DIY: How To Identify A Pure Honey?

If you know that adulterated honey is the one that only contain 30% of honey and the rest of it are water and sugar. The added sugar can be a corn syrup, glucose, dextrose, inverted sugar or the nectar from another type of plant. So, how to identify a pure honey after you bought it? Honey is the best natural remedy for a lot of diseases. An adulterated honey will sabotage your efforts in being as healthy as you planned.
Eureka! Tips On How To Identify A Pure Honey
Here are some of the tips for you to identify the pure honey. Hopefully, the tips will help you to be confident that your daily natural remedy is giving you the best effect for your health.
  1. Tongue test
If you are a regular customer or you have a family member that used to taste pure honey, you can identify it with just by a tongue test. A honey is not too sweet or too bland. So if you know the pure honey taste like, you can identify the adulterated honey right away by tasting it.
  1. Hexagon shapes test
This is a very useful and trustful tip from the honey supplier or seller. Take a spoon of honey and put it in a plate. And then slowly pour room temperature of water into the plate and with a clock wise direction, turn the plate repeatedly for one minute.
 After one minute, you can see a hexagon shape or almost hexagon shape on the plate. If it has this shape, it is a pure honey, and if it doesn’t, so it is adulterated one. You can try with the crystallized honey too, but the hexagon shape is a little bit smaller and closer with one another.
  1. Paper test
Put a drop of honey on a piece of paper. Observe around the honey if any absorption happens. A pure honey will not absorb into a paper. It also stays in its shape. The adulterated honey will be absorbed into the paper like water.

  1. Water Test
Take a glass of water and put a few drop of honey. A pure honey will immediately go straight down to the bottom of the glass, but the adulterated one will break apart before made it to the bottom. A pure honey is not easy to get dissolved in the water. You have to stir it for a while when you’re making your drinks.
  1. Crystallized Honey
Is it a fake if the honey is crystallized? This is what people always misunderstood about real honey. A crystallized honey is not a sign that the honey is adulterated. The honey itself is a supersaturated sugar and it can be crystallized in a cold temperature. Some of the nectar sources can produce a honey that can crystallize quicker than the other.
Honey will be crystallized depends on 2 situations:
5.1. The glucose and fructose ratio
If the glucose level is higher than the fructose, it is potentially crystallizing easier.
5.2. The water content
Depending on the climate, the water level in honey will be varied. The content can be 15%-25% according to the climate and the humidity in certain places. The Asian countries with tropical season always produce a honey with 20-25% of water content so it is not that easy to crystallize.
Despite these 2 factors, if you keep the honey in a cold place like in the fridge or chiller, don’t be surprised if the honey is crystallized.
  1. Ant test
Some people said a pure honey will never be touched by an ant. This is absolutely not true. Ants will never keep its distant with a sugar or even honey. Ants love something sweet, but there is another opinion that saying the honey that has a high content of sulfur and copper is the one that ant will never get itself near to. The copper and sulfur are creating a type of heat that disfavor by the ants. If the honey has a low content of copper and sulfur, the ant will get near to it. So the ant is not the indicator for the pure honey.
For the conclusion, it is important for us to consume the pure honey to get its best health benefits. So the tests that shown above are the tests that can help you to tell it is pure or not. The hexagon shape test is the popular one among the honey supplier. The adulterated honey will never give you a hexagon form like that. So grab your honey at home, and enjoy the tips on how to identify a pure honey.

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