoroughly. In a week, the skin will be smoother and younger without wrinkles.  

6. Facial Freshener: Tea Leaves
To make the face look fresh and glowing, this is the Malaysian remedy for it. Wash the face with tea leave water. Let the tea leave water for 10 minutes on the skin and then rinse it with water. Do it twice a week for a glowing and fresher looking skin.

7. Bad breath: Betel Leaf Gargle
Take 7 piece of betel leaves. Slice it finely and soak it in a bowl of warm water. Add some sea salt. This is the betel leaf gargle to avoid bad breath. Gargle with this solution every morning.

8. Cracked heals: Papaya
A young papaya is needed for this remedy. Slice the end part of the fruit to get the rubber. Rub the rubber from the young papaya at the cracked heals. In a few days, the condition of the cracked heals will be better.

9. High Blood Pressure: Chive

Chive is the natural remedy in ancient Malaya to treat high blood pressure. Clean a handful of chives and then grind it with a pinch of sea salt. Squeeze it to get the juice. Drink it every morning before breakfast. The juice has to be chilled overnight.

10. Stomachache: Guava leaf

Ancient Malaya used guava leaf to treat stomachache. The conditions like diarrhea, wind problem and stomach discomfort can be treated with this natural remedy. A few of guava leaf grinded with some sea salt. Add some water and then drink. Or, the young guava leaf can be chewed. A few minutes later, the stomachache will be gone.

11. Body heat because of Durian: Durian Compartment

Durian is Malaysian favorite fruit. Eating a lot of durian will cause body heat, head ache or smelly burp. Ancient Malaya has a remedy to avoid all this. The durian compartment is the natural remedy itself. Pour plain drinking water into the durian compartment, and leave it for 5 minutes. The water can be drink as the natural remedy to avoid body heat, headache and smelly burp from the durian.

12. Scar: White egg 

 To remove any scar, the ancient Malaya used the white egg of ayam kampong (Gallus gallus Domestiva). Apply the white egg to the scar every night. Apply it every night and in a few weeks, the scar condition will be improved and gradually smoothen, less visible and then completely gone.

13. Hair Conditioner: Charcoal and Coconut Oil

Ancient Malaya combined charcoal powder from rubber tree and coconut oil to make a hair conditioner. It can be used daily and rinse after application. The hair will be shinier and it is also avoiding grey hair.

14. Lips bleed: Sugar

If your lips is bleeding because of you accidentally fell or etc, there is an easy natural remedy to make it stop bleeding quickly. Get a pinch of sugar and spread it on the wounded area. You will notice how quick the bleed stops.

15. Head Lice: Mineral Oil
Ancient Malaya using mineral oil to combat head lice problem. Apply a little mineral oil to the scalp and then cover the hair with a damp towel. Let it sit for 2 – 3 hours. After that, you will see the head lice all stuck to the towel and the head is lice-free.

16. Itchiness: Sago Flour+Water+Vinegar
Take one tablespoon of sago flour and add a little of water. Add four drops of vinegar and then let it mixed well. Use the lotion and apply it to the itchy skin. In a few days, the itchiness and the rashes will completely gone.

17. Insect Venom: Turmeric+Lime Stone Paste
If you want to get rid of the itchiness or painful effects from the insect’s venom and certain caterpillar, you can use this remedy. Grate about 2 tablespoon of turmeric. And then, put the turmeric into a pot of water with a half of teaspoon lime stone paste. Heat the mixture on a stove and then let it cool before use. Apply the mixture to the affected area. Within 5 minutes, the pain will be gone.

18. Abcess: Garlic

If there is a family member or kids that have abscess, garlic can be the natural remedy for it. You can crush garlic and then rub it to the abscess. For an abscess that already swollen or infected, this method took days to cure it. For an abscess that early detected, this method will prevent the abscess from getting bigger. Garlic will shrink the abscess and eventually it will be removed without any visible scar.

19. Catfish Venom: Coffee
The fishermen in Malaysia are using coffee to soothe the pain from the catfish venom. About 2 – 3 tablespoon coffee powder need to be added to half cup of half boiled water. The steam from the coffee will help the pain and swollen to be reduced and heal faster.

20. Headache: Garlic
Another health benefits from garlic. If someone has a headache, this is the easy remedy. Get a clove of garlic and slice it. Put one garlic slice at the both side of the temple and leave it for 30 minutes or longer. The headache will be decreased and you can repeat this process.

21. Hair Freshener: Key Lime
A few key lime need to be sliced and then apply it to the hair. Leave it for a few minutes before rinse. It is not only leaving the hair very fragrant, but it will remove dizziness and giving a cooling effect to the head.

22. Oily Face: Rice Water
After washing the rice, do not just simply throw away the water. It can treat the oily face. Wash the face with rice water every day. In the few weeks, the skin condition will be appearing better and radiant.

23. Post-natal care: Garlic+Vinegar
To get the pre-baby waist and stomach, this is a very effective remedy. Grate 2 cloves of garlic and then add with 2 tablespoon of vinegar. Apply this mixture to the belly and around the waist. After that, use a girdle or waist wrapper to wrap the area. Do it every day and changed into a clean girdle every time. Try this method for a month for a better result.

What is your favorite natural remedy? Share with us and spread natural remedy knowledge to the world.

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