Valentine's Day Special: How To Be A Perfect Girlfriend/Fiancee/Wife

What a man wants from his lady? This is a question that most of the girls are not quite understand. Man does have a lot of friends including the female one but only have one lady that he calls the love of his life. To all of the girls out there, by reading this, hope you will get the idea about how to act as a girlfriend, fiancee or wife and how to love him right.

1) Think positive: You are his lover, other women in his life are only a mother, aunt, grandmother, friends at work, cousins and other relation that has nothing to do with your position. If he talks to a girl at work or bump into his friends  while you are out for the movies, please chill. No need to show that rolling eyeball because that is so not necessary. Please think positive and realize that your boyfriend, fiance or husband has their own social life too.

2) Be appreciative: If your boyfriend coming home and bring you a bouquet of flower to make you happy, please appreciate their effort. Or if your husband is doing the laundry for you or making a breakfast for you, even his works are not that perfect, just appreciate it and say thank you. Every little or big things that he does for you are not the things that he would simply do for others. So be appreciative, because he only does it for you.

3) Stop being clingy: To show how loyal you are to your partner is not by being a clingy person. A man does not like to receive your text or call every hour or he has to cancel his work meeting or a family gathering because you have to be with him 24/7. Please respect that he has his own plan for work and he needs to spend a little of his time for his family as well. Other than that, he is all yours anyway.

4) Talk nicely: If you don't like the way he munches his food or he is snoring too loud at night, you can talk to him nicely about his behavior that bothering you. He will never say " You love me, so love my snoring too..!" because he only wants you to be comfortable with him. By telling him the matter, you and him will find the right solution to live together.

5) Treat him as a human: Not a bank account..! Yes, a man should provide you a house, car, food, clothes, and expenses for the kids, but despite with all that, do not treat him like a bank account. If this month expense is slightly higher than last month due to the bad economy and the groceries are getting expensive, never act like you force your man to work hard to provide the family. He will work hard, and you only have to be supportive. Show him that you will be extra careful with the groceries that you are buying and save more money. Learning how to use coupons for daily expenses will be great for saving as well. Grow a garden to cut the food expenses with your kids and husband and something like that to show that you can help him to survive and provide the family.

Any suggestion? Feel free to add here.
Have a nice Valentines Day everyone.


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