How I Reduce My Acne Without Any Acne Cream?

Alright, this is my confession. I will reveal my way of antiacne routine. Everyone really can't stand with acne and so am I. Acne is a result of clogged pores. This is how I control any breakouts to keep my skin acneless.

Do you know what I did to keep my skin acne-free? This is my routine.

1. I never use chemical skincare
Why I never use chemical skincare is because I don't want my pores to be clogged. Chemical skincare contains a lot of ingredients that not able to be absorbed to my skin. It will sit there and within hours, my pores get clogged. Skincare that potentially clogging your pores is such as face cream, face powder, foundation, and bb cream. Yes, I stop wearing that and my face is getting better. It's easier for me to wash my face too.

2. I supply my skin with nutrients
I made my own night serum because I need nutrients for my skin. I know I always sleep late and my daily sleep hours only 4 to 5 hours only. Pity me but I'm busy. Lack of sleep makes my skin tired and easily to get the breakout. It needs to be feed with something energizing and help to renew my skin. That's why I'm using night serum. It's made from essential oils and carrier oil that fit my skin needs. I used avocado oil, virgin coconut oil, and blend it with several essential oils to nourish my skin. It also keeps the acne at bay.

3. I wash my face regularly
At least 3 times a day. Morning, afternoon and before sleep. This is a must because a clean face is telling me that my pores are safe and no clogging thingy is going to happen. I have my favorite face wash and I checked the ingredients using EWG Skindeep. I feel safe to use that face wash until this day. A clean face is a must. Do not sleep with your make up on or you will regret it on the next day.

4. I used face oil and sunblock
This is to avoid my skin from dryness. My skin can't be dry because it will cause a lot of dead skin cell clogging my pores later. Dryness also makes your skin itchy. When that happens, you will keep touching your face. This action maybe transferred some potential bacteria to cause you acne later. So I keep my skin well-moisturized to avoid that agenda. So far, I'm doing the right thing. No acne breakout at all.

5. Clean Towel and Pillow Sheets
Imagine that you use the same napkin for a month. Ain't that filthy? That napkin is dirty and lots of bacteria manifesting on it but you dare to touch it. Come on. Personal hygiene is very important so with your pillow sheets and towels. Make sure you wash your pillow sheets and towel once every 2 weeks so you are not using the dirty same thing for a month. It has enough bacteria to cause you acne if you do.

So ladies and gents, that's all I do on how to reduce my acne. I do have acne before and it comes unexpectedly.  Once I know the causes of my acne, that's how I can control it from striking again. To all of you with acne problem out there, please find out what is the cause of your acne breakout. After that you can fid the right solution. This is why I don't need acne cream to prevent my acne breakout.  I just keep my skin healthy and clean. If you have any question or comment, please do so. If you need me to help you about your skin condition, I'm here to help.

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