Valentine's Day Special: How To Be A Perfect Boyfriend/Fiance/Husband

The most romantic event of the year is coming..! The boys must have plan their own romantic getaway or present surprise for their loved ones. But, do you know that a girl does not want the romantic vacation and the expensive gift from you?

Here is the tips on what a girl really want from their perfect boyfriend/fiance/husband:

1) Attention: Pay attention to your girl, such as what clothes they are wearing, the sweet perfume, how she done her hair. She is dress to impress you. Please notice it and compliment her for her effort.

2) Care: Whenever she is sick, or stress out of work, please show that you care for her. Ask her if she needs any medicine or tell her to get some rest to forget her stressful work. This is not a good time to take her out because you are making her tired.

3) Security: Girl loves to feel safe. Show her that you are capable and take a good care of her.

4) Responsibility: A wife would like to have a husband that can be responsible to the family. Everything in the house is not a one person job. Taking responsibility and completing and helping each other is a very high value in a marriage.

5) Politeness: Most of the girls are preferring their partner to be polite and not necessarily romantic. Speaking in a polite and mature tone with a girl is highly preferred than talking with a loud voice and inappropriate words. Girls are delicate, so treat her right.

Wish you a happy Valentines Day..! 😁

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