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Ancient Egypt’s Medical History
If you read about ancient Egyptians treatment, they’re very amazing. The ancient Egyptians achieved the amazing medical techniques in their diagnosis and
natural remedy for many illnesses. Considering the lack of modern treatment facilities and experiment lab, the ancient Egyptians were way advance in medical treatments and the remedies that used by the ancient Egyptians are still practiced and considered to this day.
To learn about the ancient Egypt’s knowledge in medical, there are three records that been translated by the scholars which are the Edwin Smith Papyrus, the Ebers Papyrus and the Kahun Papyrus. These records are providing the information about ancient Egypt’s knowledge in anatomy, disease, hygiene, natural remedies, and healing.
The treatments or the natural remedies for the diseases recorded are using the natural ingredients such as the minerals, plants products, even the urine from the certain animal. How the treatments were administered or conducted are also explained. Most of the treatments were dispensed by orally, suppositories, and topically.
Health Concern in Ancient Egypt
The diseases in ancient Egypt are no different with the common diseases that we have now. The lists of diseases that already exist since ancient Egypt are such as:
  1. Skin infections from parasites in the Nile waters
  2. Worms that transmitted from their cattle
  3. Tuberculosis
  4. Pneumonia as the results of excessive sand into their lungs
  5. Asthma
  6. Digestive problems
Natural Remedies Used in Ancient Egyptian
In that time, some of the diseases were impossible to treat. They have no guidelines to conduct rudimentary surgeries. Most of the diseases were able to be treated by using natural ingredients. The natural remedies were dispensed orally, edema, topically, suppositories, massage, and many more ways.
The natural remedies were successfully treated the less serious conditions or diseases in that time. Many of the ingredients are very familiar to us and still been used until today as the homeopathic remedies. Ancient Egypt’s natural remedies are included:
Pain relief: Thyme, Dill, Onions, Parsley, balsam apple
Asthma: sesame seed/oil, frankincense, milk, and honey
Digestive aids: Sandalwood, mint, juniper, garlic,
Breath freshener: Mint, Caraway
Chest pain: Aloe vera, mustard seeds, Juniper
Headaches: Aloe vera and poppy seeds
Natural Antibiotics: Poppy seeds
Wound dressing: honey
Skin Diseases: Aloe vera
Skin burn: Aloe vera
Epilepsy: Camphor
To induce vomiting: mustard
To stop vomiting: mint
Skin Beauty: Olive oil, honey
The medical knowledge from the ancient Egypt paved the way for the learning and study of modern medicine today. The ancient Egyptians studied the human anatomy and find the natural ingredients that work to treat diseases and disorders very effectively.
Our Natural Remedies website will continue to update natural remedies from ancient Egypt from time to time. If you have other natural remedies from ancient Egypt, please share it here or leave a comment.

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