Betel Leaf Health Benefits You Must Know!

Betel leaves are the herb that usually can be found in Malaysia, India and several countries in Asia. This herb has the health benefits that most of the modern people don’t know. This is not the herb for the old folks only. The health benefits are very impressive and suitable to be used for all ages. It isa traditional treatment and natural remedies for several diseases and other health problem.
In Asia, betel leaf is very easy to find. For the one who get their daily intake of betel leaf, here are the betel leaf health benefits that provided for you:
  1. Improves digestion: You are definitely avoiding indigestion by chewing betel leaves. While you are chewing, the salivary gland is stimulated. While you are eating, various enzymes from the saliva will break down the food easier and that is the first step for an easy digest.
  2. Help maintain good oral hygiene: This leaf has the antibacterial properties that help to destroy bad breath causing bacteria. By chewing the betel leaf, you are improving the oral hygiene and avoiding bad breath.
  3. Prevents carcinogenesis:  By chewing a betel leaf, you can prevent the carcinogenesis in the oral cavityThis leaf has the anticancer properties that effective to prevent oral cancer. The anticancer properties work by maintaining the ascorbic acid’s level in the saliva. The ascorbic acid is one of the antioxidants that reduced the free radical damages in the mouth and body, and at the same time, preventing you from cancer.
  4. Is an aphrodisiac: In India, the newlyweds are offered to eat masalapaan at their first night as husband and wife. Masalapaan is including betel leaf in the ingredient. This leaf is known as an aphrodisiac and the property is effective to make the intimacy process more enjoyable.
  5. Treatment of warts: In Ayurvedic medicines, betel leaf is used for treating warts. The warts will be removed completely and there is no scars formed.
  6. Treats gastric ulcers: The betel leaves can be crush and the extracts from it can be used to treat gastric ulcers. This is also one of the Ayurvedic medicines.
  7. Cures boils: Boil is one of the skin diseases. The betel leaves were widely used in Ayurveda for treating boils and it is still practiced until now by the younger generations in India. To do this remedy, the leaf needs to be warmed until it is slightly softer. And then, the leaf coated with castor oil before placing it over the boil. A few days later, the boil will be ruptured and drained.
  8. Treats coughs: If you have betel leaves extracts at home, you can mix it with honey to make a cough syrup. This mixture will relieve the coughs and removing phlegm.
  9. Relieves headaches: The analgesic properties in betel leaf is effective to relieve headaches. You can crush the betel leaf and then add a little bit of water to make a thick paste. You can apply this paste to the affected area. Leave it for a few minutes until the headaches is gone.
  10. Treats diabetes: Betel leaves extracts can be used to control the blood sugar levels. By taking betel leaves extracts every day, it can help to treat diabetes with its effective anti-diabetic property.
  11. Heals wounds: This is a very effective natural remedy for healing the wounds. You can blend the betel leaves and get the juice out. Apply the juice over the wound and cover it with a bandage. The wound will heal within two days. Make an effort to avoid the wound wet by water.

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