Friends Or Best Friend?

Good Friend Tips #1. Play Your Part
Friendship is not one sided only so you have to do your part to be a good friend. Friendship is just like any relationship and you have to be someone that your friend can depend on. Your friendship can’t run smoothly if there is no win-win situation between all of you.

Good Friend Tips #2. Honesty
Always be honest. Never lie to your friends even the truth is hurtful. You have to be honest all the time because you don’t want to be caught in that lie and you have to make sure that your friends face the truth.
Good Friend Tips #3. Apologize
Never forget to apologize every time you screw up or disappointing your friend. “Hun, I’m sorry I can’t watch movies with you this weekend because I have to fix my mom’s window.” That’s the example, and it is not that hard, right? Apologizing is a method to show that your friend is your important person in life so never skip this one every time you have to.
Good Friend Tips #4. Keep Your Promise
Example, “Hun, I’m sorry I can’t watch movies with you this weekend because I have to fix my mom’s window, but I promise to go with you next week.” Please keep your promise and be dependable. You put your trustworthy tag on the line if you are a promise breaker. Keep your promise, show up and be there for your friend.
Good Friend Tips #5. Be A Good Listener.
Sometimes, your friend just talking like tomorrow is their last day. But that is okay. You are their favorite person to talk with, so be a good listener and be their shoulder to cry on. Helping your friend emotionally is better than what you can help materially, agree?
Good Friend Tips #6. Don’t be a social media friend.
Friends are the one that you meet face to face and when they are far from you, you still can connect with them via social media. But a social media friend is the one that only for the fun times and sharing photos. A friend is the one that can be with you at both good and bad times. So don’t be a social media friend only.
Good Friend Tips #7. Don’t manipulate your friends.
You can’t call someone as your friend if they dare to manipulate your friendship. If you want to manipulate your friends, you are not a good friend to anyone. It is never a good thing if you have the intention to manipulate or play with others feeling.
Good Friend Tips #8. Learn To Be Understanding.
Are you a judgmental person? Why do you want to judge people that you never know what they had struggled in their life? If you are a close minded person, that is the best act to kill your friendship. Be understandable, learn their language, learn their culture and see the positive side than the negative one.
Good Friend Tips #9. I Love You. Seriously?
Love is a big word and they are different type of love towards your parents, siblings, husband/wife and friends. When you said you love your friends, are you really mean it? If you love your best friend, you will be there for them no matter what and they are just like your second family. Never misused the word love if then you just ignore your friends.
Good Friend Tips #10. Toxic Friends Alert
If you meet a new person, you have to know when to let go and walk away if you have this toxic friend alert kind of feeling. A toxic friend is only a person that wants to use you and get the benefits from you. Just walk away when you found someone like this. It is good for you and good for them because you are teaching them a lesson that a toxic friend is equal with no friends.

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