Benefits of Lemon And Tips To Grow It At Home

Our Natural Remedy would like to present you the benefits of lemon and easy tips on how to grow it. These topics below will be revealed:

Lemon Juice: The 17 Amazing Health Benefits

Lemon is easy to plant and easy to find. You can grow one in your backyard or garden, because the lemon juice has the health benefits that you should know. Lemon is one of the fruits that well known for its vitamin C content that have multiple uses for skin care, detox, anti-benefits and even house cleaner. For the one that want to drop that weight, drinking lemon juice every morning certainly can speed up your losing weight project.

Aside from being a wonderful natural remedy for weight loss, it is also a detox drink that works to flush out all unwanted toxins in your body. It's another great benefits of lemon. This is so beneficial to you so you don’t have to buy some expensive detox pill or product out there.  It is a very healthy drink that can prevent major health problems such as diarrhea, and also constipation.

Lemons Nutritional Facts and Value

What will you get in a glass of lemon juice? The calorie for a glass of lemon juice is less than 25 calories. It is also full of nutrients such as calcium, pectin fiber and also the famous Vitamin C. Not only that, lemon juice has also contained potassium, iron and Vitamin A, and also has antibacterial properties.

We can say one lemon a day, keep your body healthy all the way. Lemon is one of the popular choices of therapeutic properties, popular choice for improving the immune system, and the natural remedy for preventing the body from bacterial inections. It is also can give you a healthy heart for its high potassium content.

See? Lemon is not just any fruit, it has a lot of health benefits for you, and here are other 17 health benefits of lemon juice in quick review.

17 Health Benefits Of Lemon Juice:
1. Lemon is the excellent source for Vitamin C. It is also rich in Vitamin C that helps to improve your immune system and fight against bacterial infections. It is also a very important nutrient for anti-aging purposes.
2. Prevent yourself from colon cancer and improve colon health due to its high content of pectin fiber. Pectin fiber is also has anti-bacterial properties.
3. Lemon juice helps you to maintain the right pH level in the body.
4. Lemon juice is a detox drink that can help you to flush out toxins from your body.
5. Promote a very good digestion system and smoothing bowel.
6. Very high content in calcium, magnesium, and also the phosphorus for bones and teeth health.
7. It has antibacterial properties that prevent the growth of pathogenic bacteria.
8. Prevent gout because it can dissolve uric acid and reducing the inflammation in the knees or in the joints.
9. Prevent you from flu and cold because it can improve your immune system.
10. You can improve your brain’s health with the potassium health benefits in lemon juice.
11. It makes the liver healthier and stronger by providing extra energy to the liver enzymes.
12. Soothe heart burns by balancing the calcium level with the oxygen level in the liver.
13. You will never see a wrinkle on your face because lemon juice has super anti-aging and anti-wrinkle properties.
14. Lemon juice contains the Vitamin A for eye health.
15. Prevent constipation and a natural remedy for digestive juices.
16. Lemon juice can give you a glowing and healthy skin.
17. It treats acne, controls face sebum, and fades acne scars.
To enjoy it, mix the lemon juice with cold water, or add lemon juice in your favorite tea is enough to get all of the health benefits for your body in the long run.

Weight Loss: How Lemon Water Can Really Help You Lose Weight?
This is the natural remedy for weight loss for the one who is not into exercise. If you want to speed up your metabolism to burn those calories faster, this is one of your options. Everyone believes about hot lemon water or lemon juice aids in weight loss. How can lemon water actually help you in weight loss? Is there any rule or any do’s and don’ts while having this antioxidant water for your weight loss routine?

Lemon water whether it is hot or cold does help you in weight loss if you use it as the replacement for high calories beverage that you use to take. According to Alissa Rumsey from Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, if you are preferring lemon water than fruit juice or sweet chocolate shake, it is a healthier choice and you can speed up your weight loss outcome.

You are cutting the calories and by drinking water that infused with lemon, you are keeping your metabolism running. Lemon water is just like a green tea and the plain water that will hydrate your body and boosting your metabolism. A high metabolism is a good level to burn out the fat and calories. Lemon water also the perfect choice for the one who doesn’t like tasting plain water all the time and opt for something with flavor.

Another great benefits of lemon water is, in a short term it can reduce bloating – says Rumsey. In a long term, you still have to cut the bad habits that cause weight gain like eating to quick, drinking sugary or carbonated drinks and eating high calories food every day.

Lemon water is not for the one who has heartburn or acid reflux because lemon is a citrus that potentially exacerbate the heartburn and acid reflux symptoms. It is a healthy choice of drink for your weight loss program, but make sure you are not having these two conditions. Now you know how lemon water can really help you to lose weight. What a great benefits of lemon.

DIY: How to Grow A Lemon Tree?
Lemon is a fruit with a lot of healthy benefits. Instead of throwing away the lemon peel and seeds after juicing the lemon how about keep the seed and grow a lemon tree on your own? Planting your own lemon tree is not a hard task. All you have to do is to know how.

1) Prepare the seed
The lemon seed shall not be planted right away. You have to let the lemon seed to dry about one or two weeks. After the lemon seed is dry enough it is good for planting.

2) Use a pot or any recycle material
While waiting for the lemon seed to dry, you can prepare the pot for planting. Usually a pot or any recycle material such as used bottle or plastic can be use. You can make your own pot as long it can contain the soil and let the water running out naturally without flooding the pot. If you want to grow the lemon indoors, a pot with adequate drainage and room is needed.

3) Use the right soil
It is time for planting the seed. Of course you need the right soil for seedlings. The soil that you should use is the soil that slightly acidic. A compos soil is likely the good one but as long you can keep the soil fertilized and evenly moist will be fair enough. Plant the dried lemon seed about an inch deep in the potting soil.

4) Watering and Environment
If you plant it outside of the house, you have to make sure that it allowed the lemon tree to get a lot of sunshine. Other than it required a sunny location, you should avoid it from low temperature. The right temperature to grow a lemon tree is between 70 F to 55 F which is about 21 C-13 C. Below the temperature, your lemon tree will go into dormancy.

You need to water it daily to maintain the moisture of the soil. If you grow it indoors, make sure it received enough water and sunlight to grow. You can use a florescent grow light to grow a lemon tree during winter inside of your house or in your own green house.

5) Transplanting outdoor
It is depends on your TLC when growing a lemon tree. It can grow faster or slow according to how you take care of it. If you want to transplanting the tree outdoors or to another bigger pot, you have to allow it to grow about 6-12 inches before transplanting.

6) Produce The Fruit
A healthy lemon tree usually produces the fruit for the first time after 2-3 years. The fruiting cycle will take about 4 to 12months. It is important to keep the tree in a warm place the whole year and enough water so the tree can grow healthily. It needs to establish itself and ready with the energy to cultivate lemon for you to enjoy. Usually, an oval lemon shape is the one that harvested during the cooler weather and the round one grow during summer or fall.

There you go. It is easy to grow one, isn't it? One day you can enjoy the unlimited benefits of lemon that supplied from your own lemon tree.

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