Stretches For Lower Back Pain Or Start To Use A Standing Desk Now?

Do You Know What A Standing Office Desks Is?
A Standing desk is a great innovation for office workers or sedentary workers. This type of desk can be used in the office or at home. The main objective of this furniture invention is to avoid negative health effects among sedentary workers especially the lower back pain. They are facing prolonged periods of sitting during office hours but still failed to do stretches for lower back pain prevention.. This means they are at a risk of many health risks that related to sitting disease. 
Standing Desk Encourage Body Movements.
It is a very good idea of standing up while working because we want our body to keep on moving. At the same time, we are avoiding the negatives effects that caused by sitting disease. The longer you stand up, it will burn more calories and increase your productivity at work. As a bonus, being healthy at work is the most important thing for everyone.
Who Should Use Standing Desk?
Standing while working is a great way to avoid the negative effects of sitting for prolonged periods of time (the sitting disease). Standing desk benefits include: burning more calories; promoting creativity and productivity; and increasing mental clarity and focus. Stand up desk ideas can range from simple do-it-yourself projects to finely designed and functional office furniture.
Personal Or Group-use Standing Desk
If you want to choose for a standing desk, you need to identify what kind of standing desk that suitable for you. Is it for personal use or group-use? Do you want it in your favorite color or something that more modern look? A personal standing desk is available in DIY stock that you can set up at home by yourself. Group-use standing desk is a must if you want to have a group of people using it. It will keep the employees to stay alert and focus on their work.

Standing Desk Pros and Cons.

The Pros:
1. You are able to move while working. It is important to keep your metabolism going and you can use all of your energy at the same time.
2. It will increase your focus at work. You are able to avoid from getting sleepy during a meeting or working.
3. You will feel healthier at work even you are forgot to do the stretches for lower back pain relieve.
4. You will reduce the risk of obesity.
5. Avoid muscle fatigue and joint pain.
6. An anti-fatigue office standing mat can be placed easily beneath your standing desk.
7. A Standing desk is suitable for a tall or short person.
8. Avoid joints and muscles from overuse. (source)
9. Saving the space in your working area.
The Con’s
1. You need the ready-made Standing desk if you don’t know how to assemble the DIY Standing desk.
2. It might cost you a little bit from the regular office desk.
3. It will take a while before you can get used to it. (Working while standing up)
4. You need to wait for your standing desk if you ordered it via online.

Type Of Standing Desk
There are 4 types of Standing desks available in the market.
1. DIY Standing Desk
2. Standing Desk Conversion Kits
3. Manual Standing Desks
4. Electric standing Desks
Are you ready to use a standing desk today? You can select your suitable standing desk and enjoy your healthy body at work.
DIY Standing desk can be constructed by yourself at home using an affordable material such as boxes, wood blocks, racks, and other suitable household items (check out the products here).. This is a trial standing desk usually before you go buy a real one. Sometimes, the customers would like to see the height and the width that suitable for their working environment before buying. Standing desk for the tall person also needs to be different from others.
Standing Desk Conversion Kits: This is the easiest standing desk to set up. Just put up your office table in a standing position and you are set. It is a little shaky and can’t hold up anything more than 35lbs. So you need to be gentle on this desk. Overall, it is still the fastest and the easiest standing desk that you can have.
Manual Standing Desks: This is the desk that you can purchase at any furniture store or via online. Standing desk for a tall person is manual standing desks and electrical standing desks. This desk is one of the customer’s favorites because it can be adjusted to any position. You can have it for standing or sitting work. A standing desk that designed by the manufacturer also meets your need for a wider desktop, desirable height, and preferred color. Plus, it is less expensive than the electric standing desks.
Electric standing desks offering all that manual standing desks can do for you. The thing is, this type of standing desk is expensive. It is computerized to control the height and working capacity. The biggest advantage of this desk is you can create a custom treadmill desk. You are not just standing but you can do your exercise while working. If you want to check out the price, this is the best 4 picks under USD1000 for you.

