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Japan is one of the healthiest countries in this world. They do have their own natural remedies to stay healthy and to treat some diseases. Just like the other Asian majority, the Japanese still practicing their home remedies to cure flu, headache, sore throat and much more. The ingredients are
also easy to find in Japan, even all over the world.
The recipes for the natural remedies are coming from ancient Japanese hundreds and maybe thousands of years ago. It is very effective and some of it worked immediately. With the busy lifestyle in Japan, they can’t afford to get sick. Their special natural remedies provide them the energy and treatment to keep them going through the year in the best health condition. Here are some of the natural remedies in Japan.
Fever: Umeboshi (pickled plums)
Even the name of this food is in Japanese. Umeboshi is actually a pickled plum. The health benefits of Umeboshi is to lower your temperature when you are having a fever. The Japanese mothers were making umeboshi tea by heating up a cup of water with two umeboshi. When you drink it, it will cause you to sweat. By sweating, that is the process to reduce your temperature and then you can get better faster from fever.
grilled spring onion
Blood Circulation: Grilled spring onion
The one who have a poor blood circulation will feel dizzy and tired so easily. The Japanese natural remedy for promoting a good blood circulation is the grilled spring onion. The grilled onion is not only good for the blood circulation, but it is also can be used to heal a sore throat, reduces inflammation and good for relieving a stuffy nose.
Reduce Cough and Phlegm: Gingko nuts
Coughing with the sound of the bubbly phlegm is the last thing that you need at work, in the classroom or anywhere public. By eating 5 to 6 gingko nuts will reduce cough and phlegm instantly. The thing is, this is not the easiest nut to harvest. Some people are allergic to the smell of the fruit. To harvest the fruit, you have to use a hand glove to avoid skin rashes. Even it is effective for treating cough, it is not recommended to the one who have a heart problem or stroke history.
honeyradish honey
Cough: Honey & daikon radish juice
Another remedy for cough problem and it is tastier than the gingko nuts. The daikon radishes and honey are the ingredients. To make the juice, you have to soak the diced daikon radishes into the honey for three days. Keep it in a bottle and place it in a cool and dry place. If you have a cough problem, you have your remedy ready to the rescue.
lotus rootroot-617409_640
Cold: Lotus root + Ginger
The Japanese drink the broth that made from grated lotus root, ginger, arrowroot and soy sauce. It is not only tasty, but it is also can get rid of the cold faster.
Stuffy Nose: Ginger+Honey+Onion
A stuffy nose is so irritating. The Japanese used a quarter of an onion that grated and a tablespoon of grated ginger. Put the two ingredients in a cup of hot water and add one tablespoon of honey. By drinking this elixir, the stuffy nose is not troubling you anymore.
Stuffy Nose: Sniff an onion
If you don’t have the honey and ginger around but you need a quick remedy for stuffy nose, you can just sniff to the onion. Cut an onion and sniff it. It can clear your sinuses and then give you a temporary relief when you have a stuffy nose.
Headache: Ginger + Sesame Oil
A simple headache is highly potential to ruin your day. The Japanese use the grated ginger and mix it with the sesame oil to relieve a headache. This paste has to be applied on the forehead and both temples.
Our Natural Remedy website will write more about the Japanese natural remedy. If you have another natural remedy from Japan, you can leave a comment here. To know more about the health benefits of the ingredients in Japanese natural remedy, you can go to the Health Benefits category.

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