Health Benefits of Green Tea Oil That You Should Know

For your information, the green tea oil is also known as Camellia Oil and Tea Seed Oil in general. How to get green essential tea oil is by extracting the precious essential oil from the seeds of Camellia sinensis plant. The health benefits of green tea are so remarkable to be missed. It can provide you skincare treatment, relaxing aromatherapy and even oil for cooking.

For many years, green tea oil
problems and body health issues. It is known as a “Miracle Oil” by alternative and oriental medicine experts because of the health benefits that offered.

Historical View

Since ancient times, the green tea had been admired and used for many purposes. It been promoted in Japan by a Buddhist priest called Eisai during the 12th century, to introduce the tea rituals and spread it among the Japanese. The idea about the tea ritual is to promote a healthy routine using green tea as an elixir and also can cure some health problems. Eisai at that time had made the Japanese aware and realized the health benefits from green tea and also green tea oil. Green tea was also cured and treated other ‘incurable’ illnesses of that era and amazingly is practiced until today.

Extraction Process of Green Tea Oil

Cold-pressing is the process to extract green tea essential oil from the Camellia sinensis tea plant. After collecting the seeds, it will be air dry first. After that, the seeds will be press by oil press so the oil can be release.

Green tea oil is available in many health stores that you can purchase online and offline. It comes with different brands that offering a high quality of natural or organic green tea oil. The golden colored oil has many uses. You can use it as face serum, body perfume, aromatherapy and much more.

Green Tea Oil Benefits:

Green tea oil is used as a powerful astringent and an antioxidant. You can use the golden-hued oil to treat skin abrasions, diminish and minimize skin irritation, apply it on the skin to reduce pain and itching from the insect bites.

Green tea oil contains catechins that help to protect the skin from getting damaged by UV exposure.

Green tea oil is also well known with the anti-aging property that helps to rejuvenate the skin, fights premature aging and maintaining a wrinkle-free skin.  It has a high level of polyphenols that helps to fight free radicals. Free radicals can be created in our body naturally or also from the sunlight exposure and it can contribute to skin problem and premature aging. Using green tea oil you can moisturize your skin and prevent it from drying and other related conditions. Here are other health benefits of green tea oil:

Health Benefits of Green Tea oil #1: Antioxidant

Green tea oil has the strong and powerful antioxidant properties that protect our body from free radicals damages. As you can see free radicals occur naturally in your body but are also produced by daily exposure to ultraviolet rays, certain radiation, and also air pollution. Free radicals are responsible for cell and DNA damage in your body and you can protect it by using green tea essential oil.

Health Benefits of Green Tea oil #2: Anti-aging

If you wish to have a firm, elastic and young looking skin, you can use green tea oil as your face serum. It has anti-aging properties that promote collagen production and inhibits the breakdown of collagen.

Health Benefits of Green Tea oil #3: Good for your heart

If you use green tea oil as your body massage oil and aromatherapy, it is believed that the green tea oil is potentially lowering LDL or bad cholesterol and then raising the HDL or good cholesterol. Your HDL level need to be higher than LDL because HDL level is the one that preventing your artery from getting blocked by extra fats.

Health Benefits of Green Tea oil #4: Body Massage Oil

It is the perfect oil for body massaging because it can help to reduce body aches and give you energy. It can heal your body from stress and also rejuvenates your body at the same time. After getting massage using this oil, it can increase your body’s metabolism and it can help you with weight loss and maintaining the good body function.

Health Benefits of Green Tea oil #5:  Prevent Free Radical Damage

Green tea essential oil contains catechin. Catechin is a powerful antioxidant component that protects your skin from free radical damages that occurred naturally or from UV damage and other sources around you.

Health Benefits of Green Tea oil #6:  Effective for Skin Health

As a face serum, you can see how easy this oil penetrates deep into your skin. It also does not leaving any greasy feel after application. Your skin will always be moisture and it can provide you an optimum hydration that you need every day.

Health Benefits of Green Tea oil #7:   Antiseptic

Green tea oil can treat the skin condition because it has the antiseptic property that helps in wound healing. Other than that, it is safe to use to stop the irritation that occurred from insect bites. It is also can eliminate body odor and foot odor that caused by bacteria.

Health Benefits of Green Tea oil #8:   Hair Moisturizer

Green tea oil also works great for your hair. It can be used as your daily hair moisturizer to treat and prevent your hair from sun damages, dyed, dry hair, and frizzy hair. It can bring back the softness and add shines to your hair.

Health Benefits of Green Tea oil #9:   Reduce Joint Pain

It has anti-inflammatory properties that professional massage therapist use to help in reducing joint pain.

Health Benefits of Green Tea oil #10:   Natural Perfume

Green tea essential oil has a very unique and fresh scent that you can use as a body perfume. It is safe and doesn’t contain any chemical such as BHT, Fragrance, Limonene, Octinoxate, Coumarin, SD-Alcohol and other chemicals that harmful for your body but contained in most of branded perfume out there. The green tea scent also providing a relaxing mood and it is also can be used as home aromatherapy perfume.

Health Benefits of Green Tea oil #11:   Healthy Cooking Oil

You can get the best of the nutrients in green tea oil by using it in your cooking. You can use it as the salad dressing and also baking muffins, pizzas, and donuts.

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