Birds Nest Soup Beauty and Health Benefits

The ancient Chinese prepared birds nest soup for its nutritional and also medicinal value. The Chinese are already using the birds nest in their cooking since 1,200 years ago. It believed to provide the anti-aging and the anticancer benefits for the body. 
Birds nest is high in protein and carbohydrates. It also has the essential amino acids, hormones, and lipids. Bird nest also contain collagen and calcium. It gives a lot of health and beauty benefits including regenerating new cells, strengthening the bones, improve immunity, good for respiratory system and inhibit influenza infections. 

Eu Yun Sang is a health and wellness company that leading in the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) industry. This company is adopting modern and also scientific approaches to produce their Traditional Chinese Medicine and other wellness products. According to Eu Yun Sang, here are the health benefits of consuming birds nest:

1. Tonic
It has a lot of nutrients that can improve your health. It should be consumed before meals or empty stomach so the body can absorbs its nutrients. 

2. Good For Immunity
For the one who have low level of immunity, this is a good supplement for you. People in China consumed bird nest to promote a very good immune system for their body. The birds nest contains glycoprotein, neutral energetic property and other minerals and vitamins that help to boost your immune system.

3. Beauty Care
Traditionally, birds nest soup is a food that good for beauty and health. It improves the skin complexion and it has anti-aging properties as well. The women in China love to consume birds nest soup because it is effectively maintain their youthfulness and giving them a very good skin. Birds nest has the properties called epidermal growth factor or EGF that help in repairing the tissue and promoting a very healthy skin by restoring it elasticity.

Good For All Ages
Someone who regularly consuming bird nest soup will notice the health benefits such as stronger immunity and rarely having flu or colds, the skin appearance is radiant and younger, a speedy recovery to the wounds and scars, stronger bones and teeth, and their eye vision is getting better.
Bird nest soup is actually healthy for all ages. From the young ones to the adults, they can enjoy the birds nest soup as their every day healthy supplement. Here are the summary of bird nest goodness according to age and gender.

For The Children: Birds nest soup is one of the healthy foods that can improve the immune system of the kids. It will protect them from flu, cold, viral infections and it helps to alleviate asthma. It is great for the students as well because this food can give them the energy to reduce fatigue. They can improve their focus in studying at the same time.

For The Women: This is one of the healthy foods that improve the skin condition tremendously. It is rich in collagen, vitamins and protein that essential for the skin health. The skin will appear brighter, young and radiant. It can prevent the formation of wrinkles and aging signs. 

For The Men: Birds nest soup is a good source for energy. It can reduce fatigue for men and give them energy at work. It is also good for their kidneys, lungs and heart because the Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) will contribute in promoting healthy cell for the organs.

For The Expecting Mothers: Pregnant women always have low immunity and birds nest is a good supplement to strengthen their immunityduring pregnancy. It also a good source for calcium and help the mothers to have strong bones and teeth. It is also good for the fetus development because birds nest has a lot of nutrients to offer. It also helps the mothers to recover after giving birth because this food provides energy and the EGF helps in recovering the body.

For The Elderly: This food improves eyesight and promotes a very healthy body for the elderly. It prevents the organ from any damages and prevents the cancer cell formations. It promotes a good digestion and provides energy for the elder to keep healthy and active. By consuming birds nest soup regularly, it will improves their immunity against diseases as well.

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