Rambutan: The Health Benefits

15 Surprising Health Benefits Of Rambutan
The scientific name for Rambutan is Nephelium Lappaceumis and it is one of the ‘Most Exotic fruits of Our Planet’. Yes, not a lot of people eat or know about this exotic fruit. It is not a lychee and you can find this fruit all over Southeastern Asia. This sweet, red colored on the
outside and white on the inside has surprising health benefits if you regularly consume it. Here are 15 surprising health benefits of Rambutan and you might don’t know about it before.
Surprising Health Benefits Of Rambutan #1Source of iron
This small red fruit is highly rich of iron and this nutrient is important for hemoglobin production in your body. You can avoid iron deficiency symptom like fatigue and illnesses such as anemia. Hemoglobin is very important because it transport the oxygen in your body from the organs to the tissues. The pregnant woman very recommended consuming this fruit for their pregnancy health.
Rambutan_FruitSurprising Health Benefits Of Rambutan #2. Decreases unwanted fat
It is low in calories, high in water content and high in fiber. When you eat it, you will decrease your hunger episodes very well and significantly. The white flesh of the fruit is sweet and fulfilling. This is how it helps in weight reduction.
Surprising Health Benefits Of Rambutan #3. Treatment of dysentery
Some of the natives in the Southeastern Asia use the skin of the rambutan fruit to treat dysentery. Other than dysentery, it is also the cure for chronic fever. It is also can be combined with other ingredients to increase the efficacy in treating dysentery.
Surprising Health Benefits Of Rambutan #4. Generation of red and white blood cells
Copper is needed for the production of red and white blood cell. Rambutan contains copper and manganese that improves the production of red and white blood cell in the body. Manganese helps in producing the enzyme to activate the red and white cell production and other biochemical function in the body.
Surprising Health Benefits Of Rambutan #5. Strengthens bones
It is also high in calcium, phosphorus, and iron that strengthen the bones..! If you are lactose intolerant you can use this fruit instead for your daily calcium needs.
Surprising Health Benefits Of Rambutan #6. Makes skin better
How to hydrate your skin the most delicious way? You can consume this fruit and keep the skin hydrated and better because this fruit is high in water content. Get a smooth and soft skin while you are enjoying this fruit.
Surprising Health Benefits Of Rambutan #7. Helps in boosting immunity and prevent diseases
For the one that low in immunity, you can use this fruit as your booster. Rambutan is high in vitamin C and if you take 10-12 of rambutan, it is equal with 75-90mg of ascorbic acid. It is important to have a strong immunity because it helps you to prevent the body from any infections by strengthening your body’s defense mechanism.
Surprising Health Benefits Of Rambutan #8. Eliminates free radicals
Free radicals are the prey of Gallic acid, and this compound is highly founded in Rambutan, no matter in the skin or in the fruit flesh. Gallic acid protects the body from oxidation damage. So, this fruit is high in antioxidant properties that prevent the cell damages and prevent diseases such as scurvy. The vitamin C in Rambutan also helps in iron and minerals absorption to the body.
Surprising Health Benefits Of Rambutan #9. Helps in removing waste from the kidneys
One of the organs that should be detoxified and clean for the rest of our lives is the kidneys. This fruit potentially removes the waste from the kidneys and assisting this process by the help of phosphorus. It is also good for repairing, maintaining and to develop the tissues and the body cells.
Surprising Health Benefits Of Rambutan #10. Treating common illnesses
Common illnesses such as headache, dysentery, anemia, and thrush can be treated with this fruit. For example, the leaf of rambutan tree can be turned into a paste and patch it on the forehead to reduce headache and calming the stress. The roots can be used to treat chronic fever and the bark can be used to treat thrush because it has something called the amalgamate.
Surprising Health Benefits Of Rambutan #11. Helps in treating diabetes
You don’t eat the seeds, but the seed actually can be processed into a medicine to treat diabetes. You can crush it or blend it into your rambutan juice and drink it. It can relieve the pain that felt by the diabetes mellitus patients.
Surprising Health Benefits Of Rambutan #12. Help in hair care
You can make your own rambutan leaf paste and use it as the remedy to improve the health of your hair. Use it twice a week and wash it well after 20 minutes of application. Your hair will be stronger and well moisturized in a few weeks.
Surprising Health Benefits Of Rambutan #13. Improves sperm quality
The vitamin C in rambutan is helping in improving the sperm quality. The lack in vitamin C in men is one of the reasons why the sperm is not able to deliver a fruitful reproduction. Rambutan is high in vitamin C and it does help in enhancing the quality and the quantity of the sperm.
Surprising Health Benefits Of Rambutan #14. Anti-cancer
Rambutan is high in anti-oxidant properties, so at the same time, rambutan is also an anti-cancer fruit..! A study that been carried out by Malaysian National University found out that rambutan is highly effective in fighting cancer. The journal is also published on ‘Antioxidant and Antiproliferative Activities of Non-Edible Parts of Selected Tropical Fruits’ and every part of the rambutan such as the skin, seeds, and deeds are potentially fight against many kinds of cancer.
Surprising Health Benefits Of Rambutan #15. Helps in boosting energy
Always feeling lacked of energy or feeling tired? If you are not anemic, it might be from carbohydrate or protein deficiency. You can consume rambutan and boost your energy again because this fruit is rich in protein and carbohydrate. Someone who active in sports should consume this fruit because it will provide you with protein, carbohydrate and it is also high in water content to help to quench the thirst while bringing back the energy.

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