How To Lose Weight Effectively?

If we talking about weight loss, it is not about eating and exercising only if you want to lose it fast. You have to alter your lifestyle into a healthy lifestyle that promotes weight loss for your body. How to lose weight effectively, guys? Here are the top 10 weight loss rules for you.

1. Set Your Goal
Everything that you want to achieve in life you have to set your goal for it. Each mission that has a target or goal is the one that you will likely achieve one day. Now you want to lose weight. Set your goal, for example, to lose 10 pounds before your birthday this year. By doing this, it will motivate you to comply with your weight loss plan. How to lose weight if you don't know how much to lose and when you want it to be done?

2. Eat Small Meals
Do you want to eat 3 large meals per day or eat 5 small meals every day? Both of it is the correct method to do for weight loss. Eating the 5-6 small meals is highly suggested because it suppressed hunger and avoid you from getting the gastric problem.

3. Cut Junk Food
Junk food is not your best friend during weight loss. Junk food has no nutrition and it is high in sodium and other artificial flavors. Junk food will not fill you up but it will stimulate you to feel hungry again. In the end, junk food is making you eat non-stop. So this is not the time for you to eat the junk food. Completely remove it from your fridge and food storage now.

4. Cut Sugary Drinks
This is also another thing that you don’t need around especially if you want to lose weight. Canned drinks especially are the drink that contains a lot of sugar. It is estimated to have about 13-15 spoons per can. Fruit juice in a can? It contains much higher sugar than a regular soda. Extra sugar in your body will be converted into energy. But if you don’t use the energy on the same day, it will be converted into fat and stored in your body permanently until you burn it up. Drinking sugary water is like refilling fat into your body during weight loss. So do not think about it.

5. Exercise 30 minute Per Day
At least 30 minutes a day? It is not a big deal. Buying all expensive equipment is not how to lose weight effectively. Have a morning exercise for 30 minutes before work or after work is a good idea. Or, you can replace the exercise by staying active like walking to your workplace, taking the stairs, do your house chores, and cycling to your grocery store.

6. Drink A lot Of Water
You will need a lot of water if you want to lose some weight. Water will let your body to stay active and keep your metabolism running to burn those fats and calories. It will replace the water that you lose during exercise due to sweating. At least you have to drink about 8 glasses of water every day. You may drink more if you are a sports person or doing a labor job.

7. Chew The Food Well
Your body needs 20 minutes to identify that your stomach is full. If you eat fastly, you're might end up overeating. Please do not rush during your meal. How about enjoy the taste of the food and chew it well? The benefit of chewing the food is you are making the food to be digested easier. So your body can absorb the nutrients effectively and it avoids overeating and also constipation. 

8. Sleep Well
Your body needs to have enough rest so it can recharge the energy that you need to use for the next day. Please have about 7-8 hours of sleep every day to let your body to rest. If you don’t have enough energy for the next day, it will influence you to overeat because you want energy to work. Overeat is not what you need for your weight loss plan. So please have a good night sleep.

9. Watch Your Weight
Keep your weighing scale close and watch your weight every day. You may record your weight each week too so you will see how much you improve every week. It will motivate you if you see how your efforts pay off. You know that you are on the right track when you keep seeing the smaller digits each week.

10. Aim to lose 1-2 pounds weekly
Weight loss is not an overnight job. You have to do it step by step. Just aim to lose about 1-2pounds every week for a start. And when your body gets the momentum, you can increase it to 2-4 pounds a week. If your target is just 10 pounds to lose, expect about 5-6 weeks to achieve that goal.

There you go the weight loss rule for your weight loss plan. One more about how to lose weight is, the most important rule, never give up on yourself. Losing some weight is not that easy especially if you are an obese person. But nothing is impossible if you keep on challenging yourself and believe that you will let yourself free from that unhealthy extra-big body. We are naturally big and healthy as an adult. Stay healthy that way and maintain the ideal body weight of you.

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