Crying 7 Good Reasons For You

Each time when a person cries, it is like a way to let out the negative emotions and become an instant reliever. A reporter in New York Times, Mr. Benedict Carey is seeing tears or a good cry as a human emotional perspiration and a mind cleanser.

Most of us cry in a different situation and not all people especially the men can cry easily. Cry is an emotional response to a certain condition that really hits you emotionally and not always because of the physical pain. Tear does heal you mentally and emotionally. It is okay to cry and here is why.
Why Is It Okay To Cry? #1: Washing the eyes.
This is the basic function of tears. The tears will lubricate your eyeball and clean the eyelids. At the same time, it can prevent your eyes from dehydration. Your eyes will not able to function if they are dry. There is no eyesight when your eyes are not lubricated.
Why Is It Okay To Cry? #2: Tears kill bacteria.
Wondering how to get rid of bacteria in your eyes? Essential oil? Fruit juice? Clorox (what are you thinking?)? This is the tears job. Your own tears will be your antibacterial and antiviral remedy or agent that specially designed for your eyes only. It is also an automatic reaction when your eyes exposed to a foreign matter. Your eyes will cry instantly to remove the foreign matter and protecting your eyes from immediate infections. The fact is, there is an enzyme called lysozyme which is a germaphobic liquid that can kill most bacteria (about 90%-95%) within 10 minutes..!
Why Is It Okay To Cry? #3. Remove the toxins of stress.
Yes, it does remove the toxins around the eyes. Think onion peeling and how irritates your eyes by it. At that moment, your tears are coming to the rescue. When you are feeling stress, your cry is like a way out and let you feel a lot better after that. The tears act like a natural therapy to remove the toxins that build up thanks to the stress. Sometimes, crying is better to relieve your stress than having an expensive massage session.

Why Is It Okay To Cry? #4. Mood Elevator.
High level of manganese inside your body will cause you to experience the anxiety, emotional disturbance, fatigue and nervousness. You can get manganese excessiveness by contaminated drinking water, manganese pills and from the environment too. Crying is a way for you to lower the manganese level again. The albumin protein concentration in any emotional tears is the helper in order to lower the manganese level.
Why Is It Okay To Cry? 5. Crying lowers stress.
Did I mention this already? Crying is relieving and you can’t deny it. There is a build up in your body when you are in stress and you have to let that build up out to feel better again. The simple example is, when you are so disappointed or sad, and you hold your tear, you feel like you’re in stress even more. But when you let yourself to cry it all out, you feel a lot better and relieved like the world is okay again. The stress hormone that rising when you’re curbing your tears will be disappeared when you cry. So when you are in stress, cry is a good option to feel better again.
Why Is It Okay To Cry? #6. Best friend revealer.
If you want to know who is your best friend that will stay by your side in every ups and downs, observed them when you are crying. It is not easy for an adult to cry, and a best friend will aware of your type of cry. Is it a cry of happiness, or a cry because of sadness? You will receive the support of your best friend during your hard times. Cry is like the help of effective communication and it does reveal the person that you will call your best friend.  A best friend will not going to be happy or ignoring you when you are crying. They will try their best to let you be better again.
 Why Is It Okay To Cry? #7. It protects your heart.
When you are in a high emotional stress, your heart is in a risk of palpitation or any cardiovascular problems. Sometimes people felt hard to breathe when they are in a massive stress or problem. This is why it is okay for you to cry because you have to let all the stress build up out of your system. You have to make sure that your problems or stresses will not causing you a cardiac problem and cry is a method that will never let you down. You will feel relieved after a good cry, and thanks to that cry, your heart is well-protected.
So what do you think about crying? Give it a try when you need it. The excessive cry will let your eyes look swollen so please cry as needed only.

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