Standing Office Desk Is Important For Health
What is the significant anyway? Lots of research have been made to prove how this item can improve your health. It does helps to reduce your risk of having obesity and lower back pain. Other health issues that can be solved by using this alternative office furniture are heart disease, high blood sugar, low metabolism, and improves mood states. Not all office are providing the instruction of stretches for lower back pain, so, this is a very good alternative for the sedentary workers.

Sedentary Worker Will Be Healthier
            Now is the time for you to stand up for your better health. Sedentary worker especially having difficulties to stay active in the office. Standing office desk is here to the rescue. This is how you can start integrating movement into your workplace. It is important to move at least every two hours for sedentary workers to avoid any ergonomic problem. You can avoid the harmful impact of lower back pain, to reduce stress while working for long hours in the office, and discover the most ergonomic way to enjoy standing up at work. The best part is you also can burn a lot of calories at work.

Sedentary Lifestyle Around You
You are living in a sedentary lifestyle if you are a person who does not practicing a regular amounts of physical activity in your daily life. Someone who work in the office as a clerk for 10 hours straight is a sedentary worker. A person who never do outdoor sports, live in the house with lots of housemaids to do house chores, and never have a chance to do regular exercise is living in a sedentary lifestyle. Do you know that you should walk 10K steps daily to reduce any health risk that occur due to physical inactivity? According to World Health organization (WHO) almost 85% of the population in the world are facing health risk from physical inactive. A lot of people nowadays are does not engage adequate movement in their daily life. Lack of physical activity is the fourth leading risk factor of mortality rate globally. 

Sedentary Jobs
People are working in sedentary jobs because we are living in a modern world with advance technology than 50 years ago. Everything that we have around us are computerized including car, home appliances, and school equipment. This is the main contributing factor why sedentary jobs are rising from year to year. The technology forces majority of people to work longer in the office especially in front of the computer. It is reported that Americans now work more than 45 hours per week. Is it sounds healthy to you?

The Health Benefits Of Using Standing Desk

Reduce The Risk Of Obesity
The main health benefit is to reduce the risk of obesity among sedentary worker. People who do the sedentary job is easy to gain weight due to lack of movement. Sedentary workers are spending more than 10 hours in front of their computer and go home just for rest. By using a standing desk, they are able to reduce the weight gain risk because they can move while working more frequently.
Sedentary workers also expose with a high risk of Obesity because they have the low metabolic reaction in their body. Different people have different metabolic rate because it is influenced by their own age, size composition, and gender. Metabolism is a process to convert food into energy. A sedentary worker uses the lowest energy at work to compare with hard labor because of their lacking movement while working. So they are required less energy. But, sedentary worker eats like everybody else and having a hard time to use up all the food. The extra unused food and energy will be converted into fat.
This is where standing desks can come to the rescue. It will allow the sedentary worker to move frequently and let their body to use up all the energy that has been converted after a meal. By using the standing desks at work, they can reduce the risk of obesity and weight gain. (source)
Do you know that standing desks will bring you a lot of other health benefits? Read more to find out here:

Avoid Heart Diseases, Diabetes, and Reduce Cholesterol Level
Standing longer than sitting down will reduce your risk to have heart disease. By standing up longer, you are maintaining your body efficacy to use blood sugar better than sitting down. The sedentary worker usually rarely move at work so they are not able to use the extra energy that they have. By standing up while working on the standing desk, all of the energy can be used up to carry on with the chemical reaction inside of the body.

Avoid Lower Back Pain (LBP)
Lower back pain always happens to the sedentary worker. The human body isn’t designed to be idle or to sit for prolonged periods every day. If we don’t have enough movement in a day or we don't do stretches for lower back pain at work, the static posture will cause us Lower Back Pain sooner or later. This effect worsens when the sedentary worker isn’t practicing a good position while sitting. A proper ergonomic sitting position is needed to avoid stress in the back, arms, shoulders, and neck. By using a Standing desk, lower back pain can be avoided.
By improving the health of sedentary workers, their productivity and creativity will be improved too. A healthy working environment is very important to avoid mental health problem or stress among sedentary workers. This is why a standing desk is one of solutions to create a healthy worker and working environment.


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