Healthy Lifestyle Is The Key For A Healthier You

Are you planning to be healthier in 2016 and improve your life mentally and physically? All you need to do is to practice a healthy lifestyle! There is no big secret when it goes to better health. You can be a new and healthy person anytime. Here are the 10 healthy tips for a new you.

  1. Keep Stress In Check
Stress is our number one enemy in health whether you realize it or not. For the New Year, please keep the stress in check, and get help for stress management. We all are having a different type of stress. To identify and to overcome the stress is not a science rocket. You have to know the stress source and from there you have to choose the healthiest method to overcome it. If the stress is out of control, you will face a lot of problems like high blood pressure, depression, nervous, panic attack and anxiety. Learn about relaxation method, yoga, and having a weekly massage is the good option to help you manage your stress effectively.
  1. Improve Your Sleep Quality
If you have not enough sleep in 2015, this is the time for you to improve your sleep quality. Let the 2016 to be a year which giving you quality sleep every night. Most adults are having less than 7 hours to sleep per day, and the workaholic maybe having less than 5 hours to sleep. This is not a healthy routine for you to have enough rest. Good sleep can be yours if you start with a good bedtime ritual for example; you have to go to bed before 9pm or 10pm. No more midnight movies or sleeping late.
  1. Quit Smoking
Do you wish to have a better lung and avoiding other tobacco problems? How about quit smoking this New Year? Once you quit smoking, you can feel the immediate health benefits in your body. Your blood pressure and pulse will be back to normal. You will breathe easily after 3 days of quitting smoke. Your metabolism and your energy will be increased after few days of quitting. The health benefits are endless when you are quit smoking. So visit the stop smoking clinic or get the advice from your nearest doctor for this mission. You can't mantain a healthy lifestyle as long as you are still a smoker.
  1. Get A Sexual Health Test
You have to prevent yourself from STD. Chlamydia or gonorrhea is not your best friend and it will never be. If you are pregnant, this is the last thing that you need. Please avoid unprotect sex and get yourself a checkup for sexual health. You can visit the STD or STI( Sexual Transmitted Infection) Clinic for the checkup.
  1. Check That Lump
If you have no family history in breast cancer, do not make it as the excuse for you to not having one. We are exposed to cancerous factor by food, environment, daily personal products and chemicals. So your chance to get one is there. Please get yourself a medical checkup and look for any lump. Even a small lump can make a big difference in your health and life.

  1. Check Your Weight
This is not a year for you to be overweight. So please have a balance diet and check your weight regularly. Obesity is a health problem that inviting other health problems such as the heart attack, diabetes, fatigue, migraine and certain cancers. It is also causing you to have a low self-esteem and steal away your confidence. Most of the woman and men are not feeling confident when they are overweight. Do not let this problem bothering you this 2016. Eat well, rest well and be healthy. Once again, a healthy lifestyle really can help you to remember to keep in shape.
  1. Exercise Regularly
Exercise is not going to waste your time. This is an activity that you should practice every day to have a good health. It will let your body to manage a good body weight and lower the risk of major chronic diseases such as heart diseases. Exercising regularly also can help you to keep the stress at bay and overeating.
  1. Cut That Alcohol
Alcohol and healthy lifestyle sounds like an awkward match. In a small amount of alcohol it might help you in blood circulation. If you consume it every day and you drink more than 3-4 glasses a day, you are in a risk to have a stroke. Drinking too much alcohol is never good for your health. So make this 2016 is a new year for you to begin a healthy lifestyle and alcohol free. If you still love to drink, please visit the alcohol help center or clinic to know the hazard of your drinking habit. You shall have a medical checkup to see if your body developing any illnesses related with alcohol.

  1. Eat More Fruits And Veges
You know it is important to have a balanced diet every day. You’re also aware that most of the nutrients can be found easily and abundantly from fruits and vegetables. Even you know all of those, you still not choosing a healthy way of eating. This New Year, please eat more fruits and veges for a healthy body of yours. A lot of diseases can be prevented if you maintained a balanced diet such as obesity, diabetes, and cancer.
  1. Say No To Fast Food Or Junk Food
The problem with junk food is it full of salt and fat. Consuming too much salt and fat is bad your health like you already know. It is not worth it to eat a food that will make you ill for the whole life no matter how tasty it will be. Your diet is playing a big role in your health. To determine how healthy you are this New Year is easy, just look on how you eat. If you like food with too much salt, fat and cholesterol, it is like you are putting one foot in the hospital ward already.  Please say no to fast food or junk food if you really want to start a healthy lifestyle.

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