DIY: How To Remove Pesticides and Soil From Your Vegetables And Fruits

Fruits and vegetables that we buy from the market will always have pesticides and soil around them. The knowledge about how to prepare the food safely is critical to avoid consuming pesticides and soil. This is a part of food hygiene in order to maintain a good health.

To Remove Pesticides
The high level of pesticides or pesticides residues is toxic to humans according to Centre for Science and Environment (CSE). It will affect the reproductive systems, causing birth defects, introduce cancer to the body and compromising the body’s healthy immune system. People nowadays are choosing organic food to avoid from pesticides problem. Even so, you should always wash your fruits and vegetables as your preparation routine of food.

Washing Options To Remove The Pesticides

Salt Water
Salt water can remove the pesticides residues on the surface of the vegetables and fruits. You can add about 2% of salt in your water for washing.
Cold Water
About 75% of pesticides can be removed by using the cold water. You can wash the fruits such as grapes, pears and guava using the cold water thoroughly. The vegetables such as eggplant, ladies finger and cabbage are also can be easily washed with cold water.
Vinegar Soak
By mixing 10% of vinegar and 90% of water, you are making your own vinegar soak to wash the vegetables and fruit to remove the pesticides. This solution is not recommended for delicate fruit such as the berries because it can damage the fruit’s outer skin.
Blanch and Peel
This method is requiring you to wash the food with warm water and then you have to peel it. This method is much recommended for the food such as carrots, potato and the fruit that might have pesticide residue on its crevices.
To Remove Soil
The problem with soil residue in our fruits and vegetables is the high risk for food poisoning. Soil can be contaminated with bacteria such as E.coli. Washing the food properly and removing the soil will ensure that the food is safe to eat and free of bacteria. Soil usually stuck to the vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, leaks, cabbage and many more.

Washing Options To Remove Soil

Wash Under Tape Water
It is recommended to wash your fruits and vegetables under running tape water. Give it a little rub to eliminate the soil thoroughly. The more soil that attached to the food required more time to wash.
You can separate the vegetables leaves for easy targeting in your washing. Soaking them in a bowl of water might help to lose the soil a little but you have to complete the washing by rubbing it under the running water.
When the outside of the fruits and vegetables are smooth and you feel there is no soil debris, the food is clean enough to cook.

Food such as garlic, onion, potatoes and so on also needs peeling method to clean it from the soil. You have to peel it first before wash it under the running water before it is ready to be eaten or cook. The safe method in preparation will help you to ensure the food safety and avoid food poisoning at the same time.

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