Tea And It's Great Benefits

You will never know what a tea capable of unless you read this. A lot of countries believe that green tea or just the regular tea can benefit you every day. You will be amazed by this tea wonders. From now on, green tea is not only the best antioxidant drink. Here are the best usages of tea in cleaning, kitchen tricks, multipurpose and personal/beauty care..!

Tea Wonders: In Cleaning

1. You can clean your carpets:
Green tea or the regualr tea can clean up musty and dirty carpets by sprinkling dry green tea leaves on the affected area of the carpet. Leave it about 10 minutes, remove the dried green tea and then you can vacuum the dirt.

2. You can clean the antique rugs: Antique rugs such as a Delicate Persian and Oriental rugs sometimes hard to be cleaned. This is also where the dried tea leaves come to the rescue. Uses the whole tea leaves and sprinkles it on the rugs, it acts like a rub and you can sweep the dirt away and vacuum it afterwards.

3. Add shine to wood floors & furniture: If you have a wood floor and thinking how to clean it without creating a whole in your wallet, green tea is your savior! You also can use black tea instead of green tea because the tannins property inside the tea can help to shine woods. Just rub it with cloths but please remember, do not use a lot of tea and water. Let it dry and welcome the shine.

4. Mirrors and windows cleaner: In a spray bottle, fill it with brewed tea and you can clean your mirror and window as usual. Grease, fingerprints, dust or dirt are no problem for the tea to remove it.

5. Toilet stains cleaner: People did try this before and by leaving green tea in the toilet bowl for several hours, it can remove the stubborn stains. Leave it and then brush and flush, your toilet bowl will be looking good as new.

6. Keeping your fridge smells fresh: Put some tea bags in the fridge to absorb the unwanted odors. Just like the baking soda, you will be satisfied with the result.

7. Get rid of fishy smells: After preparing seafood or fish, you might never be able to stand the fishy smells. Use some tea to deodorize your hands and eliminate the fishy odors after preparing fish.

8. Deodorized the cat litter: Do not throw away the used tea bag. The tea leaves can be recycled and used as the cat litter deodorizer. Mix the tea leaves into the litter to solve the smelly problem

9. Prevent fleas to your pets: Flea dislikes tea for some reason. By sprinkling the dried used tea leaves around the pet bedding, your pet will be free from flea problem.

10. Fireplace cleaner: Scooping ashes in the fireplace is not so healthy for your lungs. By using wet used tea leaves and sprinkling it to the ashes will help you to reduce the blowing dust and you can scoop them out so easy.

11. Make potpourri for the house and car: You can make your own potpourri by drying the used tea leaves and then add it to your potpourri or scented sachets. You can add  a few drops of essential oil if the fragrance is running out. 
Tea Wonders: For Personal Care

12. Soothe sunburn: Having sunburns after long outdoors activity will be uncomfortable for you. You can make your own tea bath to cure the full-body sunburn, or put the wet tea bags to the sunburn area in your body.

13. No more tired and puffy eyes: A warm and wet teabags will never let you down on this. Put it on your eyes for several hours and your eyes will be puffy-less and more healthy.

14. Soothe blisters: No one comfortable with blisters. You can use a hot teabag and put it on the blisters for a soothing result. It has the antibacterial properties to stop the infections and kills the bacteria.

15. Dry poison ivy rash: You can use brewed tea and dab it on the rash area. Let it air-dry and then repeat this remedy as needed.

16. Broken Fingernail Remedy: The partially broken fingernail can be controlled and fixed with a piece of mesh tea bag. It can create the splint of sorts between the broken piece and the nail and you can coat it with nail polish.

 17. Tea Glycerin Soap: You can make your own tea glycerin soap. It is full with antioxidant and antibacterial properties that work for controlling acne outbreak.

18. Soothe bleeding gums: For adults or a child that having bleeding gums, they can use this natural remedy. Put a cold and wet teabag in the mouth with bleeding gums for 20-30 minutes. It can reduce the bleeding and soothe the pain.

19. Tea mouthwash: Green tea is a potential mouthwash because it can kill the bacteria in the mouth that can cause odor.

20. Hair conditioner: You can use the brewed tea to be your hair conditioner for a dry hair. It also adds shines to your hair. After shampoo, rinse your hair with unsweetened tea and leave it for 10 minutes. After that, rinse again with cool water.

21. Removing feet odor: Are you embarrassed with the stinky feet? Here is your solution. Soak your feet in a basin of warm green tea for 20 minutes. It has the antibacterial properties that can kill the bacteria that cause odor.

22. Get smarter: Green tea still contained a significant amount of caffeine that can affect your mental alertness. You can use some tea leaves in your pillow so you can wake up with a very fresh mind in the morning.
Tea Wonders: For The Kitchen

23. Tenderize the meat: Some ingredients such as papaya can tenderize the meat. If you are running out of papaya, you can use a black tea for that purpose.

24. Smoke it: This is an alternative for smoke flavor. You can add tea to a smoker and enjoy the cheeses or meats that tea-infused.

25. Boil eggs: This is not an ordinary boiled egg, but this is a flavored boil egg. Add some tea leaves and boiled egg to the water and let it sit for 10 minutes.

Tea Wonders:  Garden

26. Add to compost: Do not throw your used tea bags away because you can recycle it as compost. The strong tea will encourage the composting process and improved its quality for your garden.

27. Fertilize roses: Another tip for the one who loves gardening. Tea leaves will supply your plants with a lot of nutrients, so you can use it as a fertilizer. Plus, it is safe and a non-chemical type of fertilizer.

28. Help houseplants: You can water your houseplants with brewed tea instead of water. This tip is to give them the acidic soil. Acidic soil is for the good growth of the plant.

29. Add to potted plants: The teabags can help to retain water and add a lot of nutrients to the potted plants.

Tea Wonders: Multipurpose

30. Dye/Coloring The Fabrics: This is a natural way for coloring for fabrics. You can use the green and black teas to dye the fabric and also paper.

31. Paint with tea: The color also can be used for painting and it will give a unique dark color.

32. Strengthen puppy pads: To strengthen the pads of your pet dog, you can dip it or give your pet a footbath with strong warm black tea.

33. Mosquito repellant: No more mosquito spray or any insecticide needed. You can use this natural remedy for mosquito repellant by burning tea leaves. It is so natural and no chemicals added.

I will update this article more in the future. Do you have another usage of tea? Please feel free to drop a comment here or contact us to share more.

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