Good Night Sleep Natural Remedies

How Important Is Your Sleep?
In order to maintain and keep your body healthy, you need to get enough good night sleep. A quality sleep for you is when you have enough amount of sleep and you can get enough rest. If you can’t have enough sleep or you have the sleeping problem, you can look and try for food that helps you to sleep better.

The most important part is, when you are sleeping, your body is getting its own time to rest. When you get enough sleep, your body will re-energize and you can behave, work and react accordingly and healthily. It is also an important routine for babieskids and teenagers because sleeping is helping them to grow and support their development.

Does your Diet Influence on your sleep pattern?
The answer is Yes, diet does influence your sleeping pattern. According to a study that conducted by NHANES, sleeping less than 5 hours a day and eating a lot of calories, the body will have extra energy and this energy will keep you up all night and you will have trouble to go to bed.
If you consume a balanced diet, you are likely not having any sleeping problem (good night sleep guaranteed!). But if you do, please do not just by any sleeping pills in the store right now. Here are your yummy treats but also the food that can help you to sleep better.
1) Walnuts
Walnut is one of the great sources of tryptophan that can help you to improve your sleeping routine. It has a sleep-enhancing amino acid that proven can helps make serotonin and melatonin, which is the “body clock” hormone that sets your cycles of sleeping and waking up in the morning. The University of Texas claimed that walnuts contain with a lot of melatonin, so this is a better choice for you than a sleeping pill.
2) Almonds
Almond is easy to find, and the taste is great. It also contains a lot of minerals and one of it is magnesium that you can use to improve your sleeping quality. The Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine stating that a high level of magnesium in the body can help to improve your sleeping pattern. So eat your almond for a good night sleep.
3) Cheese and crackers
Cheese and crackers is something that you will have for your breakfast but it is also useful when you are taking it an hour before you go to sleep. Dairy products can help you to sleep well because the calcium is helping you to use the tryptophan in the dairy and then produce the sleep-triggering melathonin.
4) Lettuce
Eating the salad before bed time will never make you fat and it will make you sleep better. If you are not into eating, you can try lettuce drink before you are going to bed. Add 3 lettuce leaves in warm water, and after 15 minutes you can enjoy it like a tea.
5) Cherry Juice
Cherry juice is also functioning like a sleeping pill if you take it before you are going to bed. It is full of melatonin booster that very useful in helping you to sleep. This is a very good option to help kids or adults to improve their sleep at night according to the researchers in Universities of Pennsylvania and Rochester.
This is it, cheers before go to bed and have a good morning. Hopefully, no more sleeping pills after this because you really can rely to food that can help you to sleep better. It is important to have a good night sleep because we don't want to get up with crancky feeling in the morning.

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