Pursuit Of Happiness: 7 Simple Tips For Your Happiness

You are deserved to be happy and finding your own happiness is the biggest step for you to start a happy day and life. Happiness is a key for a healthy mind and it is a therapy for you to prepare yourself and handle your stressful situation in the future. No matter how hard your life will be, as long as you are happy, it is just a challenge waiting to be solved, and face the fact that, challenges are coming and goes every day, so let the happiness stay. Ready to read to pursuit of happiness simple tips? Here we go.

Here are 7 simple guides, but helpful to find lasting happiness in your daily life:
1) Let go of negativity: It is natural for you to get misunderstood and saying the wrong thing to each other. But no matter how bad you were fighting about in the past, you have to learn to forgive and forget. Letting go is a positive thing to do as a method to let all negative feeling, and negative burden in the past so you can move forward in the future, and that is what we call, a fresh start.

You have more days to live and more new challenges will come to visit you, so this continuous learning process will never stop and you have to be optimistic and stay alert about your future, and it is better for you to achieve every life goal that you have, rather than live miserably by holding the past.

You have to realize that none of us are perfect, so the mistake is something that happens every day. Your happiness is also about to accept the fact and human flaws.You have to think forward about how to avoid those mistakes, so it can be something that keeps you to be proud and happy about yourself, and at the same time, you are the one that everyone can rely with and trust. This is a person that you should be, the positive and happiest person for yourself and everyone.

2) Serve and be kind to others: What is the point of living alone? Definitely all of us needed friends and family. How to have friends and family is to serve and be kind to each other. It is just simple and easy to do, you can give a smile to your neighbor, and greet your friend in the office every morning and call your parents every day to let them know what is you up to for today.

It is not always about the money so you can have friends and family. It is about how comfortable and how nice you can be for them, in the way you talk, and act around them. Even you can’t solve every problem of your friends, but you can be a very good listener and try to make them feel good. Your kindness and respect to them is something that makes them always go back to be with you.

Be a good partner, and work as a team, so you can create a happy surrounding in your workplace or in your school. It will bring a lot more happiness in you and also others. Practice generosity and in return, you will earn your friends respect, trust, and loyalty. The more is the merrier and the happier, right?

3) Live in the present: Living happily in the present is how your pursuit of happiness goal can be achieved easily. Do not replay anything negative from the past for your future. Do not recall or think back what a certain person had done to you in the past so you can plan for revenge in the future. That is not going to make you happy, but it will make you even more miserable because that is not a right thing to do and you know it. Do not sabotage your own happiness by holding to the past.

You have to live in the present, if you can’t be friends with person that disagree, just let them with their life, and you moved on with your life. Let the natural flow of life connecting you again in a good way, so it will make a positive different. Living in a harmony future is better than living for so many years knowing people who you hate living right next to your door. You have all the rights to stay away with a person that only giving a negative impact on you.

4) Choose a healthy lifestyle: What is a healthy lifestyle? Healthy lifestyle is anything that will never cause you to get mentally and physically ill. You can set your own daily routine for exercising, socializing, eating, working and sleeping. It is all about balance. You have to exercise to keep your body healthy, you have to eat right to be healthy, you have to hang out with friends to have a good time, and so on. Have a balance and healthy life is definitely a way to give you a complete happiness.

5) Take care of your spirit: Who else can do this for you? It is up to you to take a good care of yourself as an adult, not your father, not your boyfriend, or your boss. You can be creative and handle the challenges in your life with a very positive mind. You have to tell yourself repeatedly, that our life is not always unicorns and rainbow; once in a while it will be a bump on the road too.

If you have a stressful job because of it is keeping you so busy in a bad way, or your neighborhood is not practicing a good hygiene and always have an outbreak, you can get yourself out of there. You can find another great opportunity in a new place and you can meet a lot of new people. You have to choose to live happily at your work, your home and your life. Go for it, change your life. It's up to you to ensure your pursuit of happiness plan is successful or not.

6) Be inwardly free: Big house, big cars, more 'blings' will never make you happy because that is only a material thing. All you need is a simple life, a tidy home, a clutter-free home, food to eat, transport to go to work, family and friends to love you, and live a normal and happy life.

Anything that out of that, are not necessary, and adding it into your life will just bring more stress to you and make you unsatisfied with yourself forever. Live a normal life, and you will be okay. You can be extraordinary, but in a healthy way, but not in a bad way.

7) Reconnect with Nature: Bonding with nature is actually helping you in finding happiness too. It is like a fresh charging method for your weak mind and body. Plan a vacation and escape from a busy world to a very tranquil and quiet nature to give you peace of mind.

Breathing fresh air every weekend with your family and friends is a good way to start your Monday. A lot of studies showing that a little getaway will relieve you from stress and you will be happier at work or at school. The nature can provide you with a sense of connection that making you feels fresher and calmer.

In conclusion, you have to ask yourself, about how to make yourself happy and what is making you happy. By having the answer, you can use the answer you can lead yourself to find your way to your own happiness. Please be happy. If you have more pursuit of happiness tips please share it in the comment.

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