Chrysanthemum Tea: The Health Benefits

Chrysanthemum tea is one of the oldest natural remedies in ancient China. The Xi’an Jiaotong University, School of Medicine in China has discovered the amazing health benefits of the Chrysanthemum tea. Professor Zong-Fang Li and the team found outthat Chrysanthemum indicum extract, known as CIE has the anticancer properties against liver cancer.
CIE has the anticancer properties that showing the tumor-inhibiting effects and fights liver cancer in human. Another important finding is the CIE only attacks the malignant cell cycle and leave the healthy cells untouched. The CIE inhibits the cancer cells and makes them not able to grow. By entering the mitochondrial pathway of the cancer cell, the CIE perform the apoptotic effect to it and then programming the cell to die. This is how the CIE miraculously stop the cancer cell from spreading by destroying it from inside.
The worthy of notice about this breakthrough is CIE has no side effects or cytotoxicity to the body. More research is going because CIE is a potential alternative treatment to replace the chemotherapy for cancer. Chrysanthemum tea is one of the 3,000 herbs that proven to have the anticancer properties that works best with one another in order to achieve the best results. Studies also have been made for years to cure breast cancer and so far the overall survival rate is 70%. After CIE is combined with the other Chinese traditional medicine, it can treat the advanced stage esophageal carcinoma and achieved a response rate by 67%. The Xi’an Jiaotong University is one of the dedicated research center to continue examining and researching the potential health benefits of Chrysanthemum tea.
Other than scientifically proven to be the anticancer herb, chrysanthemum also has other health properties such as antimicrobial, neuroprotective effects, and anti-inflammatory. It is a very powerful herb that works more than being the natural coolant since in the ancient Chinese. A person who regularly consumes this tea every day will definitely get a lot of health benefits. This is the list of Chrysanthemum tea health benefits for you:
chrysantemum flower
Health Benefits of Chrysanthemum tea
1) Good for the skin and eyes:
It contains a high amount of B-carotene that converted into Vitamin A in the liver. Vitamin A is a helpful nutrient to maintain the health of the skin. It is also able to increase your immunity. Vitamin A is also the nutrient that maintained the health of the eyes. By consuming the chrysanthemum tea, you are delaying the aging process and also the age-related blindness.
2) Reduce the risk of scurvy
Scurvy is the disease caused by Vitamin C deficiency. The chrysanthemum tea is your good choice to provide the Vitamin C, amino acids, and also Vitamin Bs like the niacin, riboflavin and the choline to reduce the risks of scurvy.
3) Protecting the teeth and bones
It is also has the minerals that important to protect your teeth and bones. You can find the minerals like calcium and magnesium in this tea. Other than that, magnesium is also needed to stabilizing the blood pressure.
4) Cold and sinusitis
Since it is full of vitamin C, this tea is best for easing the heaviness in the head during cold. If you have a sinusitis discomfort, sipping chrysanthemum tea will help to ease the pain. The antiviral properties in the tea also eliminate the bacterial pathogenic reaction that causing the headache. The head congestion is easy to be cured by this tea because it has the anti-spirochetal properties.
5). Coffee replacer
This tea is naturally free of caffeine. So it is a healthy choice for a morning drink to replace the coffee. Side effects of caffeine are anxiety, tension, confusion and nervousness.
6) Natural coolant
This is a best drink to get during summer or any hot days. It is a natural coolant and it helps to lower the temperature in your body. You can take this drink also to eliminate out the heat when you are having fever or heat stroke.
7) Treating pimples and acne
The antibacterial properties in Chrysanthemum tea help to treat the pimples and acne on the skin. Washing the face with a warm chrysanthemum tea for 3-5minutes everyday will avoid you from pimple and acne problem.
8) Detoxification of the liver
While having a cup of tea every morning, you are actually performing a detoxification of your liver. Other than removing the toxin, this tea also lowering the cholesterol levels and help to prevent you from coronary artery disease and blocked arteries.
9) Anti-stress and rejuvenating
This tea has a stimulating property to calm down the nerves. You will feel less stress and besides that, it helps in alerting the senses of the brain. It is rejuvenating the brain and stimulates your senses quickly so you can be more focus and alert.
10) Helpful for eyes
Chrysanthemum tea is the natural remedy in ancient China to relief the redness, itchiness, dryness and dark spot in the eye area. The ancient Chinese use it to maintain their eye health and this tradition is still practiced to the modern Chinese today.
11) Ease digestion
Drinking this tea after lunch or dinner will help to ease digestion. Especially when you are having the oily food, drinking the chrysanthemum tea will avoid you from digestive problem
12) Good for lungs
For the one who wants to improve the health of their lungs, chrysanthemum tea is very helpful for that. It can improve the lung to be stronger and you will never experience the shortness of breath easily.
To prepare the Chrysanthemum tea is not hard as you think it might be. This tea is made from the dried chrysanthemum flowers. You can brew it at home and then have a cup of tea every morning. Purchase the dried chrysanthemum flowers and add about a cup of hot water for 3 grams of it. Let it sit for 5 minutes before consuming. This is also the same preparation of you want to use it to wash your face to treat pimples and acne problem.

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