How To Shave Mustache Correctly?

Why is it not a good idea?
Women does have mustache! So how to shave mustache correctly then? Compares to women, men have a thicker and younger looking skin because of the male androgens keep the skin 25% thicker than women. In collagen level, men have more collagen than women and this is why women age faster and need all collagen serum than men.

So you know that your skin is thinner and softer than men. This is why shaving your entire face or mustache is not a good idea for you because we should avoid the irritation effects. It is not a good idea to shave your mustache because it can cause inflammatory and makes the skin becomes papery, dry, and thinner.
How to shave mustache without thinning the skin? Shaving will exfoliate the skin on your mouth area, but if you wash your face and use a washcloth or exfoliator for the face, that is a serious scrubbing and exfoliating already. This technique will damage your skin and a damaged skin is an aging skin. You better keep your distance with a razor. To shave your mustache with a razor is definitely not recommended. If you need to shave it anyway, we have the alternative for you.
If You Shave Your Mustache, Is It Going To Grow Thicker?
Well, it is NOT and this myth is actually FALSE. When you shave, you are scraping the surface of your skin and then you are creating the blunt tip. That’s why the hair is looking thicker when it grows and appears more noticeable.
Shave It Right This Way
The rule to shave your mustache is you have to use something other than razor because the razor is damaging your skin by thinning it. How to shave mustache without using a razor? You can use these options:
  1. Waxing
  2. Laser treatment
  3. Threading
  4. Creams such as Vaniqa
Waxing is safer than using a razor and it doesn’t interfere with the skin moisture or causing the skin to be thinner. Laser treatment is effective for permanent hair removal, but it is too costly. Threading is safe, but you are not advised to do this alone at home if you’re not an expert in threading. You have to go to the facial spa that offers a threading service. The creams like Vaniqa help in slowing the hair regrowth.
Now you have the options that suitable for you instead of the razor. To shave your mustache is not a problem but how to shave mustache correctly is the most important thing. Avoid the regular razors and choose the options that safe for woman skin.

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